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This remains one of the most important MUST KNOW things here on this planet and in a persons journey. You see things just don't happen. Long before something comes up on your radar screen, it is out there roaming around whether it be success or failure and your beliefs one way or the other summon...
I was at the San Diego Zoo walking around this huge Zoo and saw a little girl standing all alone and in a state of want. I approached her with my wife and she was eager to share but could not. Why? First of all, she was Chinese and I suspected did not speak English. Secondly, she was a little gir...
When did the idea of letting your inner dysfunction become normal and supportive thus becoming acceptable take place in Congress? If there is error in a person it has to surface so that it can be gotten rid of and not repeated. Think: I once was lost but now I am found. That is the way to becomin...
To build or not to build that WALL is the question or so it seems however it is not a good or accurately formed question. We human beings live in two worlds. First our own little world and then the world defined as our country. We relate to it as our neighborhood, community, city, county then sta...
In the world of yes, no and I don't know, where simplicity and honesty reside, if you ask the question......Is life good?.......the answer can only be yes. How can you argue otherwise? Well dark forces give it a try but make no sense! They try to convince you to accept their fate. Your destiny is...
It pops up everywhere you go. It is where disclaimers, liability waivers and insurance rate protectors put all their "told you so" information so that you cannot claim later on that you did not know. You see when you litigate something, you find out what works and what doesn't. That's how a one p...
I have experimented with this subject over the decades and I have found what works consistently over time and in every-ones favor too. It is simply this. I TRUST YOU whoever you are and BELIEVE YOU whatever the circumstance is until I have a reason not to. You see, YOU control these dynamics. I o...
Yes it s true. PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING & SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID is a biased book. It favors and caters to the woman ages 12 to 60 covering subjects important to their world and well being. Over 100 chapters devoted to the married, divorced, thinking about either one, sta...
Mathematics long established for its predictability and accuracy can be applied to anything known. So that you don't think too hard and wander away from the posting, just see how easy and user friendly the math of one and one equals two is. It is ageless, repeats and remains a solid foundation to...

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