god: THE FALSE PATH (life journey ponder) - 02/09/24 11:18 AM
All things are possible, available & doable within the norms of reality. Mankind can wake-up one day & pursue anything of interest & in most circumstances have it for the getting & wanting of it. Being an American ups this premise even more. Saying all that, what is & is not acceptable in the pursuit of wants & needs?
There is your will, the other guys will & if you believe, the will of God. For mankind, we want to have a reach that exceeds our grasp but at what cost? If we become too willful, might we be … (4 comments)

god: PERSONAL & LIFE LESSONS - 08/02/23 11:43 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to wake-up and discover that we were completely whole, without remorse or regret, our personal "knowing" banks running over with a clear and precise path put before us "illuminated" with no considerations for anything? But wait, we are not those/that person (s) but instead a people of want, need, correction, with instruction & guidance thrown in. 
We came & come first. However, we know not what we do. We suffer from a lack of our own identity, purpose & direction & if that is not enough, the person to the right, left, front & behind you … (21 comments)

god: THE MANY HATS OF LIFE (ponder life) - 01/18/23 11:21 AM
I remember the times gone by when presented and occasionally miscellaneous items come up for review. I reminisce, ponder or have a tear or two as they parade by. I am able to say at this time that the statement: brevity of life is no myth. It just flies by the by until I go bye & bye? 
I remember being a rape counselor for about two years in the city I was doing business in at the time. What made me gravitate toward this, who can say for sure. The ache, pain & learning curve from this … (7 comments)

god: WHAT DO YOU WANT? (spiritual mystery) - 11/22/21 06:06 AM
The mind is quick to answer the post title but we are not interested in compliance but instead fulfillment. We know to come and go, finish what we start and to nourish ourselves. The body, your thoughts and the necessaries make themselves known. What I am asking is: what do YOU want. That unique one of a kind you....
When one has their way, it is no different than another having their way when it comes to food, shelter, clothing & the common necessities or privileges available. If fact, we tend to repeat what we can have over & over … (2 comments)

god: IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN (spiritual ponder) - 07/07/21 06:14 AM
The title of this post is at work constantly without end and we are invited to join and participate in it and with it as it carries out its function. What is that you wonder? What does the title mean? That something is not yet known and is uncertain. However we know it is there but very little else. The depth of this subject has no bottom or starting point thus jumping in anywhere begins the answering for anyone who inquires
Here is a close cousin to the main subject that begins with mystery & wonder. We only know it … (3 comments)

Fascinating little holiday that visits with us every year setting up our hearts for the mother of all holidays Christmas. While the emphasis at thanksgiving is on food, let us not forget that more than food is to be shared and was shared in the original gathering that birthed it all. Tough times brought people together then and it should do it now for... misfortune is no respecter of persons
Take a moment to consider your present situation without adding or taking away from it. It is what it is but one thing we can all agree on is that there is … (17 comments)

god: WHAT TO GET GOD FOR CHRISTMAS (christian theme) - 12/22/19 10:36 AM
What do you give to someone who has everything you can imagine? Here on earth it is equally hard to gift people like that let alone GOD. But not to worry because the Son of GOD took care of the Gifting to the Father. He made himself an offering of obedience, loyalty, devotion, love everlasting and worship. The FATHER had this to say: This is my beloved SON in whom I am well-pleased
A hearty thank you to the Christ who pleased GOD & caused Him to utter more than once just how pleased he was is & will be. But … (11 comments)

god: GIVING UP? (food for the soul) - 12/26/18 07:50 AM
Giving up? What a defeatist word. You surrender? To what? Whom? Why? To reach the point in your life or in any moment where you let this into your psyche and then act on it by agreeing to it is about as close to a near death experience one can have while still alive and not be in a coma. Long before you surrender, the forces wanting you to were/are at work. But you see, I know why those forces exist
They are only there to provide a contrast. They also are put there to allow us to use them … (4 comments)

god: COME ALL YE FAITHFUL ( praise post) - 12/23/17 03:11 PM
You see there are life-forms, countless ones who we no nothing about as well as the known ones... like Angels, Cherubim, and Seraphim who celebrate the presence of Christ eternally without interruption. They are the blessed and HE is their reward. The joy is unspeakable and never ending from everlasting to everlasting without end.
The center must hold. If it does not, things collapse into themselves having no worth or value. Christ is the center of all and his center will never perish and his Kingdom is without end. Furthermore, it pleases the father to bestow on His son...all power … (7 comments)

god: GOD CANNOT DO THIS YOU MUST (bible lesson) - 05/25/17 02:08 PM
When I was first introduced to the concept or idea of GOD, I instantly accepted that there wasn't anything GOD couldn't do. I would dream something up and successfully conclude that HE could do that and more. This went on nearly all my life until one day, I discovered something the ALMIGHTY revealed
You have to choose GOD. HE cannot make you love HIM. Relax here and explore this for a moment. With GOD all things are possible this we know. However, when it comes to HIM trying to make you love HIM, that is where HIS power comes under … (0 comments)

god: ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE (spiritual theme) - 11/15/16 10:40 PM
While cliche in its presentation, attitude of gratitude is most accurate for stating the obvious i.e. who isn't glad to be here; here being alive & being able to participate in life's many non-stop come what may? If you stop to think about it or if you just pause or even lend a ponder, the human default by nature is one of non-stop receiving from a never-ending sending SOURCE. Both the SENDER & the receiver are able to enjoy this exchange
What is our purpose i.e. mankind collectively speaking? We read we were made by HIM, for HIM and for HIS pleasure and purposes equipped and able … (6 comments)

god: THE INNER PAY-OFF (spiritual theme) - 10/29/16 12:40 AM
Everything runs in cycles or seasons if you will. There is a time for everything and that includes the very moment you are in as well. We commonly refer to it as a beginning and ending or a start and finish. These efforts are most rewarding when they go or run full cycle. Where it all breaks down is when it doesn't complete and the miscellaneous cycles remain unfulfilled and become weights of a sort
That inner drive that leads to purpose from completing a task is what humans find so satisfying. Our efforts, fueled by our beliefs, deliver the intended result and as a … (2 comments)

god: LIES PAY OFF UNTIL THEY DONT (spiritual theme) - 10/24/16 09:09 AM
So does stealing, cheating, and fraud plus more pay-off each and every time. It's only when you get caught that it doesn't work. Not getting caught is the challenge but here is the thing. We were never created to do such things and because of that, it takes much effort not only to do these things but also to do them well. What is standing in your way is yourself
Built inside, without request, is something that tells and prompts you every time to not venture into these realms. It came with you when you were born into this world and it is standard … (12 comments)

god: LYING (spiritual themes) - 02/06/16 11:48 PM
The subject of lying or LIES is interesting unto its self. We were never meant to be able to lie nor was a space or dynamic created in us to receive, handle or give rest to LIES within ourselves in any way. It is an intruder dynamic that continually strives to make a home in mankind and has an agenda that mirrors the host but follows the lie-maker, or the prince of this world
In the realm of lying; cheating, stealing, and other questionable and unwelcome related intrusions are dark, uninvited forces all working together to form a strong & united front supporting … (12 comments)

god: SO YOU WON THE POWERBALL (spiritual theme) - 01/13/16 11:35 PM
You will go through a fantasy ride in your mind you never thought possible or imaginable. There will be a rush of thoughts, all undisciplined, striving for your attention and wanting you to try them all first. Hundreds of them pulling & pushing to have their way. The price for this? Your inner parts have shut down completely. You cannot serve two masters is the rule
You will want the obvious so lets list them. Remember, we are all the same so the list will not be unique. Be especially aware of yourself saying "I wouldn't do this or that, not me. I … (8 comments)

I watched this movie called The Greatest Story Ever Told yesterday. It is the story of the Christ. If you stop to just consider the title, and all it has to live up to, it is the most daring statement to make if there is a minutiae of doubt in its claim. After all, to state that this story is the greatest of all stories can remain subjective. Yet, it is not, for it can not be out told as stories go
Leaving the religious part out of it and just listening to it as a story makes one have to give it … (15 comments)

god: WHY ALL THINGS MATTER (spiritual theme) - 12/18/15 11:32 PM
Everyone, everything, everywhere matters. Cause and effect is at work. Many things occupy the very area of space that you can see as well as what you cannot see. There is so much detail going on that it cannot be tracked, listed, identified or even discussed. It is in the realm of being countless, without end, and cannot be fathomed yet it can be acknowledged
Whether you know the answer as to why something is at work, what it does and how, while being very interesting and mysterious, the real question that should get your attention is a little closer to … (10 comments)

god: WHEN YOU DO IT TO THEM (spiritual theme) - 12/12/15 11:04 PM
I am reminded of the highest standard one can attain which is to treat others as they would want to be treated. No need to try to figure out how to do it and waste precious time or trigger tangents NO. We are all alike and knowing that, you can instantly take part in anything and with anyone and do the right thing as revealed in the moment from your own heart
We know what to do. It is the not doing of it that bothers us all and triggers the conscience to have to remind us to do so. Conscience or "with … (4 comments)

god: IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE IF YOU LET IT - 10/21/15 12:18 AM
We all have this SENSE, a type of inner mechanism that if listened to and obeyed, does what it is supposed to do and it does it quite well. It relieves us from analysis paralysis which is excessive thinking and in a fraction of time, reveals to us what we need to know or do. We often refer to it as a gut prompt or feeling
When the "flash" or light-bulb is introduced to you in any given moment or situation, it is by that light that we should proceed. Failing or doubting that creates another path while travel-able was not the one picked out for you. You may … (5 comments)

god: DEFEAT NEVER! (contains spiritual principals) - 08/22/15 08:51 AM
Giving up? What a defeatist word. You surrender? To what? Whom? Why? To reach the point in your life or in any moment where you let this into your psyche and then act on it by agreeing to it is about as close to a near death experience one can have while still alive and not be in a coma. Long before you surrender, the forces wanting you to were/are at work. But you see, I know why those forces exist
They are only there to provide a contrast. They also are put there to allow us to use them … (10 comments)

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