gain: WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU? - 10/13/19 06:43 AM
A worthy subject if there ever was one "importance" while by design is subjective & also can be a very public experience when shared. Things of importance can navigate in all realms, be very satisfying to trigger and perform as expected because of the way we treat the subject. You can announce or state a matter of importance but it soon becomes obvious as to whether it is or not. Someone somewhere believes it to be as well as those that don't
This little statement has been used successfully to get attention to what will be said following it. The person saying it and the ones receiving … (10 comments)

gain: BOOKS, CD'S and PITCHES CANNOT GUARANTEE - 08/30/19 08:38 AM
There are many books written over the years as far back as the dawn of writing speaking out about various subjects that appeal to mankind. For someone who has no awareness or wishes to acquire one... someone elses experience is a good start. At no time does this substitute for your own experience. It just functions as a pioneer or a guide to prime your adventure and discovery pumps. Once those are activated our/your portion begins
There is no formula for living life. Trillions of people over time and in times to come will testify to that. No two journeys are … (11 comments)

We have methods, procedures and established ways of doing most everything unless we go custom and we then all agree to that. In our established ways and means, when all goes well it ends well as expected. But what if there is a hiccup, a failure or worse an unexpected human nature twist that adds fuel to the fire or suffocates it? What then? When something doesn't go right WE must keep going until the reason we came together is realized
Doing what doesn't work and has just been demonstrated not to and trying to revive or use the same method over again? … (3 comments)

gain: TELLING THE TRUTH? (hope you are) - 02/23/19 05:20 AM
In the world of yes, no and I don't know, anyone can participate successfully and all playing fields are equal. No thinking or proof is required and all people involved and their time is put to good uses. Look how a simple position such as TRUTH remains so powerful when employed. The problem appears when the one wielding TRUTH is forced to confront their fragile ego, bias, agenda (and more) being exposed
Why would anyone have to prove, think or verify anything if TRUTH be told? Before you answer or contemplate this: be reminded that this was … (6 comments)

gain: WHATS IN IT FOR ME? - 05/11/17 02:08 PM
This is the question that drives all of us about everything everywhere whether spoken or not is the title of this post. You, "the self" assess while coming and going this dynamic whether you are aware of it or not. From the morning routine to the leaving of the house and returning, it all goes according to your choices to do what you do because of what you get in return for doing it "that way"
In the world outside of your own self is the world of services and products. In this world, they not only have to answer … (6 comments)

gain: THE SMALL STUFF (don't sweat it) - 09/30/16 12:33 AM
If one wanted to make or find trouble, it is everywhere and is available to meet-up or join you with little or no effort. It just needs one thing and that is your permission to do so. We refer to it as petty, distracting, not important or relevant or just plain ignore worthy at times. However, it is still there always hoping to get a foot-hold
Our worlds are made up of big & little pictures if you will. Take being on a mission of some sort. We form the idea or thought, we agree and engage and carry it out … (4 comments)

You can invest in anything. People, places, things with some giving returns and others just for the sake of it. There are carefully laid out plans for the long term plunge and for that certain set of speculators, the short term, where they play hunch or follow-up those butterflies in the stomach. Investing is a way of life and offers what they call and commonly refer to as RISK
I cant remember my first kiss but I know I had one. At some point, the fear of the matter at hand presents itself. It really is YOUR own inner fear because … (4 comments)

gain: WE ARE TIME TRAVELERS - 05/12/16 08:31 AM
Stop and think about this for a moment. We/you are traveling through time at a pace that allows for quite a few things to take place. All of it new, no two moments alike and we are allowed to pluck from these moments what we will or choose. Built into the moment is the learning experience and values. As time-travelers, we have access to past, present & future
As time travelers, we do not get to fully realize everything there is to do in the moment we are in nor could we. We are capable of only processing so much data through the mind, … (0 comments)

gain: UN-REAL ESTATE - 02/24/16 11:05 PM
Real Estate is one of those businesses that comes with good stories and lessons learned. It allows people to instantly dream just by mentioning the words Real Estate. It conjures up thoughts and feelings of wealth and security and it has two very interesting sides to it. The one is selling and the other is buying
The ordinary person, who is so used to buying whatever they want when they want doesn't understand that when it comes to Real Estate, your own personal buying experience is worthless. Why? The purchase is huge, it is usually permanent, and involves all that you have. You are way over your purchasing … (4 comments)

gain: GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS & MY NEWS - 02/17/16 11:21 PM
To put life in a good or bad arena is not a fair assessment. Life is bigger than good or bad, happy or sad, and right or wrong. These choice or points view have been with us for centuries and influence us today in almost everything. I say, come if you will but I will determine what is or is not the news of the day
There are so many ways to look at something. Perspective is a valuable tool in the personal and professional worlds. I like hearing and learning about a subject or the focus in detail sometimes while practicing … (14 comments)

gain: WHERE ELSE DOES THIS HAPPEN? - 02/03/16 11:32 PM
Without fail, every time, over the decades, with very few exceptions, whoever purchases Real Estate in America, under correct conditions, and settles in for the long haul will discover the truth and magic behind what we call the American dream. Anyone can do it and the results are fabulous. Owning pays off guaranteed and its big money too
I have clients whose properties that I manage that were left to them by their parents. When their parents made the purchase, yes, it was worth the value of its time and having a job made having a home easy to do and … (6 comments)

gain: RISK - 11/16/15 11:26 PM
This subject of risking exists for a reason and it can benefit the human or cause harm. What actually takes place if allowed or engaged as well as the results, depend on the person who activates or triggers the risk. There are risks that lead to growth, gain and allow us access to never before seen and heard places and others that lead to ruin.
There are calculated risks, the thought out, discussed type that when through assessing, one concludes it is safe to launch and they do. They have a specific aim or want and move toward that direction knowing how … (2 comments)

gain: HOW DOES IT PROFIT YOU? - 10/07/15 12:04 AM
We are able to do just about anything that comes to mind. Doesn't matter about the subject either. We have that capability and I prefer to call it more accurately a privilege. Consider this. To go or do most anything you can think of or stumble into and repeat it if to your liking. However, what is the gain for it?  What is it in aid of? What is in it for you?
The profit I am referring to in the title of the post doesn't mean return on investment even though it can go there but instead, how does it make for you a better … (13 comments)

gain: WHATS IN IT FOR YOU? - 09/25/15 08:53 AM
ME! I am in it for you. I am here for you to help you accomplish your goal, task, move, leap or progress. I stand ready, willing and able to follow your direction and help you accomplish your vision or complete a need. You see as a consumer, we are always looking for what is in it for me wherever me (you) goes.
Often, some products and services spend too much time boasting about themselves instead of the benefits they bring as it applies to the end user, consumer or product purchase. The person buying wants to know what they gain … (7 comments)

gain: CAN'T WE ALL WIN NOT LOSE OR AT LEAST DRAW? - 09/12/15 11:36 PM
Win lose & draw. The concept is sound, applicable to everything and very satisfying to be a part of for many reasons. You see many of our circumstances are not random but controlled and deliberate. How we play, interact and command them determines an outcome specific to what we want. Be advised, everyone wants to win. So whats the problem? No one wants to lose or break even thus careful and even suspect until trust is established or at the very least; verification. Why fight to win? Just play to win
There are people in the world today, in your little sphere of view … (2 comments)

gain: THE WORLD OF GIVE and TAKE - 04/21/15 11:59 PM
Until I discovered the value of the GIVE and TAKE system, I remained in a state of missing something which I couldn't quite put my finger on. You see we all have this built-in drive to go out there (?) and win, gather, claim, and get our wants and needs and not stop until we have them. Some don't stop at all
It even ups the excitement of the journey when you see others doing the same thing. You then up your game and they, seeing you do that, up there's, and we now have what they call the rat race. The … (8 comments)

gain: RUN NUMBERS OR PEOPLE? - 03/17/15 12:17 AM
In many businesses and services, it is either a numbers game or a service oriented one. Either we are in a production mode or a personal service one. There are places that can and will do both like Disneyland, Costco and other big mover and shakers. Its when you find an operation that just does numbers, it may be missing something
In the businesses that have discovered the power and longevity of running a customer service operation, the pay-offs can build a steady long-term business with predictable results. However, customer service is reliant on people treating people consistently and in a predictable rewarding way.

gain: THE ART OF THE RISK - 02/10/15 04:54 AM
First and foremost should be the WHY we risk. It's to gain! You cannot make a gain unless you take a risk! The return on the gain is controlled by the risk taker. Sometimes it is a material risk for a material gain and other times it can take the form of many other categories. Let's take a favorite one for instance: It is better to.....
We risk exposing ourselves to this type of pain with an upside well worth the on board price. Spending quality time, sharing intimate thoughts and feelings and passing them … (2 comments)

How did it all start? I was minding my business one day when I discovered ActiveRain and was intrigued. The fact that you could comment, post and blog seemed to me to be the way to go and something I should look into. This was the future and ActiveRain was a good platform to learn from. So I crawl into the site and live, learn, experiment and progress...AND THEN IT HAPPENED!
I saw them! I couldn't believe that you could have more than what I was already doing and liking. POINTS? I want them and at that time, they had a good system … (10 comments)

Well some people are going to have a tough time letting it all go when the time comes. In fact, that is a lot of weight to be carrying around especially when we are getting closer to the end then the beginning. THINK: A Caterpillar just rolls up into a sleeping bag (cocoon) because coming out the other end, it doesn't want anything to weigh it down. WHY?..It has to soar now...
Some people realize at some point that things are on loan. These people have a different mindset and attitude and have done some of the inner work required to journey … (0 comments)

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