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The world is watching America and has been since its inception and growth up to this very moment. Why is that? There is something going on here that is unique and people want it and will risk and suffer to get here to have it! Freedom, liberty, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness now and in ...
By haunt I am referring to something that comes back to visit and it is not Casper the friendly ghost but instead the ghost of regret and payback along with why did I say, do or write what I did! At the time, these haunting-ghosts yet to be cannot be seen or heard but go to work if given the chan...
To understand what the word "aware" means it is useful to use the Richie Reverse Rule and ask what would the world or you be like without being aware? Pretty dark! Imagine how stark (stripped & bare) your reality would be without the whole picture or contrasts to explain what we are seeing, sensi...
A worthy subject if there ever was one "importance" while by design is subjective & also can be a very public experience when shared. Things of importance can navigate in all realms, be very satisfying to trigger and perform as expected because of the way we treat the subject. You can announce or...
As owners of anything we tend to take what we possess and defend it as it is ours and being so comes under the realm of boundaries involving permissions and protections. Your family, car, job, personal possessions etc. need looking after some things more than others. Owning is just the beginning ...

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