love: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE (your journey) - 07/11/24 09:50 AM
For those of us who have lived or are living a while, as part of the life experience, you learn things, know things & also discover things you do not know. For those just starting out, youth, inexperience & naiveness will protect you until you can grasp the part you play & the part you don't play. Each are equally important & unique to us all
My favorite got one too!
Fascinating as we are living the past life in that moment, we do not pay much attention in the now that what we do or not will become our past … (3 comments)

love: GOING BEYOND WORDS (seeking meaning) - 07/09/24 09:13 AM
One day, I paid attention to a wolve howling at the moon & instead of focusing on the howling, I wondered if the wolf was speaking wolf talk? What was he conveying to himself, others & ???. Now take this concept & apply it to just about any living creature especially human beings. Is the speaker (noise maker) lacking in communication skills or is the listener not trusting the message behind the words. If there is a meaning there, we must go there to get it. 
NOTE: it is not so much what is being said but what is meant. Let's get … (1 comments)

love: DOES YOUR CENTER HOLD? (life core) - 06/28/24 11:06 AM
As we are about to learn, all centers (cores) being whether microcosmic or macrocosmic, personal or otherwise, seen & unseen, known or unknown literally without exception must be in a state of holding themselves together less combined contrary forces kick-in & dissolve & destroy their existence. Everything MUST have a center of being an HQ or command that does not fold thus does the center hold?
NOTE: to get to YOU we must travel here first & then there stay with me
Where everything is either in or out of control. Performing or not its function. Order or chaos
IN CONTROL: Purpose, … (0 comments)

love: NOTHING TO IT but TO DO IT - 06/18/24 10:51 AM
We spend TOO much time thinking, analyzing, pausing, fear assessing, doubt feeding & hesitating now a days. Yes to proceeding with caution, calculated risks, growth opportunities & making a daily living using our common sense. We are surrounded daily and throughout our lifetimes with what will work & what won't. More often than not, it all boils down to this
Jump-in as you would a warm, inviting body of water. Look forward to the plunge! Have your mindset on what you are doing, why & how it will work as it does/did everything else in your … (3 comments)

love: INNER DIRECTS the OUTER (your life part) - 06/04/24 09:43 AM
People have power! An individual was created with the ability to make a difference. Each one of us has been given a skills bank, a nice, perfect fitting bunch of dynamics such as talents, skills, abilities & gifting that when employed makes a mark or signature on whatever you are doing. It triggers the results systems commanded by you from within when unleashed to the outside circumstances. It is actually the YOU at work with what you have. 
the "boost" is within you
This power within is still until it is summoned. It works & we all have it too. When at … (3 comments)

love: I SEE YOURS WHY CAN'T YOU? (blind sides) - 06/03/24 05:29 AM
Blind sides, we all have multiples of them constantly. They are part of life & are so important to not only us but to those that see what we cannot see as they learn from our being, whatever that is. We come & go while the parts that we cannot see do so too. Why? They are waiting for the time that you do see them & accept or reject the dynamic at work. 
blind side where are you?
There is a side to us that is growth driven, a type of evolving built-in into us that makes us better without … (3 comments)

love: UNIVERSAL LAW vs EARTHLY LAW - 05/31/24 01:10 PM
There are rules, laws & regulations in the small, earthly world we live in and there are also mega, non-negotiable rules & regulations that run the eternal realms. I am speaking of everlasting, never-ending and non-disputable forces that were always here, are now, & will continue. Where are we in all this? Let's explore
In order to live with one another on this planet, we had to come-up with rules of conduct that permit or disallow certain actions. Mankind having lost their grace now had to come up with a substitute if not only to survive but to have some peace & … (0 comments)

love: LAND of REASONING (invest in this land) - 05/27/24 10:01 AM
We don't have to agree on everything NO! We are all unique, different and as such, have who we are, to ourselves and to others, that borders on the extra-ordinary by virtue of the fact that there is not another one like us. Ask yourself this: When we disagree, how do we go about doing it without compounding the original stance taken? Remember, the other guy stands too
Stop pretending YOU don't know. You are not a dummy
When we agree to disagree, we are now entering an arena of intimacy, growth & risk. An up close, never before seen event that … (6 comments)

love: WANT GUARANTEED FAILURE? (anti-life tips) - 04/24/24 10:14 AM
Want to have anti-success, more stress, baggage, enemies, loss, leakage & so much more, then do the following & I guarantee you will reap what you sow. How? There are Universal laws, here, before you got here, & will remain after you're gone. Either join the accepted & honored flow & see what becomes of it or GO YOUR OWN WAY
Pause for cause
1. Lie, cheat and steal and you will get results. We know this. The price? Woe on you
2. Be ill-mannered & discourteous & rude. You won't like what this harvest brings in
3. Ignore your … (3 comments)

love: WHAT IS WORSE THAN GUILT? (must know) - 04/02/24 10:52 AM
I won't keep you in suspense & instead reveal now, the answer to the title of this posting. It is COMPOUND GUILT! Guilt, that has not been resolved & is multiplying while YOU ignore or choose not to change your ways. No one can escape their very own signal or prompting from their conscience. Why would they want to anyway?
There is no place on earth, or in a distant Solar System, nor a Galaxy or another Universe where a person can escape their guilt during their lifetime. So that we grasp this concept without effort, let me define what guilt … (3 comments)

love: I APOLOGIZE (inner spiritual personal growth) - 03/11/24 11:45 AM
I apologize, or in the vernacular I'm sorry, is not respected or talked about for its value, potentials or necessity. You see unless you are problem free, perfect, without flaw or error, YOU need this in your life more than you know or realize. Why? The benefits are countless, serve a broad spectrum & enhance the spiritual journey & inner self.
You don't mean it. Do not make it a cliche i.e. a meaningless noise that comes out of you as a habit, or an uncalled for spoken word in fun, jest or being cool. I told … (6 comments)

love: THE FALSE PATH (life journey ponder) - 02/09/24 11:18 AM
All things are possible, available & doable within the norms of reality. Mankind can wake-up one day & pursue anything of interest & in most circumstances have it for the getting & wanting of it. Being an American ups this premise even more. Saying all that, what is & is not acceptable in the pursuit of wants & needs?
There is your will, the other guys will & if you believe, the will of God. For mankind, we want to have a reach that exceeds our grasp but at what cost? If we become too willful, might we be … (4 comments)

love: ACT of KINDNESS (true coin of realm) - 12/29/23 09:43 AM

This subject (kindness) was made known to me decades ago and I have treasured it since then. It is not only a form of loving your neighbor, of treating others as you would be treated, but also a type of tithing or giving back. It can remain personal or public, but one thing is for sure. When "kindness" is unleashed, it goes to work!
Kindness for the some, lucky few is a permanent gift given by the power that be. It is given, like all other giftings, to be given back, and in the doing of this, many good things come … (13 comments)

love: HISTORY of YOU with CAVEAT - 08/22/23 08:03 AM

It all takes place here.
Let's get the "caveat" in the title out of the way. Humans have a tendency to sink in their think resulting in a fantasy world made up of lies. Why lies? Because none of those thoughts are true based on results. They take the familiar form of I could, would or should have but the facts of the matter say differently.
THE PAST? r.i.p.
Let it rest in peace. Be done with it as it is done with you! Can we reflect? Perhaps spend a ponder? How about a reminisce? Sure. However, if you stray or stay too long … (5 comments)

love: PERSONAL & LIFE LESSONS - 08/02/23 11:43 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to wake-up and discover that we were completely whole, without remorse or regret, our personal "knowing" banks running over with a clear and precise path put before us "illuminated" with no considerations for anything? But wait, we are not those/that person (s) but instead a people of want, need, correction, with instruction & guidance thrown in. 
We came & come first. However, we know not what we do. We suffer from a lack of our own identity, purpose & direction & if that is not enough, the person to the right, left, front & behind you … (21 comments)

love: THE MANY HATS OF LIFE (ponder life) - 01/18/23 11:21 AM
I remember the times gone by when presented and occasionally miscellaneous items come up for review. I reminisce, ponder or have a tear or two as they parade by. I am able to say at this time that the statement: brevity of life is no myth. It just flies by the by until I go bye & bye? 
I remember being a rape counselor for about two years in the city I was doing business in at the time. What made me gravitate toward this, who can say for sure. The ache, pain & learning curve from this … (7 comments)

love: MOTIVATION (spiritual mystery ) - 09/19/21 05:55 AM
What drives you? You may answer: in regards to what? This allows me to post that the word and subject applies to everything of and in life in this period of time. The human part? We are motion machines designed to participate in the grandeur of life-living. The motivation? Deep and rewarding satisfaction from the doing of it
All of us come into the world part sponge, innocent, without experience, capable of nearly everything and anything (in time) in the form of an unfinished type of product. THINK: Swiss Army Knife where you have 10-50 tools/attachments all serving multiple purposes. … (10 comments)

love: WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE (life ponder) - 07/30/21 06:05 AM
The answer to the title of the posting is so stunningly obvious you will be relieved instantly upon hearing the answer which is this: Whatever is being submitted to you! No need to think it into reality but to invite and act on the present moments input which is so full of activity one could not chart or list it. This would be impossble. What makes our role possible is this....
What should concern you is your business which unfolds before you without effort. Think back to childhood or go & observe pre-schoolers to get this point of simplicity simply … (0 comments)

love: LEND ME YOUR LIFE - 07/04/21 09:10 AM
In the everyday parlance the title of the posting is called and referred to as HELP as in would you and can you consider helping me? Who got to where they are without the help of another? You didn't create nor did you birth yourself. Start with this premise and the subject matter has no end to it!
You can rightfully believe that "they" or others... want and need assistance from you but in most cases won't say it. Do we really want people to beg, plead and give away their sense of worth over a helping hand? … (18 comments)

love: MY EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY - 07/04/21 06:14 AM
I speak and refer to the Independance of the United States of America and of all those responsible for this great country's birth, maintenance and continued prosperity. What the USA accomplished was hard fought for. Want proof? Use the Richie Reverse Rule (RRR). Take away our prize of freedom & liberty and you will see it for yourself the obvious value. 
We all have our own individual beliefs some secret and some shared. Imagine then a time in our history where we all arrived ad agreed on the subject of live and let live? The dynamics and events must have been … (4 comments)

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