objectivity: YOU'RE RIGHT EVEN WHEN WRONG? (spiritual theme) - 12/27/19 06:57 AM
All of the life experience remains personal and subjective. What I like you may not and if I am cold you may be warm. How then can we argue what we are sharing? In the world of personal truths all are correct unto themselves. Its when others get involved compromise and perhaps perspectives change the dynamics. Lets take customer service for an example
I discovered this decades ago and it has served me well. Consider that you can find and critique anyone about anything but then ask yourself where is this going & why? In … (22 comments)

objectivity: THE ENDING and YOUR PART - 12/21/19 09:11 AM
We often become outspoken after something goes full circle and more often than not we have a negative critique of it. This is brought to you courtesy of what they call "hindsight" or sighting of the behind events (that which has passed) that we conclude could have been done better or not done at all. The fact that always remains is this you always had a hand or a say so in those events! So, what happened?
Being in the moment is no myth. It also has advantages that when you are in the moment are obvious and at work. Just go … (8 comments)

objectivity: SIMPLE SPEAK SIMPLE LIFE (ponder this) - 08/14/19 06:23 AM
Communication and all related dynamics are not limited to speech but to intent, motive, common sense and obvious necessity. The five senses are automatically attuned to each other and report to the bearer input and relevance to all that is observed or called to our attention. The senses speak (without speaking) by pointing toward a source and leaving it up to the person receiving to assess, interact, solve or dismiss. This is not complex yet it is for how can all this be?
Our default nature/existence is one of receiving and observing. That is how and why we were created. Mankind … (5 comments)

objectivity: CHECK BELIEFS RESULTS (or lack) DEPEND ON IT - 01/29/19 08:18 PM
This remains one of the most important MUST KNOW things here on this planet and in a persons journey. You see things just don't happen. Long before something comes up on your radar screen, it is out there roaming around whether it be success or failure and your beliefs one way or the other summon it. The power of ones stance in life, their being is made up of their beliefs...Spend some time examining yours
Thoughts come and go all day long. Where thoughts come from is a fascinating subject in itself but for another post. Whatever thought crosses your mind … (2 comments)

objectivity: MIND OVER MATTER? (the marketplace) - 06/06/17 07:07 AM
You don't mind and it don't matter was first introduced to me by someone saying with a straight face: Use "mind over matter" of which I quickly asked what's that? I was interested and had never heard that approach before. Simply put: you don't mind and it don't matter! After cracking the joke, I realized there is more to this than meets the eye. In fact, it is quite accurate and introduces the concept of.....
We tend to over-engage in certain subjects that we "want" to have happen badly. Perhaps we are motivated by necessity, love, want, lust, greed, and a host of so many … (5 comments)

objectivity: ARE YOU IN YOUR RIGHT MIND? - 08/31/16 06:33 AM
This is an interesting statement that if someone tells you this pay heed. If not, the next comment you may hear is that you may be out of your mind. Stop this before it gets worse and instead of taking the bait to argue or ignore, choose to come and command your own senses. This settles everything and that's what counts. Imagine if everyone did this? Self-correction would take place freeing us all up for other things
Over-reacting to something will cause you to be temporarily be out of your right mind. But it also is a valuable lesson to teach you that your reactions, … (7 comments)

objectivity: YOU CAN STIR THE POT - 07/16/15 08:25 AM
Or let it boil over. But wait, there is another way to go here. How about we empty the pot and serve out portions and all eat hearty from it? I am talking about settling differences the sooner the better too. Everyone cannot be right nor is everyone wrong all the time. How about either a compromise or something you can live with for now.
If you live long enough and have enough experiences in various life adventures, the phrase of "you win some and you lose some" appears and instructs quite accurately. A person who loses all the time or one that wins all the … (6 comments)

objectivity: SENSE NO SENSE and NONSENSE - 04/28/15 11:28 PM
Why do these three have permission to co-exist? The simple answer is so that we can choose one and discard the others. However, what appears to be sense to one may not be sense to another. The subjective sense while allowed has to be tested and found not wanting. It will eventually lead to neutral ground or the common sense
Interesting to note that when we come across someones personal sensing and we don't agree, it always takes the shape of an argument to be. Why? That is how important this little dynamic we call "sense" is. If it is working properly, … (0 comments)

objectivity: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT? - 01/29/15 12:52 AM
What a powerful and controversial position to take and bunch of words to speak or hear. The one saying it is clear and has drawn the line and has taken a stand. The one hearing it is forced to forgo anymore strategy and either get in or get out.
If said in the heat of the transaction, it means even more than what it says. If said as if to say...there is no more room to go or anything more to say, then it remains a true...moment of truth. Let's face it, he who has the gold rules and all this … (9 comments)

objectivity: THE LEARNING CURVE OF PROBLEM SOLVING - 11/09/14 10:45 PM
You know, to be consumed by your problems is not a good use of any-ones talents or skills. What people forget or don't know is that learning to navigate through problems has a learning curve to it. Complicating the procedure is our failure to find neutral, calm, flat ground to re-start the re-building process...Let's discuss this a bit
There is life anew waiting, and it begins after the SHOCK wears off. BTW, the shock is a survival mechanism that the body uses to temporarily stabilize the person until they can reach objectivity and come back … (3 comments)

objectivity: THIS MODE IN REAL ESTATE COULD COST YOU - 10/05/14 11:56 PM
The business mode can be like the autobahn in Europe where cars regularly travel at top speeds even in excess of what is allowed and then some. That's how big business can be. Fast, furious and high risk and while the gains are certainly there, so are the crash and burns too. The mode I want to write about that has to be put under control is the following one
Operating in this mode is costly, fraught with error and doesn't let you down gently when exposing itself to you. It gets worse as you get more emotional. THINK: You land … (0 comments)

objectivity: RELAX WILL YOU? - 08/07/14 03:47 AM
I wouldn't have told you to relax unless of course you needed to. The response I often get is a raised voice, a stare that would freeze water and then the ultimate...YOU RELAX! All that comes from people who may want to consider relaxing a little bit. Then, there are those that take it in, let go, become calmer and better from a simple reminder.
Sometimes and without realizing it, we get absorbed into what we are doing but not through focus or thought but instead emotions. Emotions tend to distort reality at times, introduce additional problems and cause many a tangent to kick in. Its … (6 comments)

objectivity: REAL ESTATE IS IT EMOTIONAL? - 07/18/14 11:43 AM
From what I see, smell, hear, taste and touch, my verdict is in. YES. It is an emotional experience starting with the seller of a property. You can be sure that they take anything said in regards to their property and it selling for top dollar with some emotion driving it. Not far behind that, is the buyer who equals it if not more.
GET AN AGENT...anti-emotion insurance
First off, you need an agent. You must have someone that is attached to you the client or principal but not to the product or the process of selling or buying. An agent has a … (8 comments)

objectivity: HOW I SEE IT MAY NOT BE HOW YOU SEE IT - 05/18/14 11:48 PM
I like to play with and activate in others a dynamic that I call point of view. It enables me to see the different perspectives at work. Realize that your own radar is picking up its surroundings but never think it is capturing all that is taking place. That's why visiting with others is so valuable
You see the brain can only process so much so it limits itself to what is within your scope of awareness. Point of view allows us to use each others eyes and brains to appreciate seeing or hearing something another way. Sharing of it is called feedback, … (8 comments)

objectivity: BUILDING A BETTER MOUSETRAP THAT BE YOU part 2 - 02/04/14 11:14 PM
 In part 1, we explore the concept of needing to empty out our inner closet spaces of stored good or bad memory/episodes and realize that this very moment you are in and its essence is the reward and anything keeping you from the marrow of the moment has got to go. We want to learn to apply and focus all our energy into the present
You know what is or is not pulling or pushing on you. Start there. Secrets thoughts, over reacting, forming judgments and opinions based on prior episodes only reinforce the trauma within that has already … (2 comments)

objectivity: BUILDING A BETTER MOUSETRAP THAT BE YOU part 1 - 01/28/14 05:21 AM
The world is full of people. There are many professions at work showcasing the people who practice them. People and careers are nothing new. However, building a better YOU is always going to improve your position and your personal and professional prospects too
I have seen and run into a lot of people who carry around unresolved and unfinished personal business. Old wounds, memories and traumas that have had their way and their day. But that baggage or past events are interfering with the present right down to the moment they are in
It is wise to spend some quality time exploring those … (0 comments)

objectivity: THE ANSWER MAY LIE OUTSIDE YOUR THINKING - 10/18/13 12:41 AM
Have you thought about this? (pun). By obsessively dwelling or thinking about your circumstances, dilemma or problems can easily cause many people to get into ruts and make matters worse. Worry only produces more of a problem which eventually leads to doubt then to confusion onto fear which can then paralyze and at the minimum debilitate someone into inaction resulting in depression and worse
Think about this? (pun) Yes, but only to assemble what is going on and then to just look at it. Adding more thinking on top of your predicament only brings the situation to more life by supplying energy … (4 comments)

objectivity: LET IT BE DONE TO YOU AS YOU BELIEVE - 08/13/13 01:03 AM
This remains one of the most important MUST KNOW things here on this planet and in a persons journey. You see things just don't happen. Long before something comes up on your radar screen, it is out there roaming around whether it be success or failure and your beliefs one way or the other summon it. The power of ones stance in life, their being is made up of their beliefs...Spend some time examining yours
Thoughts come and go all day long. Where thoughts come from is a fascinating subject in itself but for another post. Whatever thought crosses … (6 comments)

objectivity: WHEN THE HANDS WORK THE MIND RESTS - 06/18/13 12:10 AM
Most often, we are caught up in the doing of things. We become task oriented and motivated. That may be alright for getting ahead in the business world or to carry out a mission. But what if you need some answers to some issues that have come up for you lately that you just don't have.......One solution, take some time out and work with your hands
When you work with your hands, you trigger another set of responses and shut down other centers at the same time. It also allows your insides to catch up with your outsides.......very calm ad … (5 comments)

objectivity: THE MESSAGE VERSUS THE MESSENGER - 05/21/12 07:28 AM
How often do we all take the bait...the low hanging fruit and succumb to the temptation of the moment. The result? The messenger has been shot or taken hostage. The message goes unheeded. If we can reverse this or even better just observe it all, change would make its way to whatever is going on. The first change would be on how we handle the situation at hand
Thirty years ago, I once turned away an all cash buyer because they didn't look, sound, or act like one. What made it worse is they didn't speak good English and … (2 comments)

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