creator: I WONDER...(thank you) - 11/25/21 08:49 AM
I am going to define WONDER so that you can better appreciate this entrance window into something deep and everlasting and not just stop at the word itself. Pause and consider this definition: Surprise with admiration, stirred with beauty, the unexpected, the unfamiliar driven by desire to explore and gravitate toward. Sounds like a recipe for abundant life. Combine, stir, let set and eat as desired?
When one is engaged, consumed or surrounded by wonder, they are said to be in a state of awe. When you take fear (of the unknown) and mix with reverence plus respect is how you … (2 comments)

creator: TRANSPARENCY (mystery of being) - 11/24/21 07:59 AM
Pause on the word "transparency" and let it speak to you via reflection. The essence of the word promotes seeing in the intended realms or as represented. In other words REALITY and the embracing of believing what you see without doubt, hesitation or confusion neither adding or taking away but instead observing it all
When someone is being (no effort) transparent, they are in a state of grace meaning no guile and what you see or hear taking place is what it is. The mind is not invited but instead, we know without words what is going on and our part … (0 comments)

creator: WHAT DO YOU WANT? (spiritual mystery) - 11/22/21 06:06 AM
The mind is quick to answer the post title but we are not interested in compliance but instead fulfillment. We know to come and go, finish what we start and to nourish ourselves. The body, your thoughts and the necessaries make themselves known. What I am asking is: what do YOU want. That unique one of a kind you....
When one has their way, it is no different than another having their way when it comes to food, shelter, clothing & the common necessities or privileges available. If fact, we tend to repeat what we can have over & over … (2 comments)

creator: MOTIVATION (spiritual mystery ) - 09/19/21 05:55 AM
What drives you? You may answer: in regards to what? This allows me to post that the word and subject applies to everything of and in life in this period of time. The human part? We are motion machines designed to participate in the grandeur of life-living. The motivation? Deep and rewarding satisfaction from the doing of it
All of us come into the world part sponge, innocent, without experience, capable of nearly everything and anything (in time) in the form of an unfinished type of product. THINK: Swiss Army Knife where you have 10-50 tools/attachments all serving multiple purposes. … (10 comments)

creator: SIGHT DYNAMICS (spiritual look-see) - 09/11/21 05:22 AM
You know of these principals but by their full names they are known as hindsight, foresight and insight and they are wanting to be welcomed each one as they visit with you. Why? They bring with them valuable gifts and lessons all for the good. Who sent them? Where did they come from? What is our part when they visit? Without them, we stagnate. With them, we grow
Humans remain amazing even in their obvious lack & dysfunction generally speaking let alone for the custom uniqueness of all individuals past, present and future. Our lack of being whole produced and … (4 comments)

creator: FACING YOUR FEARS (lies) - 09/10/21 05:44 AM
Fear is an intruder dynamic and was never part of the creation aspect or divine purpose but can be used in such a way that brings about personal spiritual growth. You see it occupies valuable Real Estate within the self and when approached has no standing whatsoever. It has an obvious weakness that protects it but not any longer
To marvel, wonder and inquire is our eternal heritage. When you add "legs" or (action) to this, it becomes adventure inviting discovery and furthers us to explore to where who knows? That is a true manna, a sustenance that our souls thrive … (1 comments)

creator: THANKFULNESS - 11/08/19 10:31 AM
If one pauses at anytime or anywhere in any given situation at work or at rest instantly without losing a moment, a never-ending & constant observations are presented at every compass point including up or down all driven by a request to acknowledge or appreciate them. These appreciations cannot be counted, numbered nor were they created to do so but instead to be acknowledged via realization in the moment. 
This reward which is wordless and boundless will be given to anyone who pauses to receive it. We call it thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, awe, wonder, discovery, adventure and they consist of the most … (30 comments)

creator: KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING (spiritual theme) - 03/12/19 07:26 AM
Pause and let the post title have its way with you. This subject is very important to every person who is visiting with it right now. It is not limited to any ONE subject but the many. Pick one and jump in to see how well you are doing and how to improve. When you have tweaked that one, proceed to the next. You will never run out of subject matter...
No one has ever been here before. Starting from this truth, what do you really know? Don't confuse this with learning. There are some subjects that come along naturally … (4 comments)

creator: THE MATH of LIFE (existence ponder) - 01/01/19 06:45 AM
Mathematics long established for its predictability and accuracy can be applied to anything known. So that you don't think too hard and wander away from the posting, just see how easy and user friendly the math of one and one equals two is. It is ageless, repeats and remains a solid foundation to build upon. How do you think we got the car, TV, appliances and even a successful trip to the moon and LIFE?
So it is with the moment  you are in also known as the now or present. It is an everlasting piece of the mathematical puzzle we … (8 comments)

creator: WHY "MERRY CHRISTMAS" (spiritual theme) - 12/09/18 07:10 AM
Has it dawned on you why we say "merry Christmas" or are you just repeating what words work this time of year without having to know why. You see the premise is very simple. You are going to go through CHRISTMAS whether you like it or not, love it or plain just don't care. However, wishing one a type of quality of journey is worth looking into
It was originally called HAPPY CHRISTMAS until someone took a risk and changed it to merry and it caught on. Why did it get accepted? Well the King of England often set the standard … (26 comments)

creator: WHAT THE NEW in NEW YEAR SHOULD MEAN (ponder) - 12/05/18 02:29 PM
First of all a very Merry Christmas to you now and in the times to come for Christmas is a matter of the heart first & then everything else. It is no accident that New Year's Eve festivities follow but not out of automatic response but for a reason. You see you had a good year & many a Holiday to try your heart & skills & put them to work. You found out what produced & what didn't. Doesn't it make sense to start out with what worked and leave what didn't behind?
We had all year long to practice trial … (10 comments)

creator: TIME IS ITS OWN MASTER (spiritual ponder) - 12/02/18 12:04 PM
You spend your life as you go. That's the concept and also the true coin of this realm which is to spent freely and completely too.You do that by living-out your asking, seeking and inquiring as it moves you or you beckon it. A few years here, then there and some in the pursuit of love, education, adventure, throw in some volunteering, exploring, making a living, and misc charity and the next thing you know one has come very close if not to the end of their time allowance. When this is spent, we are done here

creator: IN THE END....(ponder now) - 10/17/17 06:39 AM
Who pays too much attention to years or decades from now? We are and should be busy living our lives in the "now" taking come what may or seeking out our desires and being content while discovering the newness of every single moment presented. That's right! No moment has ever been lived-in before nor will it be again making it one of the most valuable dynamics or experiences available
What we don't realize is that the "life" clock is ticking away as we go about our little here & there. Time is so subtle a force. We don't realize it is our traveling partner unless … (4 comments)

creator: GOD CANNOT DO THIS YOU MUST (bible lesson) - 05/25/17 02:08 PM
When I was first introduced to the concept or idea of GOD, I instantly accepted that there wasn't anything GOD couldn't do. I would dream something up and successfully conclude that HE could do that and more. This went on nearly all my life until one day, I discovered something the ALMIGHTY revealed
You have to choose GOD. HE cannot make you love HIM. Relax here and explore this for a moment. With GOD all things are possible this we know. However, when it comes to HIM trying to make you love HIM, that is where HIS power comes under … (0 comments)

creator: REALITY IS FREE REFUSING IS COSTLY - 04/13/17 07:18 AM
If everyone dealt correctly with their own reality, there would not be any denial or avoidance issues. Instead, there would be a steady evolving and improving over your own personal stock as a human being. We the person (s) control our own growth or lack of it. Imagine a world where truth is on point? None of us would be the same but instead much better for it. 
You have to want this for it to go to work. A simple yes choice triggers it and the awareness goes to work right away. No muss or fuss but there is this one thing. You have to go to work on … (8 comments)

creator: IT'S NO ACCIDENT (spirit & truth theme) - 11/26/16 07:06 AM
The unexpected is often an eye opener to people who are running on automatic. If something pops up out of the ordinary or realm of their repetitive approach to the world of living, a mild shock takes place and we refer to it as a surprise, karma, happenstance, comeuppance, "accident", measure or wake-up call. In a world of choice, that is surrounded by order (not chaos), there are no accidents. Consider this...
Certain cosmic events must take place in order for all life to make sense. You see everything works together linked obviously and mysteriously on such complex levels that it cannot … (5 comments)

creator: IT'S YOUR TURN (life pondering) - 11/16/16 04:47 AM
Remember when you stood in a line for something and how you wanted to get to that point of having your turn for whatever is being offered or the reason why you stood or got in the line to begin with? The thought process was simple. You wanted something and you went to go get it. Whatever was involved in the getting of it satisfied making it worth it
Life! It was and is a gift of the highest nature coveted by all who are alive and have it. Furthermore, it is given before it is asked … (6 comments)

creator: ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE (spiritual theme) - 11/15/16 10:40 PM
While cliche in its presentation, attitude of gratitude is most accurate for stating the obvious i.e. who isn't glad to be here; here being alive & being able to participate in life's many non-stop come what may? If you stop to think about it or if you just pause or even lend a ponder, the human default by nature is one of non-stop receiving from a never-ending sending SOURCE. Both the SENDER & the receiver are able to enjoy this exchange
What is our purpose i.e. mankind collectively speaking? We read we were made by HIM, for HIM and for HIS pleasure and purposes equipped and able … (6 comments)

creator: THE INNER PAY-OFF (spiritual theme) - 10/29/16 12:40 AM
Everything runs in cycles or seasons if you will. There is a time for everything and that includes the very moment you are in as well. We commonly refer to it as a beginning and ending or a start and finish. These efforts are most rewarding when they go or run full cycle. Where it all breaks down is when it doesn't complete and the miscellaneous cycles remain unfulfilled and become weights of a sort
That inner drive that leads to purpose from completing a task is what humans find so satisfying. Our efforts, fueled by our beliefs, deliver the intended result and as a … (2 comments)

creator: LIES PAY OFF UNTIL THEY DONT (spiritual theme) - 10/24/16 09:09 AM
So does stealing, cheating, and fraud plus more pay-off each and every time. It's only when you get caught that it doesn't work. Not getting caught is the challenge but here is the thing. We were never created to do such things and because of that, it takes much effort not only to do these things but also to do them well. What is standing in your way is yourself
Built inside, without request, is something that tells and prompts you every time to not venture into these realms. It came with you when you were born into this world and it is standard … (12 comments)

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