learn as you go: HISTORY of YOU with CAVEAT - 08/22/23 08:03 AM

It all takes place here.
Let's get the "caveat" in the title out of the way. Humans have a tendency to sink in their think resulting in a fantasy world made up of lies. Why lies? Because none of those thoughts are true based on results. They take the familiar form of I could, would or should have but the facts of the matter say differently.
THE PAST? r.i.p.
Let it rest in peace. Be done with it as it is done with you! Can we reflect? Perhaps spend a ponder? How about a reminisce? Sure. However, if you stray or stay too long … (5 comments)

learn as you go: PERSONAL & LIFE LESSONS - 08/02/23 11:43 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to wake-up and discover that we were completely whole, without remorse or regret, our personal "knowing" banks running over with a clear and precise path put before us "illuminated" with no considerations for anything? But wait, we are not those/that person (s) but instead a people of want, need, correction, with instruction & guidance thrown in. 
We came & come first. However, we know not what we do. We suffer from a lack of our own identity, purpose & direction & if that is not enough, the person to the right, left, front & behind you … (21 comments)

learn as you go: THE LEARNING CURVE (life ponder) - 05/01/17 06:27 AM
This is out there everywhere sparing no one from it and demanding from everyone that it be honored, traveled and improved upon for that is the core of its very nature. Amazing too how all humans are set-up, equipped and quite able to take on whatever presents itself. Of course this is where you find out something very revealing and of great importance
The ability "call" has gone out. A need has summoned or beckoned and many answer the call. However, some people will excel in certain tasks over others while all qualify at some point. Who would you want if you had an … (5 comments)

learn as you go: LEARNING TO LIVE REQUIRES NO PRACTICE - 11/17/14 11:22 PM
The power of the now is that it is untainted, fresh, new and never before seen or experienced bringing with it an adventure loaded with mystery and each precious moment is given out freely no two alike to billions of people all over the world in different situations and scenarios. The invitation? You woke up!
Now, what to do. I am not speaking about business or social engagements or events that fill the day with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. NO. You will always have that. What I am referring to is the ability to awaken and let the day unfold for and … (4 comments)

learn as you go: PILOT ERROR - 10/18/14 04:09 AM
You can learn to fly an airplane, drive a car, work a machine, use a computer, cell phone, and other items and products that require some learning and instruction but at some point, after you are off and running with it, whatever it is...you now have the responsibility. You must pilot the situation, item or outcome
Training and instruction for anything exists and is a good starting point to plant ones feet from. Then, the learning curve where YOU meet up with the OTHER and then you learn the ease of use by trial and error. Then, on to … (6 comments)

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