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For thousands of years, people have loved, shared and explored mysteries, stories, adventures and the popular "what ifs" as a form of entertainment and social interacting. Pick any subject and one can spin it to do good or not so good as well as make us laugh or fear. Why do we do this? Because w...
There is a movement to de-fund, reduce or eliminate Police. The public is amazed that this is being put forth and making news and headway in some cities. I am sure there are people who will vote for this and I have prepared a list for your quick reference. Consider the list and even add your own....
I have a high-end listing that has reached on the ten scale a TEN for product, price and location. We have marketed it correctly, have evidence of like-kind homes selling to the left and right of it as well as in the adjoining neighborhoods so naturally after about 2 weeks the seller asked this: ...
I have never really believed the Real Estate exam they administer in California to be effective or on target with how a newly practicing Real Estate agent should proceed. In fact, just because there are a certain set of do's and don't doesn't mean or guarantee a licensed result whatever that is. ...

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