ambition: REMINDER TO KEEP IT SIMPLE (life pace) - 09/28/19 06:11 AM
Kids have no trouble with this concept of telling or saying it just like it is. Even if they fail etiquette, mainstream or higher level learning standards they still are using simplicity to make themselves and their wants known and we like children for it. We smile, laugh, encourage and instruct but lets not forget the innocence behind and driving it all
1. The ego for one. It has to make itself a part of everything and since it cannot add to what is so apparently working it tends to complicate for its contribution. It says in effect: You need … (40 comments)

ambition: BREAKDOWN MEANS CHANGE APPROACH - 08/08/19 01:16 PM
We have methods, procedures and established ways of doing most everything unless we go custom and we then all agree to that. In our established ways and means, when all goes well it ends well as expected. But what if there is a hiccup, a failure or worse an unexpected human nature twist that adds fuel to the fire or suffocates it? What then? When something doesn't go right WE must keep going until the reason we came together is realized
Doing what doesn't work and has just been demonstrated not to and trying to revive or use the same method over again? … (3 comments)

ambition: WHAT MAKES SENSE - 09/09/18 06:05 AM
This is where all of us humans must go and willingly too or we will not have the  "deep" satisfaction of connecting with whatever we are doing or wanting to accomplish. The first stop (or start) for the person's sense is with themselves and from there, we seek to reason with all others with one specific easy to do task i.e. to meet with their sense in common. If successful, this is called or referred to as...
Take a moment here. A very common mistake made is to seek out ones thinking or thoughts and then proceed as directed but why add an … (2 comments)

ambition: SIMPLICTY IS NOT JUST A WORD - 01/07/17 09:15 AM
It's a lifestyle and when lived, speaks for itself. Often we hear about keeping things simple, imagining our world in that state and then we go back to the rigid routines that say otherwise. The true freedom comes from a type of simplicity that has its own legs i.e. moves with its own purpose in mind. It simply takes charge. That's what makes its simple!
Small children don't have to be told to keep things simple or even understand what you are saying if you did so. Why? Because they are in a default simple state of being that needs no coaching, explaining or effort and the … (11 comments)

ambition: MEET MR HUSTLE AND MR BUSTLE - 09/27/15 07:53 AM
You have heard of this family often and is more familiar when referred to their street name hustle and bustle. Who are these people? What do they do and if we can find out, why do they do it? We have all interacted with them at some point, but the funny part is, we can't wait to get away from them after a while. Sound more familiar now?
You are not going to like this guy. Look at what he does. He likes to obtain by forceful action or persuasion. THINK: Terminator here! Furthermore, he forces others to move hurriedly in a specified direction. … (2 comments)

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