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That's what we are all looking for and expecting when pursuing what we want or when someone is pitching their wares, products or services i.e. does it make sense? This reason dynamic is invisible and always present and we usually without knowing bring it to the surface by inquiring or researching...
In the world of yes, no and I don't know, anyone can participate successfully and all playing fields are equal. No thinking or proof is required and all people involved and their time is put to good uses. Look how a simple position such as TRUTH remains so powerful when employed. The problem appe...
 All of us come into the world unspoiled, innocent and full of wonder and awe.....then along the way, something happens. We start to learn that there are other many ways to choose to live in this world and we develop a system or a series of personal beliefs to live by. Some of us stray to the lef...
IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID book from the PEARLS SERIES of books is making the rounds into many lives and not just at Valentines Day but all  season long. WHY? Love has its own timing, wants, and needs. The Love driven life is no myth. Quality time spent on researching this subject yoursel...
The other day I had to give a 30 day notice to 8 year quality decent tenants. Its a long story as often Real Estate and life can be. I want to use it to make a point however. It was done with respect, courtesy and humility and even so it was emotional, affected all involved and left one with lots...
Agents, family, friends and people at large are all aware in general about various subjects but does that mean they know what they are talking about? This question applies to all careers, practices and endeavors one can pursue. I know a little bit about everything as my seeking and wanting to kno...

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