naggar: CHANGE WHAT IS IT? - 01/08/20 06:27 AM
The underlying premise of "change" is to discover and uncover our ability to do so i.e. effect a change to whatever we assign our attention to. Called cause and effect we quickly discover that we make a difference by doing something even anything and then we realize what comes next: Trial and error. Our newly discovered ability to participate, learn, correct and target an outcome is very much apart of our existence called...
Locked within us waiting to activated is what is necessary to thrive in our given circumstances. Look to Nature for this example. A seed falls into soil … (12 comments)

naggar: WHAT TO GET GOD FOR CHRISTMAS (christian theme) - 12/22/19 10:36 AM
What do you give to someone who has everything you can imagine? Here on earth it is equally hard to gift people like that let alone GOD. But not to worry because the Son of GOD took care of the Gifting to the Father. He made himself an offering of obedience, loyalty, devotion, love everlasting and worship. The FATHER had this to say: This is my beloved SON in whom I am well-pleased
A hearty thank you to the Christ who pleased GOD & caused Him to utter more than once just how pleased he was is & will be. But … (11 comments)

naggar: EXPLORE BEYOND THE PAIN (life episodes) - 12/01/19 07:28 AM
Who hasn't visited with sorrow? Regret? Remorse? Welcome to the human race where "pain" & error is part of our short journey here and while we do not seek it out or set a place for it it finds us in some mysterious way and makes the visit. How? We are complex creatures with a variety of needs fueled by endless experiences. Pain & error travel parallel to us and at some point our paths cross
Mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual realms are not only deliberate channels that give feedback and input non-stop but also are a type of playground … (8 comments)

naggar: THANK YOU MEANS WHAT? - 11/27/19 12:08 PM
The "you" part I understand but who really are we directing this statement (and why) which correctly identifies the "state" of our heart when done honestly? We are really stating for anyone that can hear that we appreciate whatever we are addressing and gratitude is what is being marketed. We are buying & selling or selling & buying gratitude. But to whom are we grateful to? Yes, the you reveals the target but where did the system originate from and why?
To better understand the point lets use the Richie Reverse Rule. Imagine or recall if you will someone you know or … (6 comments)

naggar: THANKFULNESS - 11/08/19 10:31 AM
If one pauses at anytime or anywhere in any given situation at work or at rest instantly without losing a moment, a never-ending & constant observations are presented at every compass point including up or down all driven by a request to acknowledge or appreciate them. These appreciations cannot be counted, numbered nor were they created to do so but instead to be acknowledged via realization in the moment. 
This reward which is wordless and boundless will be given to anyone who pauses to receive it. We call it thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, awe, wonder, discovery, adventure and they consist of the most … (30 comments)

naggar: MADE MORE THAN MONEY - 11/08/19 08:18 AM
Oh so many flowers and not enough time to smell them? How about we don't want to spend our time smelling but instead hurry along to answer the call of our ambition or goal thinking that the sooner we get there the quicker our return can come. This is not an uncommon thought but an often used one so I ask you...why then have flowers that smell so good and demand up-close and personal visits?
I was in Trader Jo shopping and you have to pass by the flower section on the way in. I have passed the display many times and so … (23 comments)

naggar: WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU? - 10/13/19 06:43 AM
A worthy subject if there ever was one "importance" while by design is subjective & also can be a very public experience when shared. Things of importance can navigate in all realms, be very satisfying to trigger and perform as expected because of the way we treat the subject. You can announce or state a matter of importance but it soon becomes obvious as to whether it is or not. Someone somewhere believes it to be as well as those that don't
This little statement has been used successfully to get attention to what will be said following it. The person saying it and the ones receiving … (10 comments)

naggar: WHAT'S IMPORTANT? (life-reflection) - 09/29/19 07:09 AM
The subject of importancy has got to be a ten when it is activated and at the same time is not only subjective but temporary in its nature. Stop and pause here. Our whole e-z-peasy take it as it comes world comes to a crash, rearranges itself and then focuses on an issue when delivered in the "important" mode. The call of importance when done gives way to what is not important once again. This cycle repeats itself
Staying in a state of alert is impossible to do for any length of time effectively and efficiently. Imagine gripping something with your hand and all … (2 comments)

naggar: PRESIDENT NAGGAR ASSASSINATED (repost) - 08/31/19 10:30 AM
That's how the headlines would read 6 months into my first term as President. WHY? Because of what I did as soon as I was elected. The powers that be, the higher ups, the ones that don't want change or who want more money and power that could be possibly spent or used in 10 life times would arrange to have me taken out. How they would do it is interesting because of all my security
They couldn't get me using a woman because I am content and married. I'm done... so tell Monica not to take the job at any price. Plus I don't see anyone alone … (5 comments)

naggar: MISUSING THE " i " WORD - 08/22/19 09:27 AM
" I " as in me has made itself at home in our language, communications and our personal vanity. Using the ' I " is not bad but acceptable and useful. Misusing it however indicates and signals to those in the know that the person speaking is the center of what is being said first and then the subject. When over-done (you will know) it is your vanity driven by your ego visiting with you. I (here we go) advise a shorter visit....
Me, myself & I (hello) all started out together best friends & wherever I go … (14 comments)

naggar: PERSPECTIVE IS POWERFUL (life ponder) - 08/20/19 05:42 PM
To simply put it I am speaking about point of view (perspective). Stop and consider this. Do you know there are subjects that have endless points of view and other topics that have limited points of view but all tell whats going on from vantage points. Yes, there are many vantage (good view of something) points to everything known or unknown. Life is so complex on this level that we were created specifically not to know so we could enjoy what we do know more

naggar: SIMPLE SPEAK SIMPLE LIFE (ponder this) - 08/14/19 06:23 AM
Communication and all related dynamics are not limited to speech but to intent, motive, common sense and obvious necessity. The five senses are automatically attuned to each other and report to the bearer input and relevance to all that is observed or called to our attention. The senses speak (without speaking) by pointing toward a source and leaving it up to the person receiving to assess, interact, solve or dismiss. This is not complex yet it is for how can all this be?
Our default nature/existence is one of receiving and observing. That is how and why we were created. Mankind … (5 comments)

naggar: HOW TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? - 08/12/19 10:24 AM
I am reminded of a grain of sand that in and of itself doesn't stand-out or can even be seen (well) let alone desired but when put with its like kind becomes a sand-bar or a beachhead with a distinct purpose both below and above the surface. Collectively these grains serve a purpose and individually cause that purpose to a result. How much more then does a human being make its mark?
We don't rely on the wind or nature to shovel us around but instead are self-propelled to come and go at random and by deliberation. Amazing alone or in a group … (15 comments)

naggar: DISCUSSING POLITICS or RELIGION or ? - 07/31/19 08:02 AM
There are subjects that come-up in life that can be difficult or sensitive to approach let alone discuss. Does this mean we cease to comment, put our true feelings on hold and let these subjects do as they wish? Subjects can range from being embarrassing to disgusting and from shocking to suggestive making the challenge to enter into these arenas daunting.
The first thing to interfere with an investigation, report, finding or discovery of any sensitive or controversial subject or experience is the emotions that are triggered and surface when introduced. Those emotions tend to cloud, bias and detract or amplify what is … (4 comments)

naggar: HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS - 07/13/19 05:52 AM
First step is to reduce the problem-solving workload so that we can begin the process of sorting then tackling and then eliminating what doesn't work and replacing it with what does. From there an education regarding this subject automatically takes place. When approached and focused upon this becomes your world (like anything else) and it reveals itself quite nicely
The first step into anything is to admit it needs to be stepped into. It will in most cases not be welcoming even invoking either any fear in you (chest area) or butterfly's (stomach area). If stomach, proceed as it is meant to be … (6 comments)

naggar: I STAND CORRECTED (spiritual theme) - 03/11/19 10:16 AM
What a coveted place to be i.e. to either see your error or have someone point it out to you so that you can become a better person and even be better at what you do. To have an error, oversight, mistake or blind side outed so that it may be diminished & that energy re-directed is iron sharpening iron and making the world a better place person by person...
Where would we be? What kind of world would exist? What kind of person would take shape? Ever-seen a spoiled brat? A child that is not guided, nurtured, coached and cared for … (3 comments)

naggar: WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT - 03/07/19 06:31 AM
Caught doing what you may ask? No need to specify as the dynamic itself testifies that something isn't right and you are the star-player in it all. To be able to plot a steady-course, do right and maintain honesty so that your integrity is intact and growing is easier said than it is done. Why? The battle-field is the true testing grounds not the mind, the lips or the professed
What you don't learn in books or by faith or not risking is well taught by the dynamic we call embarrassment where you see in a fraction of a moment how something didn't go right … (28 comments)

naggar: TELLING THE TRUTH? (hope you are) - 02/23/19 05:20 AM
In the world of yes, no and I don't know, anyone can participate successfully and all playing fields are equal. No thinking or proof is required and all people involved and their time is put to good uses. Look how a simple position such as TRUTH remains so powerful when employed. The problem appears when the one wielding TRUTH is forced to confront their fragile ego, bias, agenda (and more) being exposed
Why would anyone have to prove, think or verify anything if TRUTH be told? Before you answer or contemplate this: be reminded that this was … (6 comments)

naggar: LYING CHEATING and STEALING WORKS but for whom? - 02/21/19 07:32 AM
 All of us come into the world unspoiled, innocent and full of wonder and awe.....then along the way, something happens. We start to learn that there are other many ways to choose to live in this world and we develop a system or a series of personal beliefs to live by. Some of us stray to the left or right and don't come back thus becoming casualties of temptations....
Lying, cheating and stealing works.....Think about this. It works because people wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't. But what you don't find out until after you use these … (8 comments)

naggar: IN SEEKING CUPID DON'T BE STUPID book - 02/14/19 06:30 AM
IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID book from the PEARLS SERIES of books is making the rounds into many lives and not just at Valentines Day but all  season long. WHY? Love has its own timing, wants, and needs. The Love driven life is no myth. Quality time spent on researching this subject yourself gurantees a successful rewarding outcome
Married or divorced....starting out or starting over...We have input and feedback for you!
GIVE IT OR RECEIVE IT either way..... it is waiting to serve you
Over 100 chapters of women centered subjects. Forty … (12 comments)

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