intimacy: THE FALSE PATH (life journey ponder) - 02/09/24 11:18 AM
All things are possible, available & doable within the norms of reality. Mankind can wake-up one day & pursue anything of interest & in most circumstances have it for the getting & wanting of it. Being an American ups this premise even more. Saying all that, what is & is not acceptable in the pursuit of wants & needs?
There is your will, the other guys will & if you believe, the will of God. For mankind, we want to have a reach that exceeds our grasp but at what cost? If we become too willful, might we be … (4 comments)

intimacy: ACT of KINDNESS (true coin of realm) - 12/29/23 09:43 AM

This subject (kindness) was made known to me decades ago and I have treasured it since then. It is not only a form of loving your neighbor, of treating others as you would be treated, but also a type of tithing or giving back. It can remain personal or public, but one thing is for sure. When "kindness" is unleashed, it goes to work!
Kindness for the some, lucky few is a permanent gift given by the power that be. It is given, like all other giftings, to be given back, and in the doing of this, many good things come … (13 comments)

intimacy: HISTORY of YOU with CAVEAT - 08/22/23 08:03 AM

It all takes place here.
Let's get the "caveat" in the title out of the way. Humans have a tendency to sink in their think resulting in a fantasy world made up of lies. Why lies? Because none of those thoughts are true based on results. They take the familiar form of I could, would or should have but the facts of the matter say differently.
THE PAST? r.i.p.
Let it rest in peace. Be done with it as it is done with you! Can we reflect? Perhaps spend a ponder? How about a reminisce? Sure. However, if you stray or stay too long … (5 comments)

intimacy: PERSONAL & LIFE LESSONS - 08/02/23 11:43 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to wake-up and discover that we were completely whole, without remorse or regret, our personal "knowing" banks running over with a clear and precise path put before us "illuminated" with no considerations for anything? But wait, we are not those/that person (s) but instead a people of want, need, correction, with instruction & guidance thrown in. 
We came & come first. However, we know not what we do. We suffer from a lack of our own identity, purpose & direction & if that is not enough, the person to the right, left, front & behind you … (21 comments)

intimacy: THE MANY HATS OF LIFE (ponder life) - 01/18/23 11:21 AM
I remember the times gone by when presented and occasionally miscellaneous items come up for review. I reminisce, ponder or have a tear or two as they parade by. I am able to say at this time that the statement: brevity of life is no myth. It just flies by the by until I go bye & bye? 
I remember being a rape counselor for about two years in the city I was doing business in at the time. What made me gravitate toward this, who can say for sure. The ache, pain & learning curve from this … (7 comments)

Haven't you had times where you closed yourself off from something? It could be a person (s), a place, unpleasant memory or even conversation. We control the open and close doorway allowing things in or out to our standards and satisfaction. If one becomes a good listener, they will always be open while a thinker operates in a closed loop i.e. thoughts emotions and replaying of events past, present or future.
SUBJECTS U LIKE (or don't)
With something you find interesting, notice how your learning systems flow and the gates to receive open wide. By contrast, encounter something not to your liking & … (3 comments)

intimacy: TALKING "at" or "with"? - 09/12/21 05:47 AM
We take for granted when we speak that we are communicating but is it effective? Be mindful of speaking in rote which is mechanical or habitual repeating of something learned. Rote does not give a high rate of return in the intimacy realms. Another watch word? Script! Speaking in a canned response (predictable) which people tend to drown out
Still another type of speak, rhetorical talk is one talking to themselves and for themselves essentially not including the other person but taking up their time. This triggers a signal to the listener's attention span to activate. Deer in headlights appears or eyes … (6 comments)

intimacy: COMMUNICATION RESULTS (cause for pause) - 08/18/19 09:47 AM
We can only process so much data whether it is deliberate (seeking) or submitted (awareness) at one time keeping in mind how much can be retained? What is necessary? Do we allow ourselves to drift or be distracted or do we maintain a reachable and inviting alertness until an interest or prompting appears? Too little or not enough can be controlled subject to two things..
The desire to do anything is not talked about enough. Desire is necessary if one is to truly rise to an occasion under attainable & willing circumstances. You can force yourself or others … (21 comments)

intimacy: YOUR SKILLS BANK WHAT IS IT? - 06/18/19 06:42 AM
We all have a bank of skills that come with us into this world without the asking. While we can all claim in common quite a few of these skills no two are the same when employed because of this simple fact: The people involved are unique and one of a kind making their use of the gift set exclusive in use. These talents within the person need to be identified, explored, practiced with and refined and then finally put to use
People who have not discovered their identity or purpose suffer within in the form of a conflict and … (18 comments)

intimacy: READ MY POSTS TO KNOW ME contest challenge - 10/02/18 09:04 AM
We have been invited to enter into in a particularly interesting contest challenge of a sort to share some of ourselves and then stand and participate further when the question and answers phase of the contest is introduced. The projected outcome hoped for is that intimacy, transparency and a type of sharing will come about for a reason...
At the core of mankind's existence there lies a treasure within everyone. Placed there deliberately are unique gifts, talents and abilities each one to his own, we are walking treasure troves of experiences, adventures, mysteries & riddles some solved & some still being worked on … (20 comments)

intimacy: MEASURE OF A PERSON - 09/23/18 06:30 AM
I speak to you both personally and professionally (fully) and invite you to assess and examine yourself. Pause is required and of course a desire to want to know to enter into this subject matter. Its a treasure hunt only this is about the inner values that we know as satisfactions, contentedness and fulfillment's. If you journey this way, here you will find who you really are and not pretending, imitating, substituting or denying to be. This discovery also brings a bonus to it...
When the transition took place (long ago)of going from hunter-gatherers to farming, trading & domesticating a different-type mold of … (4 comments)

intimacy: WHAT MAKES SENSE - 09/09/18 06:05 AM
This is where all of us humans must go and willingly too or we will not have the  "deep" satisfaction of connecting with whatever we are doing or wanting to accomplish. The first stop (or start) for the person's sense is with themselves and from there, we seek to reason with all others with one specific easy to do task i.e. to meet with their sense in common. If successful, this is called or referred to as...
Take a moment here. A very common mistake made is to seek out ones thinking or thoughts and then proceed as directed but why add an … (2 comments)

intimacy: MANKIND IS OUR BUSINESS - 07/15/18 05:52 AM
Over the years that I have been posting, blogging and commenting I have maintained an awareness to be careful and mindful to write in broad general terms using best concepts and examples to make my point for the subject matters. I always knew people would see themselves and recognize their situation in my postings when and if they chose or even if they didn't too
Out of the thousands of posts I have written it was always my intention to share & care and to promote the common good. When pointing out life issues and making comments in regards to behaviors … (18 comments)

intimacy: PROOF THAT YOU KNOW BETTER (spiritual theme) - 09/24/17 06:15 AM
Hesitation and doubt plague mankind non-stop causing many to go without while knowing that they have leakage of life i.e. they are being momentarily robbed and at the minimum suffer random losses. Think: a hole in your pocket where your valuables slip through. Discovered after the fact is a wake-up call to correct. Failing that, our problems compound and continue
This is the proof I mention in the title of the post. Who hasn't reflected and pondered about a past event and saw clearly what should have been done or wasn't done? The fact is that we all have this reflective capability. The … (12 comments)

intimacy: BIRDS and BEES DO THIS (life ponder) - 06/05/17 06:22 AM
No, not that! I am speaking of how easy it is to go about your chosen profession, minding your business and making it work without effort. Its when we add or subtract from the effortless systems that we have unintended consequences and of course the lack of results. Unless we course correct, the hole we find ourselves in gets a little deeper as we desperately try to keep digging our way out without change
Can you imagine a bird, bee or (?)  refusing to participate in its daily given activity, or wasting their time away or operating outside of its purpose? How is … (8 comments)

intimacy: I KNOW YOU and YOU KNOW ME - 05/25/17 02:35 PM
In the everyday parlance, to know me and I know you in the private sense is called intimacy. Do not confuse this with knowing about something or someone but instead knowing in and of them personally. There is no substitute for this connection but many try to bridge the gap in vain. You see intimacy requires something to make the connection
You have to reveal who you are and what you believe in and overcome what may be come of it. The risk to do so comes with one of the most powerful dynamics on the planet. Before I reveal that, let me … (6 comments)

intimacy: CONTENTMENT & SATISFACTION (life pondering) - 04/17/17 06:52 AM
Have you not heard it said that there are so many things money cannot buy. The title of this post offers two of them. At first glance, it appears that money can buy some satisfaction and contentment. However, I am speaking of having these two dynamics within the heart, where it will not decay, be stolen or lost. If not in your inner treasure chest, then you have constant want which requires personal, continuing maintenance and application. Think: hunger & thirst that cannot be quenched
Perspective is another treasure. Lets apply it here. All is food for the worms in the … (6 comments)

intimacy: REALITY IS FREE REFUSING IS COSTLY - 04/13/17 07:18 AM
If everyone dealt correctly with their own reality, there would not be any denial or avoidance issues. Instead, there would be a steady evolving and improving over your own personal stock as a human being. We the person (s) control our own growth or lack of it. Imagine a world where truth is on point? None of us would be the same but instead much better for it. 
You have to want this for it to go to work. A simple yes choice triggers it and the awareness goes to work right away. No muss or fuss but there is this one thing. You have to go to work on … (8 comments)

intimacy: THE COMPLICATED - 01/27/17 07:42 AM
They are out there. People who complicate and why they do is worthy of a study. It is wise to approach this subject when you don't have to however, it also teaches well when it is layed on a person and they have rise to it or be run over by it. The keep it simple people wonder about these lost in their mind folk
For someone who does not know what they are talking about, complicating it is convenient and the standard when it comes to sharing with others. If someone doesn't "get" what you are saying or doing, it is not their processing … (7 comments)

A day is an interesting point of reference in time. I prefer to look at it as an invitation to join something great and act accordingly. Let me back-up a little bit. My awareness of the day to be is set-up gently and with all respect by asking if I may have another the night before making sure I was thankful for the one that was given. Then, sleep with no expectations resting on a pillow of HOPE
I awaken the next morning & immediately become grateful & appreciative to be here once again. I get up with that driving me to do so & … (8 comments)

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