invitation: MOTIVATION (spiritual mystery ) - 09/19/21 05:55 AM
What drives you? You may answer: in regards to what? This allows me to post that the word and subject applies to everything of and in life in this period of time. The human part? We are motion machines designed to participate in the grandeur of life-living. The motivation? Deep and rewarding satisfaction from the doing of it
All of us come into the world part sponge, innocent, without experience, capable of nearly everything and anything (in time) in the form of an unfinished type of product. THINK: Swiss Army Knife where you have 10-50 tools/attachments all serving multiple purposes. … (10 comments)

invitation: SIGHT DYNAMICS (spiritual look-see) - 09/11/21 05:22 AM
You know of these principals but by their full names they are known as hindsight, foresight and insight and they are wanting to be welcomed each one as they visit with you. Why? They bring with them valuable gifts and lessons all for the good. Who sent them? Where did they come from? What is our part when they visit? Without them, we stagnate. With them, we grow
Humans remain amazing even in their obvious lack & dysfunction generally speaking let alone for the custom uniqueness of all individuals past, present and future. Our lack of being whole produced and … (4 comments)

invitation: THE WIDE ROAD vs PRIVATE PATH ( life ) - 07/22/21 06:40 AM
In the realm of the title of the posting, we all end up traveling this way i.e. to what we call cross-roads that require a choice from us. The question always is this: what do we get in return? Do we know what lies ahead? Are we just curious or perhaps just wandering without purpose? If on a mission then we proceed with focus. If exploring, wonder and adventure drives us. The price is always time that is invested. Should we follow in the footsteps of others or carve-out our mystery?
In personal & professional categories of every kind, chances are … (3 comments)

invitation: MIXED MESSAGE MARKETING - 09/13/16 12:31 AM
Its for sale but it is not for sale. Yes, it says "for sale" however, it doesn't look appealing, it isn't priced to sell, is not fully exposed or introduced and the mother of all insults to this injury just getting started is that the person who is in charge, who is the point of contact is not available. I am speaking of what type of  messaging is behind this representation of whatever is for sale
Amazing to see a home, in poor or questionable first impression status touting its "for sale" when it looks like its a problem going in. The steal/deal … (10 comments)

invitation: JUST SHOW UP (life pause & ponder) - 08/24/16 12:17 AM
All we have to do is get out of bed and somehow, an entire day is presented for us to do with as we please. Let this sink in. We go to beddy bye leaving one of the greatest mysteries and when we awake, like a loyal dog or friend, there is the dawn of the day once more beckoning a sweet invitation to come hither. Answer this call and let the adventure unfold
I wonder what the caterpillar thinks when they finally call it a day, a good life and put up their portable tent (cocoon) and retire … (7 comments)

invitation: WE LIVED IT! - 12/31/15 01:08 AM
To reflect on a years end, the years worth of tilling life and reaping its rewards has an additional bonus to it. We lived it and in the living of it, it is now part of who we are and what we think and what will become from it. This is the way of life which is to live it while it unravels right before us from the insignificant to the monumental. It calls out to come when ready...
Have you considered that it is impossible to recount everything that took place in the last week let alone the last entire year? Life is … (6 comments)

invitation: YOUR LIFE IS AN INTERVIEW FOR ETERNITY select reading - 10/14/14 09:07 AM
The belief in the beyond is a most fascinating subject and I believe the most noble can activate and then explore. To know who you are and the part you play while visiting here in this brief time makes sense to some and to others of no consequence. Your personal appearance is not only preferred but required if one is to unravel their true purpose and identity
If you believe in God and the hereafter, I would not outsource this subject to a religion or third party for it is too important to not handle personally. Besides, God made it very personal when his … (4 comments)

invitation: HERE IS A DAY SPEND IT WISELY - 04/25/13 11:51 PM
Everyday is a good day. Who is telling you otherwise..? What makes you think that there is more to the day that the day itself..? Look how it starts for most of us. You wake up in the morning and THE DAY is already waiting you. What a fantastic premise or gift to give someone. A DAY! Here's a day for you to spend any way you want. A whole day...
I suspect that the meaning of receiving the day has been lost. Perhaps we skip the appreciation part. The part … (8 comments)

invitation: THE PEARL OF PEARLS GOD I AM...DO YOU KNOW HIM book - 11/21/12 08:16 AM
THE PEARL OF PEARLS GOD I AM...DO YOU KNOW HIM will be available for purchase December 1st 2012. Here we are literally invited to join our creator host... the LORD OF HOSTS and see for ourselves if there is or is not something greater at work not only around us but in us too. For those that believe welcome. For those that need help with their unbelief, welcome to you too and for those that just don't know...Let's explore together.
This is not a religious book. NO. We have enough rules, … (2 comments)

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