documents: REAL ESTATE SPEAKS IN WRITING - 07/02/15 12:11 AM
There are forms for everything now a days and I must say that some of them are pretty good and necessary while others just waste time and drag out the process. But anyway you look at it, today's Real Estate transaction eats up quite a bit of paperwork, time and money. The effort is well spent if it produces a certain result
Take a moment to realize that every form available is the result of some sort of past mishap or learning curve usually coming about from some sort of litigation that caused us to realize that if the clause, small print or initial … (4 comments)

documents: REAL ESTATE DOCUMENTS TELL THE STORY - 01/14/15 11:43 PM
Anyone who has done Real Estate business knows that the paperwork involved is not your standard readers digest or back of cereal box type reading. Sure, it is submitted in separate multiple documents all with headings and purposes and the intent is to make sure that what the clauses are saying take place or don't
When you get a moment, actually look at the paperwork objectively and for no particular reason. WHY? You will discover with little or no effort how it came into being and what it's purpose is. Remember that the clause was born out of necessity … (0 comments)

documents: FILLING IN DOCUMENTS and GIVING COPIES - 10/27/14 11:19 PM
Two things continue to always come back to haunt a Real Estate agent consistently that I have seen over the years. The first one is that they have clients sign documents that are not filled out or not filled out correctly. At the time, even the client is hesitant but proceeds in good faith because of the next issue
They are told that a copy of the document will be given them later on. So the client signs believing that this must be the way or my agent wouldn't of said so. Now I know from past experiences that anything can happen in Real Estate. All this … (6 comments)

documents: YOU KNOW ALL THOSE DOCS YOU SEND VIA EMAIL? - 09/23/14 07:29 AM
I hope they are encrypted. Now I don't know much about this subject, but I will share what I do know. Hackers have been known to be able to access attachments to emails with little or no effort. If it is important documents lets say for processing a loan or Title Insurance data etc....AND it is not encrypted, it is some good hacker food to dine on
Your email has the ability to be sent encrypted. I first found out about this when Engineers I were working with sent emails back and forth encrypted because of their sensitivity to ongoing research & development. … (8 comments)

documents: WHAT AM I SIGNING AND WHY? - 04/24/14 01:26 AM
If it is to move a deal forward, I am in. Just tell me the downside, then the upside and exactly what it is I am committing to ahead of time. If not, then a couple of things will happen. One, I may have to stop and then study what I am signing and then go into Q & A or....
I will need to consult with an attorney. I find that if people are comfortable with dialogue before signing that the core confidence of the deal is sound. Why wait until the last minute to review important documents? … (3 comments)

documents: THAT FIRST TIME USED UP ALL MY DEODORANT AND COLOGNE (contest) - 04/08/14 07:24 AM
I received my Real Estate license in 1978 and it gave me a sense of additional professionalism. I was already in Real Estate managing property for a multi-millionaire. However, I saw where I could make loans, handle residential transactions, income property and more being licensed
LATE 1970'S
The rules were different back then and less complicated in many ways. That world was no where close to the world of Real Estate today but that is to be expected. Anything of value evolves and becomes better, faster and even cheaper and so it should...Real Estate excels at this
I wont deny … (13 comments)

documents: DISHONEST REAL ESTATE CAN DO MUCH HARM - 05/30/13 12:36 AM
This bears repeating...I had been watching my gardener with interest lately. He is a most proficient skilled worker, but he carries around a noticeable burden. Everyone has stories to tell and the amazing part is that no two stories are alike. His son approached me one day and said, your a Real Estate Broker aren't you? I said sure....and then he told me this story....
10 years ago, a Real Estate agent approached his Spanish speaking father and asked him if he wanted to purchase a 3 unit residential site. The father happily said yes and..... deposited the monies.
The agent … (9 comments)

documents: HOW TO SELL YOUR OWN HOME NO REALLY - 04/01/13 11:49 PM
It can be done. Anything can be done. Money, time and choices are denied no one and what to do with them in this country is well defined. You can do anything you want. But now, lets examine smarter vs harder and when to spend money wisely and make it part of your success especially when it comes to buying or selling Real Estate. Its like anything at first glance....Doable but not as easy as it looks
The do it yourself-er will have to start to familiarize themselves with the subject matter. That would include reading which … (30 comments)

documents: OH WE GOT ONE OF THOSE...real estate agents - 02/27/13 11:59 PM
I speak Real Estate fluently. I don't dabble in it. It is not a hobby and I don't use it to boost my ego. I do it for a living and answer accordingly when asked. Over the years, I have systems, tools, procedures and savvy that when activated can put you into a house or help you sell one. A big part of my success is the team of professionals I work with such as escrow, title, inspectors, termite, repair crews and loan sources etc...
When I am speaking to someone about listing ,while  they may be talking … (12 comments)

documents: BROKER RICHIE AND THE LOST ESCROW - 02/01/13 11:59 PM
I was settled in for the night, putting things to bed, arranging some rest & relaxation when an urgent call came in one recent evening. It was from an attorney who had a buyer and a seller for a million dollar piece of property and needed to open an escrow right now this moment. Well escrows are not opened on Friday nights or weekends I yawned and went on to explain
I heard you get things done and that nothing is impossible for you once you commit to it. Now is this urban legend or do you know how to … (37 comments)

documents: LANDING THE REAL ESTATE PLANE - 08/04/12 08:40 AM
Think how easy it is to drive a car. If it was like having to drive an airplane, many of us would take public transportation. An airplane while looking easy is not easy especially to someone who has never flown one. For those that are licensed to fly, an experience and a second nature develops. No different in any professional arena
I reminded of the woman who called me months ago out of state and needed Real Estate help. Based on our conversation, I did the best I could to help her from California and at her request and … (13 comments)

documents: TEMPTATION TO SIGN YOUR CLIENTS NAME - 07/29/12 12:09 AM
I learned many years ago that there will be times when a signature or an initial is missing on a document that needs to be brought current. In some cases, a transaction will stall if not addressed. When I first became aware of this, I checked and double checked for signatures and initials in the moment. But human error prevailed and some got through unsigned
Well if something needs to be recorded, or signed off on or agreed to and it is not, the hold transaction stalls and we go into a scramble mode. So, you call your clients … (9 comments)

We don't spend time on how things got started. Their beginnings if you will. We only address the part we play in it all when we are practicing it. I want to just spend a moment looking at the Grant Deed but not in today's world, but the world of yest-er-year. The Indians owned it all and no paper existed. It was first come first served. That's all they knew for hundreds of years
Even when we tried to take over portions, we required that they sign something that outlines what we were taking and why. … (4 comments)

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