discovery: WHAT TO GET GOD FOR CHRISTMAS (christian theme) - 12/22/19 10:36 AM
What do you give to someone who has everything you can imagine? Here on earth it is equally hard to gift people like that let alone GOD. But not to worry because the Son of GOD took care of the Gifting to the Father. He made himself an offering of obedience, loyalty, devotion, love everlasting and worship. The FATHER had this to say: This is my beloved SON in whom I am well-pleased
A hearty thank you to the Christ who pleased GOD & caused Him to utter more than once just how pleased he was is & will be. But … (11 comments)

discovery: MADE MORE THAN MONEY - 11/08/19 08:18 AM
Oh so many flowers and not enough time to smell them? How about we don't want to spend our time smelling but instead hurry along to answer the call of our ambition or goal thinking that the sooner we get there the quicker our return can come. This is not an uncommon thought but an often used one so I ask you...why then have flowers that smell so good and demand up-close and personal visits?
I was in Trader Jo shopping and you have to pass by the flower section on the way in. I have passed the display many times and so … (23 comments)

discovery: AWARENESS THE KEY TO ALL DOORS - 10/23/19 07:21 AM
To understand what the word "aware" means it is useful to use the Richie Reverse Rule and ask what would the world or you be like without being aware? Pretty dark! Imagine how stark (stripped & bare) your reality would be without the whole picture or contrasts to explain what we are seeing, sensing and processing. Imagine being in a dark room & having that experience. Now imagine the lights turn on. There is more to see, do and take-in
Separately they remain a wonder and perform without instruction bringing us more into the moment and to what is going on. … (6 comments)

discovery: WHAT'S IMPORTANT? (life-reflection) - 09/29/19 07:09 AM
The subject of importancy has got to be a ten when it is activated and at the same time is not only subjective but temporary in its nature. Stop and pause here. Our whole e-z-peasy take it as it comes world comes to a crash, rearranges itself and then focuses on an issue when delivered in the "important" mode. The call of importance when done gives way to what is not important once again. This cycle repeats itself
Staying in a state of alert is impossible to do for any length of time effectively and efficiently. Imagine gripping something with your hand and all … (2 comments)

discovery: DISCUSSING POLITICS or RELIGION or ? - 07/31/19 08:02 AM
There are subjects that come-up in life that can be difficult or sensitive to approach let alone discuss. Does this mean we cease to comment, put our true feelings on hold and let these subjects do as they wish? Subjects can range from being embarrassing to disgusting and from shocking to suggestive making the challenge to enter into these arenas daunting.
The first thing to interfere with an investigation, report, finding or discovery of any sensitive or controversial subject or experience is the emotions that are triggered and surface when introduced. Those emotions tend to cloud, bias and detract or amplify what is … (4 comments)

discovery: ACTION or INACTION (life pondering) - 06/21/19 06:41 AM
Think of a bottle with a cork lost at sea and at the mercy of the currents, wind, sun and weather being taken here and there as the outside forces have their way and then compare it to a same bottle that has a rudder where it can guide itself making its coming and going have direction, destination and purpose. The rudder is an action tool and lack of the rudder is inaction or incomplete also known as no-purpose
Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, calm & objective way sort of shining a … (10 comments)

discovery: PATIENCE PONDER THIS - 05/05/19 06:47 AM
What most people don't know is that another word for patience is love. The word "patience" substitutes nicely wherever the word "love" is used. To get an even better understanding of this reverse the thinking analogy. Impatience is the lack of love in that moment. When your cup of patience has run dry, love has all but poured out
Stop and think about this. We don't say to ourselves I am not going to love or be impatient today. That is a foreign thought. What happens is that whatever patience we have or think we have is called upon and we find … (7 comments)

discovery: I CAN'T WAIT (life post) - 12/18/17 11:07 AM
When we were kids, at some certain age, the I CAN'T WAIT manifested itself to us. It came when it comes perhaps hurried along by parents, other kids or our very own desires and likes stirring and making themselves known. It is not limited to anyone one thing this I CAN'T WAIT event. NO. It crosses-over into everything and travels all the way to the end with us
1. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for Saturday mornings when all the cartoons would come out.
2. I couldn't wait to go out and play first to adventure and if there was other kids even better
3. Couldn't … (28 comments)

discovery: HOW DOES THIS WORK? (life ponder) - 08/26/17 05:48 AM
The title is the question and this post is the answer. How anything works is up to the person (s) who work it! It is as simple as that. Walk into any business, inquire about any service and or product and you will find the concept or systems in place that help it all along but are powered by PEOPLE. Without the human behind the force we have happenstance, nature and random situations
Look at our freeways, roads, bridges, buildings, & tunnels. They clearly demonstrate the human intelligence at work to help & assist us in our comings and … (3 comments)

discovery: LEARNING CURVES - 07/10/17 07:23 AM
Learning curves many times are mistaken for knowledge. We have the ability to do most anything. These curves are introductions to knowledge or just the beginning stages. Ân experience is the next stage and that is the one that teaches, rewards and even introduces us to more learning curves. Where we get into trouble is as follows:
There is no substitute for experience. It is the necessary follow-up to the choice made and helps us to recognize, adjust, practice and fine tune our activity to our satisfaction. Some experiences are serious in nature when they involve health, welfare, gain, loss & specifically a … (4 comments)

discovery: GUARANTEED INVESTMENT CAN'T FAIL (life point) - 07/03/17 10:00 AM
I am speaking of a most unique treasure and each one of us has a chest full of it. INVEST IN YOURSELF! Realize the worth sitting right under your own nose and proceed accordingly. Be patient and gentle about it giving it the extra care and attention that really no one else can give better than YOURSELF. Invest in this and the return is guaranteed
ROI or return on investment (self)
Interesting dynamic I am going to present to you as follows. Within each one of us lies everything necessary to live and pursue an extraordinary life as intended. There is no where … (17 comments)

discovery: I KNOW YOU and YOU KNOW ME - 05/25/17 02:35 PM
In the everyday parlance, to know me and I know you in the private sense is called intimacy. Do not confuse this with knowing about something or someone but instead knowing in and of them personally. There is no substitute for this connection but many try to bridge the gap in vain. You see intimacy requires something to make the connection
You have to reveal who you are and what you believe in and overcome what may be come of it. The risk to do so comes with one of the most powerful dynamics on the planet. Before I reveal that, let me … (6 comments)

discovery: THE LEARNING CURVE (life ponder) - 05/01/17 06:27 AM
This is out there everywhere sparing no one from it and demanding from everyone that it be honored, traveled and improved upon for that is the core of its very nature. Amazing too how all humans are set-up, equipped and quite able to take on whatever presents itself. Of course this is where you find out something very revealing and of great importance
The ability "call" has gone out. A need has summoned or beckoned and many answer the call. However, some people will excel in certain tasks over others while all qualify at some point. Who would you want if you had an … (5 comments)

I like this picture for it captures an idea via a thought just from the seeing of it and with little or no effort too. It conveys many ideas and invites all to have an experience each one to themselves private or otherwise and it does this in a span of time that cannot be measured. There is nothing to say nor is it required but instead, a silent behold is upon you to do with as you will
To get to this icon which is atop Mt Rubidoux in Riverside CA requires a 3.5 mile hike up the side of … (23 comments)

discovery: POWER TO CHOOSE (life ponder theme) - 10/31/16 11:50 PM
We make hundreds of choices per day without keeping count which end up defining our lives as we have instructed. Stop and consider this. The day, event, situation or task goes as we have commanded either by acts of omission or commission. For a short time we call "life", we can command outcomes. The good results as well as the not so good. Each person creates their own personal reality
Because trial and error get to have its way with us relentlessly, we all have been given something to make the journey have more of a reward to it instead of remaining a learning … (8 comments)

discovery: GOOGLE ME GOOGLE YOU GOOGLE IT - 10/22/16 12:36 AM
Being on the Internet is the same as when handing out your business card, running an ad or networking as it is identifying you, the blogger, poster or commenter and what you do, how you do it and why? It is an introduction of you to the world at large and it you can compare it to a light that is never switched off but left on constantly
If I am seeking out data or discovery on a person or subject that is of interest to me, an investigation or inquiry is in order to either confirm, explore or consider more of the subject matter itself. I … (5 comments)

discovery: YOU'RE SUCH A BABY - 09/18/16 12:23 AM
At what point do you find a newborn fascinating in an intimate way meaning where you are moved to play a part or interact and be stimulated as well as to stimulate? I describe my introduction to this and my interactions and to me, this is one of life's true treasures to pause & ponder on. To gaze on this is to view yourself in times gone by....
People! Wherever you go, there they are and in droves too. The human being is a paradox in so many ways. Simple to engage or operate but complex when you start examining all the parts … (4 comments)

discovery: IS IT REAL OR A ROBOT? (life theme) - 09/06/16 04:10 AM
Let's get this thought out of the way first. If you want to jump into something with little or no prep, hit the ground running, activate the income flows and get the experience banks flowing then scripting, coaching, seminars, role-playing and all the rest is for you. Do what it takes. I get it
If you choose to get into something for the rate of return, the quick and plentiful buck, to move fast, like lean and mean, they have crash courses for just about anything also called fast track training too. I have met many who are purely … (4 comments)

discovery: JUST SHOW UP (life pause & ponder) - 08/24/16 12:17 AM
All we have to do is get out of bed and somehow, an entire day is presented for us to do with as we please. Let this sink in. We go to beddy bye leaving one of the greatest mysteries and when we awake, like a loyal dog or friend, there is the dawn of the day once more beckoning a sweet invitation to come hither. Answer this call and let the adventure unfold
I wonder what the caterpillar thinks when they finally call it a day, a good life and put up their portable tent (cocoon) and retire … (7 comments)

discovery: THE OBVIOUS ESCAPES US WHY? - 08/23/16 12:27 AM
I am reminded of the woman who frantically was looking all around her home for her reading glasses one day only to give up the search, sit down, dejected and full of failing and perplexity and finally lowering her head so that she could cup her face & cry and discovering the glasses sitting up there, on her head waiting for her
All that time, from the first thought to reach for them, discover they were not there, retrace all her steps, search hi and lo, repeat it all, go through all her range of motions only to discover that everything she … (4 comments)

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