poverty of spirit: YOU'RE RIGHT EVEN WHEN WRONG? (spiritual theme) - 12/27/19 06:57 AM
All of the life experience remains personal and subjective. What I like you may not and if I am cold you may be warm. How then can we argue what we are sharing? In the world of personal truths all are correct unto themselves. Its when others get involved compromise and perhaps perspectives change the dynamics. Lets take customer service for an example
I discovered this decades ago and it has served me well. Consider that you can find and critique anyone about anything but then ask yourself where is this going & why? In … (22 comments)

poverty of spirit: THE HOARDER'S HELL - 08/28/19 08:30 AM
To "hoard" defined as: store, amass, gather, accumulate, stockpile objects or items of value to the one doing it and many hoardings take place in secret for hidden reasons some functional and some dysfunctional which is one of the points of the posting. We come into this world with nothing and over-time become aware of what is here for the having/wanting/needing. This is where and (how) it starts...
Nature naturally without having to be told hoards and spreads out it's never-ending agenda over the seasons year after year following its eternal programming in the form of a command to self-perpetuate & we receive … (13 comments)

poverty of spirit: POWER WEALTH and FAME (life reflection) - 11/03/17 01:03 PM
If you want to see what all the hoopla is about in regards to power, wealth and fame just watch and observe those that have it and don't doubt what you see. It appears as a cure-all or a worthy pursuit to have one or all of these but those that have tasted of any of them report otherwise. It is a carrot not meant to be caught but catch-able
Anyone lacking from the big three believe it to be a remedy and solution to all their problems.  If I only had is followed by: I know it will guarantee a quality life & allow me … (6 comments)

poverty of spirit: WORST POVERTY OF ALL (spiritual theme) - 05/25/17 02:09 PM
It has been written that you will always have the poor and so far, if you look around the world let alone parts of your city, county or state you will spy them out no problem. There they are the ones for one reason or another go without usually lacking food, shelter, clothing and all the rest. But that is not who I am writing about...
Here is the culprit if you will. The inner poverty where something is missing from a human being & no effort made by the world, the person themselves or outside forces can make-up for … (4 comments)

poverty of spirit: I DONT GET IT (literally) - 08/28/16 01:15 AM
I am reading that the worlds richest man went from being worth 75 billion dollars to now being worth 90 billion. I am going to ask a question that makes no sense but then, that is the point of the question. How does it feel to make 15 billion dollars more than you previously had. The answer? There is no longer any feeling involved.
The excitement of wealth is a fantastic and liberating experience with two succinct phases concerning it. The first phase is coming into the wealth. There is nothing like it. An almost overwhelming, euphoric sense of a rush with wings kicks … (8 comments)

poverty of spirit: CREDIBILITY - 05/16/16 12:12 AM
I respect math. It sums most everything up quite nicely and in universal terms that anyone can relate to. Let's talk about your personal math, not the numbers but instead, what you add up to while going about your day. Are you credible? In order to answer this accurately, lets define credibility: A process of being trusted or believed in, with a quality of being convincing or believable
This is no joke! Everywhere we go, wherever we are, we are assessing the situation via an awareness. There is random & specific input where we can focus on a particular event or situation. Is … (2 comments)

poverty of spirit: INNER AND OUTER WEALTH - 07/02/15 11:35 AM
We have seen it by now...haven't we? Money comes and it goes, daily and all week long and we go with it chasing it and wanting it so we can spend it over and over again. It is not hard to understand how one can get into a cycle of a one track money mind and neglect everything else. The allure that it brings and buys is powerful.
What then? I understand that money is necessary to function and operate within our systems and populations. But to have a love of money is not proper … (6 comments)

poverty of spirit: THE TIME I GOT CAUGHT STEALING? part three - 03/09/15 09:30 AM
In Part 1... I was falsely accused and in part 2... I played Sherlock Holmes. Here part 3... If you have ever been accused of something you haven't done, then you will relate intimately to this episode of false accusation, harassment, injustice and other unprofessional and uncalled for dynamics. Yet what happened here happens quite often for all the players involved. Here, we found the perpetrator. What to do follows
She needed the money. Her husband, and two children were in debt and she wanted to buy them things and she saw the opportunity and took it. … (11 comments)

poverty of spirit: THE TIME I GOT CAUGHT STEALING? part one - 03/09/15 09:28 AM
About thirty five years ago, I am working at a place and come to work as usual. It is a small office of about 5-7 people and today there are two more people, lots of close door sessions, books being reviewed and audited and everyone looking at me and then down at their desks. Immediately I say whats going on and no one answers..
I put my things down, go through my getting comfortable stage, check messages etc and then start to inquire. Who is in the room with the closed door? They tell me it is a client … (10 comments)

poverty of spirit: THE WORD FREE BRINGS OUT THE NEEDY - 12/23/14 11:04 PM
I had a promotion going where if you buy one PEARLS SERIES of books, you get another FREE. It was a big beautiful sign that was made to catch the attention of a person from as much as 6 feet away. Your eyes lock on the words FREE and then it is my hope that you come toward the source and we do good business....NOT!
Instead, the word FREE attracted so many homeless, down and outers, people barely getting by and those looking for a hand-out that we had to withdraw the sign after a couple of days. … (14 comments)

poverty of spirit: DO YOU KNOW A MISANTHROPE? - 10/03/14 03:24 AM
It is hard to believe that these exist on the planet but they do. You have met them from time to time too. Some disguise it and others are blatant about it. But in all cases, sooner or later, it shows itself for what it is. You see it takes energy to be one and wherever your energy goes...your results follow.
A person who dislikes human kind and deplores society. They cannot stand people or anything that reminds them of people and what people want. What a strange journey that makes and the person who is traveling that … (8 comments)

poverty of spirit: REASONS WHY YOU ARE SO MISERABLE - 09/17/14 11:55 PM
There are quite a few reasons going on but they don't have to stick around after you explored some of them. In fact, if you bring these into the light of reality, you can then either modify them or dismiss them they will comply and left standing will be a unique you and what you can do. There are forces here that interfere with inner growth and I am sorry to say they prevail more than the gifted person does
This one takes out a lot of people. Often adults learn this from dysfunctional childhood episodes that were done to … (7 comments)

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