posting: ACTIVERAINS MILLIONAIRES - 04/21/17 09:55 AM
In California when checking the leader-board, there is nothing but millionaires in the top category. You must realize that those points were earned not found or bought making Californian ActiveRainers one of the most competitive online. These people don't sleep, take prisoners or waste a moment. Their blogging pedal is to the metal
In this group, if someone tries to breakout using some sophisticated move or genius strategy, they may get ahead in a burst but not for long. You see it is like a group of birds or prairie dogs out in the open. One little scurry or activity and there … (10 comments)

posting: Rainers: I SEE A "2" INSTEAD OF A "1" - 12/07/16 05:10 PM
NO...I did not drink excessive eggnog, over-eat, or wear out my prescription for my glasses. Nothing that simple. Instead, after so many years which seem like a blur of months, instead of looking at my 1 (one) million plus points everyday and not paying it any attention, I looked today and something caught my eye. It now reads 2.....!
I remember signing up, getting points and having to pay my dues at that time to join to ActiveRain to blog. I gladly did as it was too much fun to not to PLUS blogging was here to stay. So ActiveRain became my preferred … (108 comments)

posting: ActiveRain Practices: Deceased Members - 09/19/16 12:58 AM
Our own Roy Kelley of whom I enjoy proposed a post memorial of a sort (that got featured) for those that were here today and gone tomorrow who lived out their cyberspace lives on and in ACTIVERAIN-land. I saw it as follows:
Sort of like a ActiveRain cemetery?        Here is how my headstone reads:
                        Here lies Richie the poster, who had a good run.
                        He posted, commented and had lots of fun.
                        If you want to know more there's a place not to miss
                       Visit his ActiveRain library and just reminisce
                        He may be gone but one things for sure, if he was still … (18 comments)

For years now, I have been a member of ActiveRain site & have been enjoying all the perks & privileges that compliment the business world of Real Estate transacting & all those that participate in it or are related to it along with interesting pot pourri. Well balanced subject matters with comments keep all who engage current & up to date on what is going on & why in the the vast arenas of Real Estate, life & all the peoples involved
I have noticed that every time I get a Realtor magazine, all of the subject matter is old news. Why? It was already … (11 comments)

posting: IN-ACTIVERAIN or INACTIVE-RAIN? - 01/16/16 02:52 AM
There are two messages being conveyed in the title here. Do you get them? Let me help. First, there are those that are enrolled participators in this Real Estate centered "plus" site that give and take daily when they log-in. Then, there are those that are members, visitors or belongers but not activated just existing. 
Light RAIN, perhaps no RAIN at all, these members choose to belong and perhaps read or peruse being content with that existence. To each their own however being silent keeps people guessing including yourself about who you are. Why deprive anyone of this wonderment of creation? … (15 comments)

posting: THE DREADED POST! - 01/01/16 11:18 PM
This is the one that many people have trouble writing about. Why? They cannot think of a subject to write about and either they don't post, do a quick short posting or dare I say it, copy & paste. What drives the decision? Here in ActiveRain-land, points could be at the root of it. Perhaps a habit has formed to do so or our businesses require it
It is interesting to note that in person, small talk has saved quite a few people in real life situations from this dread. Things like "can you believe the weather" or how are you?... statements help to relieve some … (15 comments)

posting: ACTIVE-REIN DEER and ACTIVE-RAIN DEAR - 12/10/15 10:59 PM
You can be an ACTIVE-REIN-DEER and/or a ACTIVE-RAIN DEAR and all it takes is to do a post on anyone you wish to have a very Merry Christmas and a most satisfying New Year too while you are at it. Visit your favorite restaurant, movie house, shopping center or store or perhaps a tribute to someone who touched your life or that you just respect and look up to
Santa cannot do it all so in addition to elves, his good wife and various supporters, he needs RAINERS to take the lead and help him spread the … (47 comments)

posting: SANTA CHECKED OUT ACTIVERAIN - 12/10/15 01:22 AM
The results are in. They are conclusive and have stood up to rigorous testing by tens of thousands of people (and elves) over a period of extended time and double checked by hundreds of thousands randomly across the United States, South & North Poles and Canada. These tests are self-evident and speak for themselves. Testing criteria to follow...
Santa is officially going on record. He uses one distinct method that has worked all the time and it is simply this: He checks to see if something or someone has been naughty or nice. It is that simple. It is fair too. … (16 comments)

posting: IMPORTANT TO BE FEATURED? - 12/04/15 11:11 PM
Walking down the feature isle has its rewards. Think: Red Carpet with people on all sides enjoying the fruits of your sharing and you receiving whatever benefits that brings as you slowly stroll along. It has been said that blogging for business is the pay-off. So, someone reads your feature, likes your subject, makes contact and $$$$ follows?
The mystery of where our business comes from and why as well as when is always a good subject. Marketing is alive, always in a state of change and movement and we must enter into it running and making sense when we do. A feature is a push in … (13 comments)

posting: HOSTING THE POSTING - 11/27/15 11:33 PM
By now, many people have found the satisfaction and skill to be able to log-in, enter into their favorite cyberspace place and either comment, post or blog. It is sort of like entering a room with a bunch of business cards or flyer's in your hand eager to give them out while greeting and meeting everyone
Some do it for fun or for specialty but the results are the same. The poster, blogger or commenter ends up being a type of visitor or host for that brief point in time. A good place to get started we all know is ACTIVERAIN. The secret … (33 comments)

posting: FULL TIME POSTING TAKES TIME - 09/23/15 12:43 AM
For those that can afford an assistant, or who have one, they now can be instructed to join every single social media site, blogging platform and to comment often and consistently. They would have every app, and visit with the probable places that would bring in more business. Yes, this would be a full time job!
For those of us that go it alone, we have to either be choosy where we go and how we spend our time or we will not have time to drive our operations, guide them and refine them or just plain do the business we … (6 comments)

Anyone who posts on ActiveRain sees this every day but do they use it is a good question. We spell check, load pictures/videos, format and then many opt for the countdown to launch and post. Ouila! Another post is out there promoting, edifying and sharing and this appears to be the way to promote ones self. Before you do all that however..
You have the option to PREVIEW the post. Its up there with the SAVE & CLOSE  button to the left and to the far right, is mission control launch button called PUBLISH. At the publish point, you can even … (26 comments)

posting: SHOULD YOU WRITE THAT? - 09/09/15 12:05 AM
I have been seeing comments, posts, blogs etc. that while allowable are questionable. Not only do they reveal too much but also have a bite to them and even a unsaid challenge to respond. We must remember that these writings have longevity and that the public more often that not is involved. What makes people forget this?
If we were at a gathering of face to face, inflammatory remarks would be less encouraged I am sure. Why? There is more of a  risk of a return fire response putting the instigator on the front lines. The immediate result of it … (16 comments)

posting: STOP THE POST I WANT TO GET OFF - 08/28/15 10:49 AM
CLICK. This either gets you in or out of the blogging world. The world of cyberspace & online traveling and it begins with a log-in. From there, you now enter into a virtual world that excludes some of your senses while honoring the rest. Here, we have alternative Universe which if you tried explaining this to anyone 100 years ago, would consider you not all there but that would be precisely the point
From where? What is a post? Where is it? Where are you when you are visiting it? If you wanted to leave, … (16 comments)

posting: THE Q & A ACTIVERAIN FORUM BIRTHS POSTS - 08/05/15 07:34 AM
When I was in the restaurant business, we had a system that many do not know about. In fact, that business is rich in teachings involving so many aspects of life and human nature too. We used to have what they call "blackboard" specials. You have all seen them. You walk in, and on a special sign, the soup of the day, wines, desserts and entrees are presented
What you don't know is that we are experimenting with new dishes all the time. How? We do a blackboard special and see what people have to say, how many we sell and … (33 comments)

posting: BUT DID YOU LIKE IT? - 08/01/15 08:17 AM
Rainer's on the go! They move fast and sometimes slow but they come and go and after a while, another day has been rained on and in and all is well. Posts, comments and blogs got a work-out, people were educated, edified and supported, and points, the e-wages of ACTIVERAIN were given as well as earned
It dawned on you just now. For some, later and for others not at all. WHAT? I forget to hit the LIKE button when I visited the posting. Darn! I clicked and entered because I liked the title, person or subject matter. Once in, my eyes … (13 comments)

posting: FIRST SIX MONTHS ON ACTIVERAIN $$$ - 07/23/15 12:04 PM
I signed up because I saw the value and I will admit the points you get for signing up just had their way with me. So now, I am a member and you have to learn to post, comment and repeat so you can suck marrow and get full value. I came around slowly but surely and got some posts out there. How thrilling to see myself on a Google front page too
After a few months, I get a email contact from someone who said..remember me? They went into detail on where we met and why and said they have been trying to … (6 comments)

posting: POST TOASTIES FOR BREAKFAST - 07/22/15 11:49 PM
To me, Post Toasties is part of my morning-wake call. I like to post, comment and blog as part of my morning ritual which includes coffee, a newspaper, greeting the day, thanking the day-maker and then to my online activities. ActiveRain helps get that going rather smoothly too. I visit with various Rain-making people, comment and then my fresh Postings
When going online becomes a habit or a procedure that is predictable, then expect a steady and predictable response from the doing of it. It is called cause and effect. What one does with anything in life, produces a return for the doing … (8 comments)

posting: GOING POSTAL??? - 07/22/15 09:47 AM
I never give it much thought as to whether I should go public or members only when commenting or sharing data or beliefs. I usually go public as I like to be transparent as much as I can. I am cognizant however that if I have something to say just to certain folks, then member only makes sense. That is to say that I DON'T want to share with the public. WHY? It is none of their business and it doesn't help my business either
The members only (not public) to me is more like a peer to peer speak. A member whispering to another … (14 comments)

posting: IS IT SAFE TO POST? - 07/22/15 12:39 AM
I like posting, commenting and blogging. I like people and I am enjoying life moment to moment. Part of the daily excitement is never knowing what to expect thus making it an adventure with no two experiences alike but similar. Everything is connected, so expect your learning curves to be instructive and even go in cycles too
I learn from watching, imitating, sensing and participating as I go. Sometimes I leap into the mix and the satisfaction of having my skills bank engaged is priceless while other times, I do so enjoy watching someone else hit the ground exploring and navigating. This is … (16 comments)

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