honesty: APOLOGY (spiritual theme) - 01/19/20 06:55 AM
Have you ever wondered why apologizing is so hard and painful to the one doing it? I am speaking of the real deal where YOU know what you did, why you did it and how it was not appropriate and some ancient and powerful dynamic driven by your conscience or (?) at work compels you to approach this subject with humility and give it the respect it deserves? If genuine it will sting but for a good cause
Right & wrong remain subjective terms is where we will start. My right or wrong belongs to me & my beliefs as does … (12 comments)

honesty: SO LONG 2019 AND THANKS A LOT TOO - 12/29/19 03:50 PM
Well another year had us over and now it is time to leave & say farewell. Whatever did or did not happen we were here throughout the year doing what we Americans do best which is enjoying our freedoms, opportunities and travels. How good of 2019 to have had us and allow us to explore it in its fullness and to participate as we saw fit
HELLO 2020
I love the sound of the New Year's name-tag i.e. 2020. Get used to hearing it for a full year. Wow! The beginning of the age of the twenties. All our dreams are lined up, our … (15 comments)

honesty: TRUE REAL ESTATE TALES (ouch) - 12/28/19 08:35 AM
I have met people of all kinds, ethics, beliefs in my Real Estate travels and never fail to be amazed after a while at what goes on and what takes place in this arena. The obvious is rewarding. However it is the shenanigans and dark deeds that this post is about. Perhaps people who like NOT using an agent will take note...
This is how you really learn as you read the following TALES & as I did discover for myself what worked, what didn't and how much I didn't know and needed to know. I paid for my lessons in time … (9 comments)

honesty: KEEP YOUR PROMISE (integrity power) - 12/18/19 07:10 AM
In every facet of life and function one thing stands out which is the core principal or the engine that drives it all and i.e. the integrity behind it or motive if you will. Take a moment to consider that when it comes to products and services plus interactive-relationships personal or professional promises are implied, expressed or succinctly made. It is similar to the flower and the bee dynamics
The flower puts out a distinct message directly aimed at the bee in the form of a promise. Visit with me and you get pollen, rest and nourishment. The bee in return says I … (7 comments)

honesty: DAY of RECKONING (life score) - 09/03/19 05:49 AM
Many put off this time of reckoning for all the different personal reasons but for only so long as it has an agenda of its own and makes itself known eventually. We may have caused it, have it coming as in comeuppance or it can be an answer to prayer one we were not expecting but may be the necessary answer. 
We all get them & have them. There is no escape. Just what is it? Simply put: Something (s) is/are catching up with you.  It is a day or moment that we put off because it is or appears … (6 comments)

honesty: HOW DID YOU COME TO HAVE THIS? - 05/19/19 06:57 AM
We don't dwell on the title of the post but it sure makes itself known at the right time i.e. the time of announcement or discovery. Usually this statement is made when someone is surprised of your gain, holding or accomplishment making them ponder and state what their reaction is. If we have received ill-gotten gains or questionable ones our conscience speaks up long before anyone else does
How you have come to have something is paramount to having whatever it is. To be blunt and on point: To lie, cheat, manipulate, underhand or steal to gain is not allowed but … (8 comments)

honesty: LYING CHEATING and STEALING WORKS but for whom? - 02/21/19 07:32 AM
 All of us come into the world unspoiled, innocent and full of wonder and awe.....then along the way, something happens. We start to learn that there are other many ways to choose to live in this world and we develop a system or a series of personal beliefs to live by. Some of us stray to the left or right and don't come back thus becoming casualties of temptations....
Lying, cheating and stealing works.....Think about this. It works because people wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't. But what you don't find out until after you use these … (8 comments)

honesty: I TRUST YOU UNTIL ... - 01/06/19 07:28 AM
I have experimented with this subject over the decades and I have found what works consistently over time and in every-ones favor too. It is simply this. I TRUST YOU whoever you are and BELIEVE YOU whatever the circumstance is until I have a reason not to. You see, YOU control these dynamics. I only observe you when you do. I don't doubt what I see or hear either. That's why it works!
Being able to enter a situation, event, relationship or scenario without bias or prejudice and relying on the experience in the moment is one of the purest ways to experience life as intended. It allows one to … (6 comments)

honesty: HONESTY PERSONAL and BUSINESS - 12/28/18 07:36 AM
People buy from people first is a marketing rule that makes it rounds and holds. We do look and listen to the face, voice and demeanor of those that are pitching product. We do research to compare and look for articles, blogs, comments and posts so that we get insights to the persons thinking. In Real Estate, all parties get one big fat chance to do it right...Picking your agent/client and making it work is the right first step of many steps for us all
We don't know everything. No one knows everything. Some people know more than others … (0 comments)

honesty: LIES and LOVE of LIFE (list of gives and takes) - 12/26/18 11:09 AM
As we travel through life from one situation to the next, we are reminded of the familiar as well as the unknown which permeate the planet. We seek what we are comfortable with and pursue what is pleasurable avoiding that which takes away or may cause us harm. However, the human being is made up of many categories that need nourishment and that take it too
Food and water while necessary just won't do to solely satisfy permanently & to keep us still & full. We require stimulus in other areas such as mental, emotional, psychological, physical & most important of all spiritual and from … (4 comments)

honesty: ADVISE and ADVICE TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS - 01/27/18 02:47 PM
The learning curves that come with life. Of them there are no end and this is how it should be. Life is not a still but an action to be grabbed and held onto and then to run with it in every direction. The speed and the topics of what to pursue are subjective so seek your own but learn from everyone so you can mitigate error, wrong directions, pits and losses while you carpe diem!
First, the above paragraph includes everyone & all subjects. As to advise it is just my suggestion because each one must make their own footprints to first … (14 comments)

honesty: DO DOGS STILL EAT HOMEWORK? (excuse lesson) - 01/23/18 09:03 AM
If a child lets say between the ages of 2-5 bends the rules or attempts to hide because of something that they did, their conduct gives them away first with words (if any) to follow. It is so innocent that it produces a grin or smile in every adult & it is excused away or gently explained. Damage assessment? Zero & Nada. Why? It's okay. There is a purity that prevails and sustains the child
The innocence gets less & the tolerance and allowances reduce making those that play or alter reality begin to become accountable. Lectures, punishments & corrective … (17 comments)

honesty: CUSTOMER SERVICE (the dynamics) - 08/29/17 08:54 AM
One of my favorite subjects and who hasn't been on one side or the other of this subject? For that matter, try to define it as in explaining it to someone who has not heard of it before. You see it has a purpose for both parties and if engaged correctly promotes well-being, repeat business and satisfaction to the parties. If not engaged, it cries out and can come with consequences for all involved as well
Take for instance please & thank you. It is not necessary to say these words but look how they help when used or hurt when … (2 comments)

honesty: LIES and LOVES of LIFE - 06/25/17 05:23 PM
As we travel through life from one situation to the next, we are reminded of the familiar as well as the unknown which permeate the planet. We seek what we are comfortable with and pursue what is pleasurable avoiding that which takes away or may cause us harm. However, the human being is made up of many categories that need nourishment and that take it too
Food and water while necessary just won't do to solely satisfy permanently & to keep us still & full. We require stimulus in other areas such as mental, emotional, psychological, physical & most important of all spiritual and from … (54 comments)

honesty: I KNOW YOU and YOU KNOW ME - 05/25/17 02:35 PM
In the everyday parlance, to know me and I know you in the private sense is called intimacy. Do not confuse this with knowing about something or someone but instead knowing in and of them personally. There is no substitute for this connection but many try to bridge the gap in vain. You see intimacy requires something to make the connection
You have to reveal who you are and what you believe in and overcome what may be come of it. The risk to do so comes with one of the most powerful dynamics on the planet. Before I reveal that, let me … (6 comments)

honesty: LOST TEN SECRETS OF REAL ESTATE - 04/09/17 06:53 AM
There is no end to all the Real Estate courses, hype and allures that are being offered that one can take that promise wealth, happiness, listings, fast track success, edge over others, new territories, credentials, tools, new applications and my personal favorite and yours....
The secrets of success, wealth, Real Estate, investing, and all the rest of it. Of course once you buy the secret, realize that thousands of others did too. So the secret is really been diluted tens of thousands of times maybe millions until it is pure 100% fantasy now. The real secret is getting … (14 comments)

In every profession, there are people who stand out and they are called professionals. Professional defined: one who has special education, who possesses distinctive qualities with confidence, one who practices their highest being. All these convey an extraordinary person in their field. A person who becomes a professional has developed themselves into a proftible marketable value
PRO...for short A professional or a real pro as we call them earned the meaning of the above words. They live them. When you see a anyone practicing traits as described, you are moved to recognize a professional at work whatever field of endeavor they are in.
PROS EXPRESS … (97 comments)

honesty: IS IT REAL OR A ROBOT? (life theme) - 09/06/16 04:10 AM
Let's get this thought out of the way first. If you want to jump into something with little or no prep, hit the ground running, activate the income flows and get the experience banks flowing then scripting, coaching, seminars, role-playing and all the rest is for you. Do what it takes. I get it
If you choose to get into something for the rate of return, the quick and plentiful buck, to move fast, like lean and mean, they have crash courses for just about anything also called fast track training too. I have met many who are purely … (4 comments)

honesty: WHAT DOES THIS PARAGRAPH MEAN? - 08/21/16 11:20 PM
It is going to happen, has happened and continue to do so. In Real Estate, it is not uncommon to see multi-page documents, several of them that require initialing and signatures and that is just when we get started. After that comes several more, one after another until we reach the land of no more signatures called close of escrow
Within all these documents are boiler plate or standard language as well as specifics that have to be there because someone somewhere a long time ago challenged this subject paragraph and the courts ruled the current paragraph wording necessary. But then, what does … (5 comments)

honesty: ALL I NEED IS A LICENSE? - 08/18/16 10:16 AM
If there ever was an industry where you can walk right into it Real Estate just may qualify. But then, what do you really know? The person who thinks that they can do this while they do other things or just try their luck may or may not succeed. Consider however what about the client or principal that has or will literally bet the farm as in "all in" and either wants to buy or sell and they choose or end up with the newbie
Well your Broker will be happy and of course you will too. But I can't … (8 comments)

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