branding: CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ONGOING - 01/09/18 08:25 AM
Serve others! It escapes the many in the business as they prepare to handle this subject on the defensive rather than in the greet and meet mode. Progress is always being made but holding to a high standard is always hard, consistent never-ending work. Why? Because it is people that have to serve and be served & they all tire of it at times
This is where robotics, script & programming comes in handy as they just take the same footprint that seems or appears to work & repeat it every time believing that issues are being addressed. That's is what is … (8 comments)

branding: AGENTS HAVE TO BE KNOWN - 01/07/18 06:49 AM
A friend of mine told me the story of an agent in line at the grocery store over-hearing a conversation from the person in front of them to the cashier having to do with his father passing away and leaving a house to be sold. At the right break in the conversation, the agent jumped-in and offered condolences along with the following statement: I am a Real Estate agent and if I can help with the home please let me know
Attorneys fresh-out of law school all licensed & no where to go used to do the obvious i.e. if someone got … (41 comments)

branding: WHATS IN IT FOR ME? - 05/11/17 02:08 PM
This is the question that drives all of us about everything everywhere whether spoken or not is the title of this post. You, "the self" assess while coming and going this dynamic whether you are aware of it or not. From the morning routine to the leaving of the house and returning, it all goes according to your choices to do what you do because of what you get in return for doing it "that way"
In the world outside of your own self is the world of services and products. In this world, they not only have to answer … (6 comments)

branding: WIZARD OF OZ BRANDING (word of mouth) - 09/13/16 03:38 AM
I am speaking of the Wizard of Oz and the song that praises him quite well. We can learn from this that the Wizard has/had good word of mouth, excellent marketing and advertising and even has an exclusive business claim in Emerald City. He is the go to guy. We're off to see the Wizard is not so much a boasting but a reality and expectation to get something done!
Can the same be said about you? Are people off to see you, your product or service because of the wonderful things you do? Are you smart enough to know that every encounter, whether successful … (4 comments)

branding: YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE PHONE? - 07/07/16 11:33 PM
You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. With that said, the business world is based on interactive communications with purpose. The higher more expensive items of trade & services versus the lower run of the mill everyday wants and needs gives us a good contrast to explore customer service procedures. Another exception is the golden rule. He has the gold rules and may approach this as it befits them
When I have a product for sale, we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of transaction, peoples lives and a nice payday for the agents involved. This to … (18 comments)

branding: SELLING or TELLING? - 04/19/16 12:36 AM
Who amongst us wants to be sold constantly on anything instead of being told first and then to buy? Being hawked at requires a taker, at the very least the pitchman must have a bait that sits on a hook and that requires having someone that has a want or a need of some sort. Yes to shopping and no to quick decisions based on pressure tactics
I like to know what I am interested in on a informational level. I don't like to be pounced on, seized upon or worked and often, if I get a vibe that this is in place … (6 comments)

branding: THE TAKE A WAYS - 04/13/16 12:49 AM
We all know how to enhance a situation or the self at the minimum and how it is subjective when doing so. When one makes an effort, you can see the effort at work. Whether it is effective or hitting its intended mark or audience remains to be seen. The opposite is true too. If something is missing or not running optimum, that is at work as well
A noticeable spot or tear on your clothes takes from the whole presentation. You can be dressed to the nines, but that one little defect can take down the whole point a few notches.  I call them take a … (4 comments)

branding: WHAT DOES THE PUBLIC THINK? - 04/01/16 12:17 AM
Have you ever read a posting or comment, paused and then wondered what others may think of what you just read or seen? You should. More and more taking place today, is the reality of what one does or says and how it sticks around or affects others not just now, but in times to come. Today's activity may be tomorrows faux pas or worse still... a contradiction!
I cringe when I read about anyone who is professional revealing profession secrets, thoughts or even making derogatory remarks and not just to their peers, but even to and about the public at large. The choice to … (20 comments)

branding: PROMOTING YOU OR THE TRANSACTION? - 10/18/15 12:56 AM
How about both? The subject to discuss is when you are listing a property for sale OR when you are designing a business card, should your picture be on it? It is not unusual to see an agents picture on a for sale sign. But the questioned being begged is...isn't it about the property and nothing else?
Let's look at business cards. If you were to go around giving out little wallet size pictures of yourself, people may or may not take them and most would just throw them away and shrug you off. But add a title or a function … (4 comments)

branding: WHATS IN IT FOR YOU? - 09/25/15 08:53 AM
ME! I am in it for you. I am here for you to help you accomplish your goal, task, move, leap or progress. I stand ready, willing and able to follow your direction and help you accomplish your vision or complete a need. You see as a consumer, we are always looking for what is in it for me wherever me (you) goes.
Often, some products and services spend too much time boasting about themselves instead of the benefits they bring as it applies to the end user, consumer or product purchase. The person buying wants to know what they gain … (7 comments)

branding: THE ACTIVERAIN PREVIEW POST OPTION - 09/14/15 01:54 AM
Anyone who posts on ActiveRain sees this every day but do they use it is a good question. We spell check, load pictures/videos, format and then many opt for the countdown to launch and post. Ouila! Another post is out there promoting, edifying and sharing and this appears to be the way to promote ones self. Before you do all that however..
You have the option to PREVIEW the post. Its up there with the SAVE & CLOSE  button to the left and to the far right, is mission control launch button called PUBLISH. At the publish point, you can even … (26 comments)

branding: WHAT DO THEY SEE? - 08/21/15 06:18 AM
Who is they? Everyone who lays eyes on you everywhere you go. Who are they seeing? YOU. Doctors wear lab-coats, you know those white smocks, attorney dress in suits and some take it to the nines, and Real Estate agents? Well, that is a good question to ask and answer. Believe it or not, it is territorial meaning where you practice has a lot to do with how you present yourself
Also related is the type of product and pricing, location and finally what the actual agent sees as their role, branding and appearance when the curtain goes up and they go live. There is … (10 comments)

branding: PUTTING DOWN TO GO UP - 07/27/15 07:42 AM
You see this every once in a while and you hear it too. Someone is pitching, selling, telling or sharing and they make a negative comment about a person, product or place in trying to get their positive point made in their own favor. One goes down so one can come up. However, anyone that steps on someone else to rise wont... but instead, sinks into gutter marketing
You see this tactic reveals a lot about the person who does this. In the moment, when it is employed, it does its dirty work and people hear and go along saying wow and really, … (5 comments)

branding: GOOD LUCK AND FARE WELL - 06/05/15 11:38 PM
This is what people get from me (with variations) when they call and I cannot help them. In today's high technology world where everyone is looking to market themselves and build their brand, one of the most missed opportunities is right under everyone's nose. Its the person who called even by mistake that you couldn't help
WRONG NUMBER...sorry bye... click
You know the feeling you get when you are in a hurry or engaged and you get a call that is the wrong number? As soon as you find out it is not for you, you can't wait to hang up. I get it. However, people who are … (10 comments)

branding: I'M WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR - 09/30/14 08:12 AM
It's gnawing at you. You want to say what you do, advertise it, yell it from the roof tops and tell every passerby or or look no more or anywhere else. I can help you with all your professional and personal needs right here and right now. Take my card! Visit my web site! Sample my wares! Let's do business!
Every retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, movie producer, investor and developer as well as customer servicer or provider of sales, service and products is saying the same thing the best way they know how. What Madison ave has taught us is that a quick, memorable … (8 comments)

branding: SCRATCH THIS ITCH OFF YOUR LIST - 09/29/14 12:41 AM
In one more day, the SCRATCH THE ITCH WITH RICH will come to a close. Use this reminder to get in your catchy slogan, tag-line, one-liner and memorable phrase that introduces you into the the marketing world. It is your ticket to brand and some nice history accompanies that slogan as we are learning from the entries
You are a professional and you have a desire and a business model and you want to crank it up and run it at optimum. Having a slogan is like having a door mat with a welcome message on it. Right before someone is going … (8 comments)

branding: PURPOSE OF THE SCRATCH THE ITCH WITH RICH contest - 09/25/14 06:13 AM
We are coming to a close of SCRATCH THE ITCH WITH RICH which officially ends September 30 at the pumpkin/coach hour. The judges have seen and read some very nice entries and are standing by for last minute entries and certainly will have their hands full trying to bestow an awarding honor on just three when all entered qualify and function so well. 
What we hope to see from all the entrants is more personal and professional success via branding and exposure using optimum marketing to further aims and reaches. Often a jingle, slogan or tag-line lingers long after someone has clicked … (4 comments)

branding: BRANDING RULES THE MARKETING WORLD - 09/23/14 04:02 AM
We have seven (7) more days until the SCRATCH THE ITCH WITH RICH contest will end. This is the call to let your inner SCRATCH out and forever let that marketing ITCH go to work for you instead of not. We want to take ourselves, our products or services and leave them in the consumers mindset
How do you spell relief? R O L A I D how Rolaids did it...remember? Sony at one time proudly claimed...SONY NO BALONEY! You want brilliance? Look what CANON came up with...CANON "see what we mean". FEDEX boldly stated..."there is no tomorrow" … (9 comments)

branding: DON'T DITCH THE ITCH SCRATCH IT - 09/08/14 06:34 AM
SCRATCH THE ITCH WITH RICH contest is ongoing until the end of September. During the next 3 weeks, spend some time on your business model and how you would want it to travel into the business world and then into the mind of others. Getting across what you do for another is becoming an art. WHY? Because ever since the Internet has caught on, everyone is a critic, a cub reporter, a blogger and commenter
How do you stand out in this crowd? RE/MAX says...stand out above the crowd and offers a balloon to help get across the point. A developer or inspector … (10 comments)

branding: BRANDING MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND - 09/08/14 12:17 AM
Frosted Flakes are great because Tony the Tiger said so. That's all I knew growing up. Wheaties was the breakfast of champions, snap, crackle and pop was no idle boast says Rice Krispies,  Lucky Charms is magically delicious, and Trix was for kids. Look how powerful branding is. Look at it's staying power
Now its time for you to get your BRANDING game on too. Everyone sells Real Estate, makes loans, does inspections, escrow services, legal and title work, plumbing, electrical, masonry, art designs, professional staging, and trades with out end. QUESTION: Why should I choose them … (8 comments)

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