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A fear-driven life which is no life at all. Fear as a motivator has advantages while it visits here on earth with mankind but know it was never meant to be. Using fear however can profit you if you use it to find "good", liberty, freedom, TRUTH, error, and FAITH. It wants to exist for its own pur...
In 1971 the movie Andromeda Strain introduced us to a Virus type enemy and how mankind would react to it. The movie leaves one spellbound and with questions and at the same time was very entertaining. I decided to use some of the movie revelations to address and shed some light on the CORONA-VIRU...
Whatever your profession is and services offered either as an agent or layman the client is thinking, wanting and expecting and customer service demands we get to the heart of the matter timely as well as do a good job providing we get the job to do. In Real Estate often clients do not know what ...
Stop and consider how powerful this little virus invader is because it says so not because we say so. The balance of life on this planet is constantly in shift and check and has been doing this for billions of years. Countless life-forms have come and gone some visible others invisible having the...

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