excuses: THE ENDING and YOUR PART - 12/21/19 09:11 AM
We often become outspoken after something goes full circle and more often than not we have a negative critique of it. This is brought to you courtesy of what they call "hindsight" or sighting of the behind events (that which has passed) that we conclude could have been done better or not done at all. The fact that always remains is this you always had a hand or a say so in those events! So, what happened?
Being in the moment is no myth. It also has advantages that when you are in the moment are obvious and at work. Just go … (8 comments)

excuses: YOUR EXCUSES ARE YOUR OWN - 12/14/19 07:05 AM
Here is a subject that causes discomfort starting with the one doing it first and then with anyone else it can rope in. Question: Have you ever heard someone pitch enthusiastically their excuse as if it was the gospel truth? For a person to do this they first had to convince themselves. Then, to make it stick convince you too
Admitting what went wrong or how it could have gone better doesn't occur to the one who is in denial. NO. A story is manufactured and edited using the mind, emotions and five senses which add drama, scenarios and conjectures. In other words a … (23 comments)

excuses: SIMPLE SPEAK SIMPLE LIFE (ponder this) - 08/14/19 06:23 AM
Communication and all related dynamics are not limited to speech but to intent, motive, common sense and obvious necessity. The five senses are automatically attuned to each other and report to the bearer input and relevance to all that is observed or called to our attention. The senses speak (without speaking) by pointing toward a source and leaving it up to the person receiving to assess, interact, solve or dismiss. This is not complex yet it is for how can all this be?
Our default nature/existence is one of receiving and observing. That is how and why we were created. Mankind … (5 comments)

excuses: OUTCOME LETS THE RESULT OUT (life wandering) - 07/23/19 07:26 AM
To set the mind-set of entering into this post I remind everyone of this subtle often over-looked and rarely-discussed fact of life i.e. none of us have ever been here before. Pause here. Compare this to a place or moment you have been in more than once. You become familiar, confident and life-educated in multiple, countless subjects and experiences all without the asking. Now let us proceed to see come what may
This is the end result of some dynamic that was put forward. It is a result of an action taken fueled by a belief with under-lying want or need driving for the most … (10 comments)

excuses: the TROUBLE with TROUBLE - 07/13/19 12:55 PM
It plagues mankind. It intrudes. We give it life or death depending how we handle it.  For those that are quick to blame, deny or excuse and refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their part played or the part not played, I say you/we are the problem with this point in mind. There is assigned inner work to be done. Disgree? Trouble is delighted when you do...
Wrong is subjective. It may not be  wrong to the wrong-doer by anothers eyes but what counts is our assessment first and then to consider what other dynamics are at work if … (8 comments)

excuses: DO DOGS STILL EAT HOMEWORK? (excuse lesson) - 01/23/18 09:03 AM
If a child lets say between the ages of 2-5 bends the rules or attempts to hide because of something that they did, their conduct gives them away first with words (if any) to follow. It is so innocent that it produces a grin or smile in every adult & it is excused away or gently explained. Damage assessment? Zero & Nada. Why? It's okay. There is a purity that prevails and sustains the child
The innocence gets less & the tolerance and allowances reduce making those that play or alter reality begin to become accountable. Lectures, punishments & corrective … (17 comments)

excuses: HOW DOES THIS WORK? (life ponder) - 08/26/17 05:48 AM
The title is the question and this post is the answer. How anything works is up to the person (s) who work it! It is as simple as that. Walk into any business, inquire about any service and or product and you will find the concept or systems in place that help it all along but are powered by PEOPLE. Without the human behind the force we have happenstance, nature and random situations
Look at our freeways, roads, bridges, buildings, & tunnels. They clearly demonstrate the human intelligence at work to help & assist us in our comings and … (3 comments)

excuses: HERE IS WHY YOU FAIL & HOW TO FIX IT - 04/08/17 06:18 AM
There is always a story to cover up the real reason as to why something didn't go right or less than expected. We are the first to buy into it. If it is plausible, then fine. However, if it is a reoccurring event or you find yourself the main-player every time, chances are YOU are the problem
It is not easy to admit an error to another. To yourself it even takes some effort if you are a prideful person. That's why we come up with a story to tell ourselves or others as to why this happened and how. … (8 comments)

excuses: FINISH WHAT YOU START - 01/09/17 06:45 AM
If there was to be something, anything that speaks ill against a person or business it would be that they leave whatever they have begun UNDONE! A task that has not been completed haunts the one who began but did not complete. It speaks in its own language and everyone understands it too. It points the finger quite well and nothing less than action will cure it
Excuses! Mankind has become efficient and quick to create and share reasons as to why something is not done even to the point of making it acceptable only because of repetition. If something is said over and … (13 comments)

excuses: PROBLEMS EXIST TO BE SOLVED - 11/10/16 11:00 PM
Problem solver: If this is who you are, then you will be busy for the rest of your life. Why? Life is designed so that it presents itself in such a way that for now, we participate by dealing with it as  challenges. We also have the ability to change, direct and mitigate as well as refine, forge and eliminate what we want or don't want or will allow
Whoever told you that life comes with no problems didn't tell you the truth nor did they prepare you for real life and its rewards. You see part of the satisfaction of living comes from … (6 comments)

excuses: YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE PHONE? - 07/07/16 11:33 PM
You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. With that said, the business world is based on interactive communications with purpose. The higher more expensive items of trade & services versus the lower run of the mill everyday wants and needs gives us a good contrast to explore customer service procedures. Another exception is the golden rule. He has the gold rules and may approach this as it befits them
When I have a product for sale, we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of transaction, peoples lives and a nice payday for the agents involved. This to … (18 comments)

excuses: NO EXCUSES - 05/20/16 12:37 AM
Easier said than done these two words NO EXCUSES be. Interesting too depending on what side of the fence you are on when this comes up. If you are in pursuit of something or wanting a gain, then you are expecting NO EXCUSES when it is your turn to receive it. However, if you are providing a service or product, then others will call you out on NO EXCUSES
Does anyone really want to know why something has failed when they go to get it? If you have a desire, whatever it is, and someone is offering that service or product, … (10 comments)

excuses: EXCUSES THE BANE OF MANKIND - 12/19/15 10:32 PM
How did this get started? Who was it that put it into play? It works so well too but it is barrenly shy on results. That is the price you pay for having just any old answer instead of doing the work required when summoned. You see all our answers are there. They are waiting for you! An excuse literally EXCUSES them from service.
When one enters into the world of excusing, it is almost without bottom or end. It can accommodate anyone and any situation but not for the good. An excuse is a thief, a robber of life and … (9 comments)

excuses: PROCRASTINATION WHAT GOOD IS IT? - 04/14/15 10:32 AM
The action of delaying or postponing something intentionally and habitually that should be getting done. For you kids in school, homework, cleaning your room, chores and changing, minding or mending your ways qualifies. For business people, kiss of death lingering and just waiting for the final smooch to seal it if you put-off anything un-wisely
repairs...you know it has to be done and the message is consistent every day to do it saying I am sorry to someone or for something and adding "delay" to it? treating yourself well. Why put this off? how about taking a risk? The entrance to … (11 comments)

excuses: YOU GOTTA HAVE HEART - 01/11/15 11:01 PM
A heart-driven dynamic is one powerful force to contend with and employ. I am talking about someone doing something out of realness and genuine-ness with a focus and a mission "ON" mentality that parts waters and makes waves while doing it. In the earthly parlance, it is called tenacity. Being Tenacious?
If you want something bad enough, the-tenacity is your huckleberry. There are no half-steps when traveling with a keen focus and destination mentality. Once the belief to DO is made, then the belief to GO is activated and doesn't shut off until this one dynamic takes place..........
The start meets up … (8 comments)

excuses: THIS TOPIC NEVER GETS OLD - 10/15/14 12:02 AM
Answering the phone. The phone is a tool of the business. Look at it as opening the front door of a bricks & mortar operation. When you put the key in the lock, reverse the closed sign to open, turn on the lights, people can now come and go. Your in business! Supporting that is what banks did for centuries called banking hours. Today, the phone is just that. It is a call (pun) and an answer (pun) to business
Imagine a sign on your store that says...Back in 1/2 hour or out to lunch or the popular cardboard … (5 comments)

excuses: THE REASON WHY YOU FAIL - 03/21/14 08:09 AM
There is always a story to cover up the real reason as to why something didn't go right or less than expected. We are the first to buy into it. If it is plausible, then fine. However, if it is a reoccurring event or you find yourself the main player every time, chances are YOU are the problem
It is not easy to admit an error to another. To yourself it even takes some effort if you are a prideful person. That's why we come up with a story to tell ourselves or others as to why this happened and how. Those … (5 comments)

excuses: STOP THE EXCUSES - 09/01/13 12:06 AM
When the title of this post is drilled into your Psyche and then settles within your spirit or BEING, then life for you has begun. Who wants to hear why things don't happen especially when you are in charge? The whole Universe is based on the proven principals of everything doing what they were assigned to do without fail
  I hired you to help me get in or out of a Real Estate transaction and things aren't going well? See how I subtly ran that pass you? I HIRED YOU means you bought the responsibility. The Buck … (11 comments)

excuses: MEN ARE YOU A MAN OR A MOUSE OR WORSE - 06/12/13 11:14 PM
Men, yes I am talking to you and would like to point out a few things for you to consider. We have a tremendous responsibility part to play as we journey through the world.....to our selves, to our families and to each other. We wont be back this way again so why not reach for and practice optimum while here?
Our heritage is a long and rich one indeed. We started out as hunters and warriors in the truest sense of the word. We lived off the land and NO EXCUSES where allowed in our daily existence. You either performed … (6 comments)

excuses: I GOT STOPPED BY A COP - 05/30/13 11:45 PM
Now cops are not in the habit of just pulling people over. It is a procedure that is strictly governed and regulated and with so many people to police, looking for infringers of the law remains a full time job. They got it down to a working science. If you violate a rule, regulation or law they have training that can identify it rather quickly the majority of the time. It is not a perfect science but it works
Take me the other day for instance. I got pulled over for crossing a double yellow line to enter a … (15 comments)

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