character: COME TO YOUR SENSES (call to life) - 03/12/20 08:06 AM
This is a reminder to get hold of your self and keep it even in the midst of testing and refinement as it applies to all endeavors, efforts, planning and progress. Everything has a beginning and it is wise to seek out that source as it will provide direction as to what is to come and what to do about it. Insight via your sense is no myth but instead the solution to everything. Without "insight" we will be subject to random forces and eventually failure!
In any catastrophe, shock, upheaval or surprise that visits with us individually or as a … (19 comments)

character: YOUR EXCUSES ARE YOUR OWN - 12/14/19 07:05 AM
Here is a subject that causes discomfort starting with the one doing it first and then with anyone else it can rope in. Question: Have you ever heard someone pitch enthusiastically their excuse as if it was the gospel truth? For a person to do this they first had to convince themselves. Then, to make it stick convince you too
Admitting what went wrong or how it could have gone better doesn't occur to the one who is in denial. NO. A story is manufactured and edited using the mind, emotions and five senses which add drama, scenarios and conjectures. In other words a … (23 comments)

character: THANK YOU MEANS WHAT? - 11/27/19 12:08 PM
The "you" part I understand but who really are we directing this statement (and why) which correctly identifies the "state" of our heart when done honestly? We are really stating for anyone that can hear that we appreciate whatever we are addressing and gratitude is what is being marketed. We are buying & selling or selling & buying gratitude. But to whom are we grateful to? Yes, the you reveals the target but where did the system originate from and why?
To better understand the point lets use the Richie Reverse Rule. Imagine or recall if you will someone you know or … (6 comments)

character: MADE MORE THAN MONEY - 11/08/19 08:18 AM
Oh so many flowers and not enough time to smell them? How about we don't want to spend our time smelling but instead hurry along to answer the call of our ambition or goal thinking that the sooner we get there the quicker our return can come. This is not an uncommon thought but an often used one so I ask you...why then have flowers that smell so good and demand up-close and personal visits?
I was in Trader Jo shopping and you have to pass by the flower section on the way in. I have passed the display many times and so … (23 comments)

character: the TROUBLE with TROUBLE - 07/13/19 12:55 PM
It plagues mankind. It intrudes. We give it life or death depending how we handle it.  For those that are quick to blame, deny or excuse and refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their part played or the part not played, I say you/we are the problem with this point in mind. There is assigned inner work to be done. Disgree? Trouble is delighted when you do...
Wrong is subjective. It may not be  wrong to the wrong-doer by anothers eyes but what counts is our assessment first and then to consider what other dynamics are at work if … (8 comments)

character: HOW DID YOU COME TO HAVE THIS? - 05/19/19 06:57 AM
We don't dwell on the title of the post but it sure makes itself known at the right time i.e. the time of announcement or discovery. Usually this statement is made when someone is surprised of your gain, holding or accomplishment making them ponder and state what their reaction is. If we have received ill-gotten gains or questionable ones our conscience speaks up long before anyone else does
How you have come to have something is paramount to having whatever it is. To be blunt and on point: To lie, cheat, manipulate, underhand or steal to gain is not allowed but … (8 comments)

character: LYING CHEATING and STEALING WORKS but for whom? - 02/21/19 07:32 AM
 All of us come into the world unspoiled, innocent and full of wonder and awe.....then along the way, something happens. We start to learn that there are other many ways to choose to live in this world and we develop a system or a series of personal beliefs to live by. Some of us stray to the left or right and don't come back thus becoming casualties of temptations....
Lying, cheating and stealing works.....Think about this. It works because people wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't. But what you don't find out until after you use these … (8 comments)

character: LIES and LOVE of LIFE (list of gives and takes) - 12/26/18 11:09 AM
As we travel through life from one situation to the next, we are reminded of the familiar as well as the unknown which permeate the planet. We seek what we are comfortable with and pursue what is pleasurable avoiding that which takes away or may cause us harm. However, the human being is made up of many categories that need nourishment and that take it too
Food and water while necessary just won't do to solely satisfy permanently & to keep us still & full. We require stimulus in other areas such as mental, emotional, psychological, physical & most important of all spiritual and from … (4 comments)

This should be taught as part of the education system especially in today's culture of anything goes. Unless one plans on living alone somewhere for the rest of their lives, interacting with people in a responsible manner is mandatory for personal development and professional success. What should be emphasized is the common sense of it all i.e. the obvious and from there everyone will know for themselves what is required and what not to do
This should be an ongoing course that helps to prepare us to fail as we practice and enter into the fields of experimenting. All life tends to … (9 comments)

character: ADVISE and ADVICE TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS - 01/27/18 02:47 PM
The learning curves that come with life. Of them there are no end and this is how it should be. Life is not a still but an action to be grabbed and held onto and then to run with it in every direction. The speed and the topics of what to pursue are subjective so seek your own but learn from everyone so you can mitigate error, wrong directions, pits and losses while you carpe diem!
First, the above paragraph includes everyone & all subjects. As to advise it is just my suggestion because each one must make their own footprints to first … (14 comments)

character: DO DOGS STILL EAT HOMEWORK? (excuse lesson) - 01/23/18 09:03 AM
If a child lets say between the ages of 2-5 bends the rules or attempts to hide because of something that they did, their conduct gives them away first with words (if any) to follow. It is so innocent that it produces a grin or smile in every adult & it is excused away or gently explained. Damage assessment? Zero & Nada. Why? It's okay. There is a purity that prevails and sustains the child
The innocence gets less & the tolerance and allowances reduce making those that play or alter reality begin to become accountable. Lectures, punishments & corrective … (17 comments)

character: CUP of KINDNESS (spiritual drink) - 11/22/17 06:08 PM
This time of year is when the want, misery and lack in others makes itself known being more keenly felt and for a special reason too. It is a reminder of all the general principals at work that we tend to forget for one reason or another. We are all going through life together. We all want the same things and we have more in common than we think or know. This is a worthy reminder
The simple act of reflection is available to all and it consists really of considering mostly. To wonder, ponder and take note of your surroundings without … (6 comments)

character: PROOF THAT YOU KNOW BETTER (spiritual theme) - 09/24/17 06:15 AM
Hesitation and doubt plague mankind non-stop causing many to go without while knowing that they have leakage of life i.e. they are being momentarily robbed and at the minimum suffer random losses. Think: a hole in your pocket where your valuables slip through. Discovered after the fact is a wake-up call to correct. Failing that, our problems compound and continue
This is the proof I mention in the title of the post. Who hasn't reflected and pondered about a past event and saw clearly what should have been done or wasn't done? The fact is that we all have this reflective capability. The … (12 comments)

character: GUARANTEED INVESTMENT CAN'T FAIL (life point) - 07/03/17 10:00 AM
I am speaking of a most unique treasure and each one of us has a chest full of it. INVEST IN YOURSELF! Realize the worth sitting right under your own nose and proceed accordingly. Be patient and gentle about it giving it the extra care and attention that really no one else can give better than YOURSELF. Invest in this and the return is guaranteed
ROI or return on investment (self)
Interesting dynamic I am going to present to you as follows. Within each one of us lies everything necessary to live and pursue an extraordinary life as intended. There is no where … (17 comments)

character: LIES and LOVES of LIFE - 06/25/17 05:23 PM
As we travel through life from one situation to the next, we are reminded of the familiar as well as the unknown which permeate the planet. We seek what we are comfortable with and pursue what is pleasurable avoiding that which takes away or may cause us harm. However, the human being is made up of many categories that need nourishment and that take it too
Food and water while necessary just won't do to solely satisfy permanently & to keep us still & full. We require stimulus in other areas such as mental, emotional, psychological, physical & most important of all spiritual and from … (54 comments)

character: WORST POVERTY OF ALL (spiritual theme) - 05/25/17 02:09 PM
It has been written that you will always have the poor and so far, if you look around the world let alone parts of your city, county or state you will spy them out no problem. There they are the ones for one reason or another go without usually lacking food, shelter, clothing and all the rest. But that is not who I am writing about...
Here is the culprit if you will. The inner poverty where something is missing from a human being & no effort made by the world, the person themselves or outside forces can make-up for … (4 comments)

character: CONTENTMENT & SATISFACTION (life pondering) - 04/17/17 06:52 AM
Have you not heard it said that there are so many things money cannot buy. The title of this post offers two of them. At first glance, it appears that money can buy some satisfaction and contentment. However, I am speaking of having these two dynamics within the heart, where it will not decay, be stolen or lost. If not in your inner treasure chest, then you have constant want which requires personal, continuing maintenance and application. Think: hunger & thirst that cannot be quenched
Perspective is another treasure. Lets apply it here. All is food for the worms in the … (6 comments)

character: BET YOUR LICENSE? DON'T - 09/21/16 09:46 AM
I have seen this time and again. A owner wants to call the shots, handle everything and only needs to access the Real Estate network. They only want to pay a small fee to the agent and handle everything. This is a chance for that owner to make some money by saving money of which I totally understand. I cannot tell you how many times that belief has failed but you couldn't tell that to the ones whose minds are made up about this
It may work but be advised it comes with risk on every-ones part. Agents with licenses are bound by the licensing board and … (9 comments)

character: HOW IMPORTANT IS CHARACTER? - 05/29/16 11:28 PM
How important is breathing? The beating of your heart? The ability to get up and go? Character missing on any human being is not a pretty sight to behold or experience. If we were to learn one thing in this brief journey here on earth, let it be on how to live correctly and not just exist but be an example of something higher at work. Character is that highness
When someone is missing virtue (s), it is noticeable and obvious. Why? Because mankind is complex in nature but in action, a simple, living example of greatness and achievement that came … (34 comments)

character: WHAT MAKES YOU TICK? - 05/08/16 12:38 AM
I am not speaking of a person who we refer to as being ticked off. NO. It is more toward who are you and what moves you? What gets your attention, response or reaction and why? It is a slang for wanting to get to know you. Can you tell the book by its cover? With people who hide, this becomes too challenging. Becoming more of a transparent person has many benefits for all
Over the decades and in the many different generations, people have always wanted to find an outlet to express themselves and for a good purpose too. They … (17 comments)

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