learning curves: WHAT IS SCARIER THAN THE VIRUS? - 05/27/20 10:17 AM
A fear-driven life which is no life at all. Fear as a motivator has advantages while it visits here on earth with mankind but know it was never meant to be. Using fear however can profit you if you use it to find "good", liberty, freedom, TRUTH, error, and FAITH. It wants to exist for its own purposes. Do not honor that but deny it instead and live for your own purposes
SHOCK (something new)
Shock is a mysterious dynamic too. It can cure you and help you come to your senses, center and focus or cripple you into limbo, complacency and despair. … (10 comments)

learning curves: THE MIND OF THE CLIENT - 05/05/20 09:57 AM
Whatever your profession is and services offered either as an agent or layman the client is thinking, wanting and expecting and customer service demands we get to the heart of the matter timely as well as do a good job providing we get the job to do. In Real Estate often clients do not know what to do or whom to choose except that they want an agent in the majority of situations. 
The mindset of a client to look for an agent to protect their position is a wise/safe move considering the risk & amount of money at work … (8 comments)

learning curves: COME TO YOUR SENSES (call to life) - 03/12/20 08:06 AM
This is a reminder to get hold of your self and keep it even in the midst of testing and refinement as it applies to all endeavors, efforts, planning and progress. Everything has a beginning and it is wise to seek out that source as it will provide direction as to what is to come and what to do about it. Insight via your sense is no myth but instead the solution to everything. Without "insight" we will be subject to random forces and eventually failure!
In any catastrophe, shock, upheaval or surprise that visits with us individually or as a … (19 comments)

learning curves: HAVING YOUR POST and EATING IT TOO - 02/25/20 06:39 AM
A good posting. Just what is it? Not all that is said, written or shared is worthy of a read or a response. If we break it down to subject matter, it becomes a little clearer especially to the one seeking and searching for that information. The exception is if it is interesting in general and captures a random reader. What is relevant? Why does someone share their subject and why would anyone read it?
In the realm of human nature and what we all strive and live for, certain subjects just keep coming up. Let's list them for reference and … (5 comments)

learning curves: APOLOGY (spiritual theme) - 01/19/20 06:55 AM
Have you ever wondered why apologizing is so hard and painful to the one doing it? I am speaking of the real deal where YOU know what you did, why you did it and how it was not appropriate and some ancient and powerful dynamic driven by your conscience or (?) at work compels you to approach this subject with humility and give it the respect it deserves? If genuine it will sting but for a good cause
Right & wrong remain subjective terms is where we will start. My right or wrong belongs to me & my beliefs as does … (12 comments)

learning curves: THE ANSWER IS NO (an un-asked question) - 01/16/20 04:29 PM
If you do not ask that is what the answer will always be i.e. NO! What we should never do but find ourselves doing more often than not is asking the question mentally within our own minds and then answering it there too making it never really come out to play and stay. I ask you: Why then are you here? Thinking in and of itself only goes so far and too much of it causes one to sink in it (sinking in thinking) is no myth
It is no accident that mankind is created in ways that are obvious in the … (11 comments)

learning curves: TRUE REAL ESTATE TALES (ouch) - 12/28/19 08:35 AM
I have met people of all kinds, ethics, beliefs in my Real Estate travels and never fail to be amazed after a while at what goes on and what takes place in this arena. The obvious is rewarding. However it is the shenanigans and dark deeds that this post is about. Perhaps people who like NOT using an agent will take note...
This is how you really learn as you read the following TALES & as I did discover for myself what worked, what didn't and how much I didn't know and needed to know. I paid for my lessons in time … (9 comments)

learning curves: LICENSING IS JUST THE BEGINNING - 04/25/19 08:38 AM
I am reminded when I went to find out for myself what college was all about and inquired in my fifties. I found it interesting and also contrary to common sense and everyday practices in regards to living and making a living. In all fairness, it did shed formal light on subjects but only in a fleeting way. The real lessons are to come and I noticed there is not enough emphasis on that
This is where life starts. We call it the "learning curve" & it covers everything from birth onwards. The basis is no one has ever been here before … (28 comments)

learning curves: IT'S NOT THE PROBLEMS BUT THE PEOPLE - 11/14/18 08:33 AM
Everyone should be able to relate with the title of this posting if you have lived for any length of time in a maturity stage. Where does it say or is represented to anyone on this earth that they will live a problem-free life and remain in an idyllic stage? Even trying to do this leads to other problems. Even if there is a silver spoon found in ones mouth it still will produce some strange results as the rich, famous & powerful will attest
How does one exercise their God-given abilities, talents, skills and gifts without trial & error? Often we succeed because we … (43 comments)

learning curves: DO-ABLE or ABLE TO BE DONE? - 05/20/18 07:05 AM
Today we have advantages that just a couple of decades ago did not exist. I am not referring to technology as much as convenience. For instance I remember having to go to the library and either spend lots of time doing essay information, researching projects or looking for interesting subjects to read. There were people there who would help you find your way and they had an index system that was slow, inefficient but workable at the time
Today Dr. Google has the privilege of guiding us into every known subject one can imagine instantly. It almost boggles the mind. You can in … (9 comments)

learning curves: ADVISE and ADVICE TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS - 01/27/18 02:47 PM
The learning curves that come with life. Of them there are no end and this is how it should be. Life is not a still but an action to be grabbed and held onto and then to run with it in every direction. The speed and the topics of what to pursue are subjective so seek your own but learn from everyone so you can mitigate error, wrong directions, pits and losses while you carpe diem!
First, the above paragraph includes everyone & all subjects. As to advise it is just my suggestion because each one must make their own footprints to first … (14 comments)

learning curves: REAL ESTATE LEGS (any legs really) - 01/02/18 06:43 AM
When I fist read Moby Dick by Herman Melville, it brought to my attention the adventure of going to sea for the first time. It sounds simple enough but in reality its an experience that cannot be rushed or substituted. One must put in the time and then, at some point is worthy to earn their "salt" as they say and then acquire their sea legs. That's who everyone wants to ship with
Just obtaining a degree, diploma, license or permit doesn't make you ruler of all you survey. It is a purchase ticket to enter into and begin work in that chosen … (6 comments)

learning curves: LEAD FROM EXAMPLE and LEARN FROM EXAMPLE - 09/11/17 07:43 AM
The best training in the world as well as teaching and learning is still done by demonstration. For the one wanting to get experience and guidance, watching, listening, and then doing remains a solid starting point for anyone. Sure, it is awkward, full of trial and error and failure but not for long. Why? Because doing teaches using the person as the lesson
Repetition serves as a catalyst to transmit what is required without fail. Animals pick up on this quickly and when we add reward or correction dynamics, it solidifies and locks in the positive behavior we are seeking … (9 comments)

learning curves: LEARNING CURVES - 07/10/17 07:23 AM
Learning curves many times are mistaken for knowledge. We have the ability to do most anything. These curves are introductions to knowledge or just the beginning stages. Ân experience is the next stage and that is the one that teaches, rewards and even introduces us to more learning curves. Where we get into trouble is as follows:
There is no substitute for experience. It is the necessary follow-up to the choice made and helps us to recognize, adjust, practice and fine tune our activity to our satisfaction. Some experiences are serious in nature when they involve health, welfare, gain, loss & specifically a … (4 comments)

learning curves: THE LEARNING CURVE (life ponder) - 05/01/17 06:27 AM
This is out there everywhere sparing no one from it and demanding from everyone that it be honored, traveled and improved upon for that is the core of its very nature. Amazing too how all humans are set-up, equipped and quite able to take on whatever presents itself. Of course this is where you find out something very revealing and of great importance
The ability "call" has gone out. A need has summoned or beckoned and many answer the call. However, some people will excel in certain tasks over others while all qualify at some point. Who would you want if you had an … (5 comments)

learning curves: LOST TEN SECRETS OF REAL ESTATE - 04/09/17 06:53 AM
There is no end to all the Real Estate courses, hype and allures that are being offered that one can take that promise wealth, happiness, listings, fast track success, edge over others, new territories, credentials, tools, new applications and my personal favorite and yours....
The secrets of success, wealth, Real Estate, investing, and all the rest of it. Of course once you buy the secret, realize that thousands of others did too. So the secret is really been diluted tens of thousands of times maybe millions until it is pure 100% fantasy now. The real secret is getting … (14 comments)

learning curves: HERE IS WHY YOU FAIL & HOW TO FIX IT - 04/08/17 06:18 AM
There is always a story to cover up the real reason as to why something didn't go right or less than expected. We are the first to buy into it. If it is plausible, then fine. However, if it is a reoccurring event or you find yourself the main-player every time, chances are YOU are the problem
It is not easy to admit an error to another. To yourself it even takes some effort if you are a prideful person. That's why we come up with a story to tell ourselves or others as to why this happened and how. … (8 comments)

learning curves: HOW I BEGAN IN REAL ESTATE - 10/03/16 12:53 AM
A few decades ago, when I knew nothing about everything, I was introduced to several aspects of the Real Estate business. I worked for a man that did property management which was my entry level point into Real Estate. No license was necessary as he owned all his properties. He also did appraisals, second TD loans, construction and whatever the Real Estate industry required
I must emphasize, for not only honesty reasons but to also show the Real Estate subject matter respect that I held the record for being the first human "deer" in the headlights. Why? Learning about one facet of Real Estate is challenging … (25 comments)

learning curves: THE OBVIOUS ESCAPES US WHY? - 08/23/16 12:27 AM
I am reminded of the woman who frantically was looking all around her home for her reading glasses one day only to give up the search, sit down, dejected and full of failing and perplexity and finally lowering her head so that she could cup her face & cry and discovering the glasses sitting up there, on her head waiting for her
All that time, from the first thought to reach for them, discover they were not there, retrace all her steps, search hi and lo, repeat it all, go through all her range of motions only to discover that everything she … (4 comments)

learning curves: ALL I NEED IS A LICENSE? - 08/18/16 10:16 AM
If there ever was an industry where you can walk right into it Real Estate just may qualify. But then, what do you really know? The person who thinks that they can do this while they do other things or just try their luck may or may not succeed. Consider however what about the client or principal that has or will literally bet the farm as in "all in" and either wants to buy or sell and they choose or end up with the newbie
Well your Broker will be happy and of course you will too. But I can't … (8 comments)

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