licensing: REAL ESTATE EXAM SHOULD HAVE - 10/02/20 04:34 PM
I have never really believed the Real Estate exam they administer in California to be effective or on target with how a newly practicing Real Estate agent should proceed. In fact, just because there are a certain set of do's and don't doesn't mean or guarantee a licensed result whatever that is. Just what is licensing and what is it supposed to do or not do?
Its not the degree one walks away from when leaving college but how it is activated and wielded on the job. How can any degree prepare anyone for what is to come? All it can do … (8 comments)

licensing: AGENT ON BOARD or BORED? - 12/23/19 06:50 AM
I have come across many a player in the Real Estate business allowing me to further educate myself in understanding the nuances and the obvious behaviors in regards to selling, buying, investing and renting Real Estate. Time and experience will teach where exams, quizzes, continuing credits do not. When one gets licensed it is the beginning of really knowing what is going on and why. A license to practice is like an admission ticket to an expensive not to be done over event
In any chosen field, if practiced for any length of time and of course in the real and applicable … (10 comments)

When I was a full-time practicing agent out there in the trenches an opportunity came-up for me to volunteer for my local board. Called Grievance Committee, I was told I would sit on a panel and hear situations involving ethics and agents in real life scenarios. I thought that this could become quite helpful so I volunteered. The best thing I ever did
In my first few reviews with fellow panel members, I was amazed at how much I did not know. You heard me right! For one thing, the code of ethics kept coming up word for word as we applied … (8 comments)

licensing: LICENSING MEANS PERMISSION - 04/30/19 06:49 AM
A license is a permission granted by an authority to do or perform according to set standards. If we take a licensed situation and compare it to an unlicensed one, what takes place? What thoughts occur and what questions should result when discussing to use a product or service that is licensed versus that which is not?
Let's start with a little levity here. James Bond known as 007 in the field has a license to kill granted to him by his government. He cannot randomly go around doing this but only in the course of his duties. Great care … (2 comments)

licensing: LICENSING IS JUST THE BEGINNING - 04/25/19 08:38 AM
I am reminded when I went to find out for myself what college was all about and inquired in my fifties. I found it interesting and also contrary to common sense and everyday practices in regards to living and making a living. In all fairness, it did shed formal light on subjects but only in a fleeting way. The real lessons are to come and I noticed there is not enough emphasis on that
This is where life starts. We call it the "learning curve" & it covers everything from birth onwards. The basis is no one has ever been here before … (28 comments)

licensing: DO-ABLE or ABLE TO BE DONE? - 05/20/18 07:05 AM
Today we have advantages that just a couple of decades ago did not exist. I am not referring to technology as much as convenience. For instance I remember having to go to the library and either spend lots of time doing essay information, researching projects or looking for interesting subjects to read. There were people there who would help you find your way and they had an index system that was slow, inefficient but workable at the time
Today Dr. Google has the privilege of guiding us into every known subject one can imagine instantly. It almost boggles the mind. You can in … (9 comments)

licensing: EDITING TO DECEIVE? - 01/18/18 07:43 AM
When we go to the movies to be entertained and receive a story told to us with all creativity, technology and wizardry known our expectations are high and if done right dazzle us even winning potential awards for those that create and deliver this type of experience. The movie industry encourages this as we do too
However, if we take that magic and incorrectly apply it to what we are representing, we can be subject to criminal, civil & licensing failure. There is a line not to be crossed when we take illusion, fantasy & special affects & use it to deceive, … (17 comments)

licensing: BET YOUR LICENSE? DON'T - 09/21/16 09:46 AM
I have seen this time and again. A owner wants to call the shots, handle everything and only needs to access the Real Estate network. They only want to pay a small fee to the agent and handle everything. This is a chance for that owner to make some money by saving money of which I totally understand. I cannot tell you how many times that belief has failed but you couldn't tell that to the ones whose minds are made up about this
It may work but be advised it comes with risk on every-ones part. Agents with licenses are bound by the licensing board and … (9 comments)

licensing: BROKER FAILURE WE ALL GO DOWN - 01/30/16 02:23 AM
When I was sitting (10 years) on grievance and professional standard panels and committees as well as being a presiding judge, in addition to learning and enhancing my own personal journey I became very much aware of others who either did not know, or did not care in regards to Real Estate licensing and procedures when practicing their trade
One thing that stood out for me and others when attending a hearing was: Where was the Broker during all this? There was an obvious point in the accusation where if addressed, would have gone no further. The Broker, if reviewing and coaching as well as guiding was there, … (23 comments)

licensing: WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT E & O ??? - 07/28/15 11:49 PM
I asked a question in the Q & A section in regards to Errors and Omissions insurance ( E & O) and it got a fair response from my peers. You know when we all get together and discuss anything, it has to reveal itself case in point. What I gather from all the comments is a couple of interesting things. Errors & Omissions insurance you say?
Many report that it is mandatory to have or no license or no practice. Fascinating. What made this a rule or a requirement I wonder? What it is saying is that agents who practice in the Real … (42 comments)

licensing: TAKING THE REAL ESTATE BROKERS TEST - 08/06/14 09:26 AM
Today it requires a little more than lets say a decade ago. And a decade before that, a little more as well. In other words, it is getting harder not easier. WHY? They are weeding out the passing through type people, the quick buck churners and the opportunists. Too many people complained about agents and since you can control people, you can control their licensing requirements. Today, you need to love this business
Its no longer for people who just want something to do. Even if you squeak by and do get licensed for the wrong reasons, you … (6 comments)

licensing: BUYING OR SELLING AGENT? HOW I FOUND OUT - 12/27/13 05:05 AM
Lets go back to the time when I had no license, was ignorant and young which was over 35 years ago. The lure of becoming a Real Estate licensee was strong and desirable. Pictures of wealth, power and the good life appeared if only I could get licensed
I knew nothing about any particular thing and I thought having a license allowed me to do anything Real Estate with it. Well it does but can YOU do it...I mean everything with it? They don't teach or tell you that as part of the licensing procedures. You are … (5 comments)

The Bureau of Real Estate in California lists the Broker failing to supervise their agents as one of the biggest ongoing violations that they have to enforce. Why is that? Why does a Broker fail to supervise? The answer to that question is very revealing to not only the public at large but to the people in the business
There is a system in place that is regulated and expected and when followed it works for all concerned. The public and the professional as well as the organization or Broker can only prosper from this system. Why then isn't … (10 comments)

A licensed professional anybody is bound by the rules as set forth by the license givers. Certain standards are set by various agencies of authority and then when a person meets that requirement and is tested on it, they are accepted into the licensed world of that practice. Attorneys, doctors, iinsurance and Real Estate agents etc are bound by their agreements. But there is more
An oath or a code of ethics is usually activated making it a personal duty as well as a a professional one. Standards are set and then carried out. I often run into people usually investors who … (2 comments)

licensing: CLASSROOM VERSUS REAL LIFE - 06/25/12 11:08 AM
Classrooms or real life? I remember going back to school in my early fifties to get a degree. First problem I encountered? I had to unlearn everything I learned in the real world. You either learn what the professor is teaching or you take the grade for not doing so. I sat in classes that made no real rubber meets the road sense. Degrees are learned, life is experienced
REAL ESTATE EXAM...shoot me please
Same dynamics popped up when I went to take my Real Estate exam. I could not believe this data could be learned. I considered it hopeless and … (5 comments)

licensing: DIDN'T PUT IT IN WRITING MMMM - 06/13/12 07:33 AM
WHOA...all of us have had it done to us and we have done it to others. There is this moment in time during a transaction where you do or do not put something in writing. It could be a sentence, a statement or a simple box that you check. Errors happen all the time. But trying to modify a written agreement verbally is not honored in most court proceedings
In the world of Real Estate, agents are to get everything in writing. WHY? What we have found when reviewing court cases, ethics hearings, arbitration's and mediation that failure to have a … (58 comments)

licensing: TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES IN OR LOSE ME - 01/25/12 01:44 PM
I just finished reading where the people who are supposed to be charge when there is an emergency don't have clue on what to do. That ship that flipped over recently turned into... every man for them self. I also remember reading last year about a steward on an airplane who got so frustrated that he pulled the emergency latch and slid out of the plane
In the above two situations, where the employees are supposed to insure the public safety and insist on strict control in case of emergency, they will have to earn that … (3 comments)

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