power: ADVISE and ADVICE TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS - 01/27/18 02:47 PM
The learning curves that come with life. Of them there are no end and this is how it should be. Life is not a still but an action to be grabbed and held onto and then to run with it in every direction. The speed and the topics of what to pursue are subjective so seek your own but learn from everyone so you can mitigate error, wrong directions, pits and losses while you carpe diem!
First, the above paragraph includes everyone & all subjects. As to advise it is just my suggestion because each one must make their own footprints to first … (14 comments)

power: POWER WEALTH and FAME (life reflection) - 11/03/17 01:03 PM
If you want to see what all the hoopla is about in regards to power, wealth and fame just watch and observe those that have it and don't doubt what you see. It appears as a cure-all or a worthy pursuit to have one or all of these but those that have tasted of any of them report otherwise. It is a carrot not meant to be caught but catch-able
Anyone lacking from the big three believe it to be a remedy and solution to all their problems.  If I only had is followed by: I know it will guarantee a quality life & allow me … (6 comments)

power: WORST POVERTY OF ALL (spiritual theme) - 05/25/17 02:09 PM
It has been written that you will always have the poor and so far, if you look around the world let alone parts of your city, county or state you will spy them out no problem. There they are the ones for one reason or another go without usually lacking food, shelter, clothing and all the rest. But that is not who I am writing about...
Here is the culprit if you will. The inner poverty where something is missing from a human being & no effort made by the world, the person themselves or outside forces can make-up for … (4 comments)

power: CLINTON & TRUMP BEST WE CAN DO? - 10/09/16 01:34 AM
Gone are the Presidential debates of old. I am thinking of all the times in the past when two distinguished at odds candidates debated and at least remained civil, informative and without too much controversy in public. Oh, they wanted to say what they were really thinking but honored the office they were seeking and remained committed while practicing dignity and restraint
Now that anyone can run for this office instead of the best qualified, anything goes and what we see and hear is just that. Instead of demonstrating via conduct, qualifications and inquiries, we have a media fueled carnival type event and here is … (20 comments)

power: I DONT GET IT (literally) - 08/28/16 01:15 AM
I am reading that the worlds richest man went from being worth 75 billion dollars to now being worth 90 billion. I am going to ask a question that makes no sense but then, that is the point of the question. How does it feel to make 15 billion dollars more than you previously had. The answer? There is no longer any feeling involved.
The excitement of wealth is a fantastic and liberating experience with two succinct phases concerning it. The first phase is coming into the wealth. There is nothing like it. An almost overwhelming, euphoric sense of a rush with wings kicks … (8 comments)

power: TRUMP RESENTMENT - 07/06/16 02:24 AM
You either resent him for whatever reasons or he resents you...you being what he comments, reacts or responds to. Why he is resented is no secret. He speaks up! Anybody who speaks their mind risks controversy no matter what the subject. There will always be dissent because of the people factor. Everyone is in a different place & time growing or dumbing down as they go. Introduce anything & it comes under scrutiny!
No one likes politics but those that have chosen to enter into it have learned (not liked) what to do and what is necessary so they can climb that political ladder and … (9 comments)

power: STOP TRUMP? - 03/08/16 06:22 AM
I am talking about the movement to stop Trump from this one point of view. Why doesn't the best person win? Why the need to stop anyone? Furthermore, pay close attention to this movement. Here you will learn why nothing has changed for decades using the STOP THEM approach. 
The people who do the planning using the STOP THEM approach throw power, money and fame around wielding it as their weaponry. What many don't realize is that their best efforts may fail or do something worse. It may make the target to be stopped even more popular thus having a reverse effect.
That … (11 comments)

power: DID YOU WATCH THE DA-BAIT? (depressing theme) - 03/03/16 10:53 PM
Its a new show that takes billionaires, Senators, Governors, surgeons and no body's (for contrast) and pits them against each other intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and mentally so that we, the people, can be entertained sort of like what the Caesars did in ancient Rome for the mob. Gladiators sport where going for the kill to get the thrill which takes our minds off real problems
I am not running for office but I now know all the problems that are plaguing the United States of America. My first question is this. Everyone is saying what they will do if they are elected … (11 comments)

power: SO YOU WON THE POWERBALL (spiritual theme) - 01/13/16 11:35 PM
You will go through a fantasy ride in your mind you never thought possible or imaginable. There will be a rush of thoughts, all undisciplined, striving for your attention and wanting you to try them all first. Hundreds of them pulling & pushing to have their way. The price for this? Your inner parts have shut down completely. You cannot serve two masters is the rule
You will want the obvious so lets list them. Remember, we are all the same so the list will not be unique. Be especially aware of yourself saying "I wouldn't do this or that, not me. I … (8 comments)

power: POWER TO ACTIVATE - 11/01/15 10:46 PM
Activate! Defined it means to make something happen, turn it on or get it going. We have automatic activation functions that perform well enough like getting up in the morning, attending to the body needs and directing us to our beginning of the day thank you. However, we also have the power to turn other things on too
What will you do today besides read this posting and agree? Its a good start to consider the subject of what else to get going. Today, people will come and go and do things beginning with them as well as ending with them because … (5 comments)

power: PARADOX OF POWER - 10/10/15 07:16 AM
In many of the eastern religions and disciplines, one strives for the mastery and then achieving it, does something rather unique and extra-ordinary. They revere and respect what the journey to get there taught them and on point, foremost is not to use the power that has been shown and given. Restraint?
Often men who have no intention of honoring power for its own sake and goodness come into it and not knowing the responsibility that comes with it they tend to wield it unwisely, haphazardly and for a time being, do more harm than good. History is replete with examples and stories of … (4 comments)

Theory versus application. Two worlds that are worlds apart but appear linked in some way. I would agree that having the thought or vision is a good start. However, putting legs on it is the real work. Then, to have it do great, productive things remains to be seen. Yes to learning, then onward to the curve part. This is the natural order of progression
I meet many a smart, well-meaning persons wherever I go in various fields and practices. Bright, intelligent and eager to assist with products and services. Many principals and clients all start out with enough information to say...I … (6 comments)

power: START WITH THE PART YOU PLAY - 09/19/14 12:56 AM
Accountability or the act of giving an accounting of ones self in regards to a situation has become a mere word instead of a watch word. When in the mix of life and adventure, if things don't go well or as planned, the temptation to blame and look outside of ourselves is not only strong but subtle too. Your pride doesn't need much blame opportunity. Just a small piece is food-fest for the ego. Someones wrong helps to make you right. You then see to it that they are wrong
Consider that you are a magnificent creation capable of incredible feats and events because you are … (2 comments)

power: WILL ZILLOW HAVE THE GOLD N RULE? - 09/12/14 04:46 AM
The golden rule and Zillow. He who has THE gold rules all. That's what the government is trying to decide now. Will the coming together of ZILLOW & TRULIA cause a monopoly? Will Zillow have the gold and rule? I wonder what the criteria is when determining that. I already hear quite a bit from people who have done business with both entities and both the positive and the negative has been brought up. Does the government consider that feedback & input?
The name of the game is staying power or capture. When they host the annual Oscars show, over one billion people … (5 comments)

I am watching Nixon on Nixon which is a documentary on his secret tapings which match up with events in history. For instance, he says something publicly and then the tapes tell his real thoughts about what he said. No one is spared. I cannot believe that any powerful person would let those tapes out of his possession yet Nixon did.
I have run companies and attended delicate meetings and I would not want repeated what was said between me and my partners or clients at that time to anyone regardless of what was said. Nixon really got sloppy with this … (4 comments)

power: IF YOU HAD TO START ALL OVER - 08/27/14 08:03 AM
Would you be better for it or bitter for it? You see experience and knowledge that comes with learning as you go it is undervalued at times. WHY? Fear followed closely by doubt does it. It tries to "take away" from what you know. Something goes wrong and your world goes to pieces. More accurately, it is your comfort zone that crashed not the world.
I worked with a extremely wealthy man who went through the depression and two world wars for over a decade. One day, he made a statement to me, a young naive married man who could not appreciate the … (11 comments)

It never fails as a test to see who someone really is. Power and money for some reason gives permission for a person to unleash themselves, without restraint thus revealing who they are, what they think and how they want to proceed in whatever the matter at hand is. I have seen this from both sides too. BTW, you cant imagine it either.
I noticed when I came into some money and power, I became more liberal in procedures and rewards. I started taking what was a business environment and making it more of a social productive event … (9 comments)

power: WE FORGET THE POWER WE HAVE - 07/16/14 12:13 AM
Lets start with your word. This can accomplish great feats, motivate people, create, destroy and cause movement that leads to action or inaction. Stop and ponder this. I meet people all-day who completely misuse and disrespect their own word that comes out of their mouth. I come from the point of view that I believe a person until I have a reason not to believe that person. The persons word controls that outcome
Here's another. What price do you put on credibility? Your word supports this action and if you misuse your word, you automatically lose credibility. These things are are beyond purchase and more important than … (6 comments)

power: IT'S THE GREED THAT DOES IT - 05/31/14 12:11 AM
Greed doesn't look good on a human being. It just wasn't made to be a part of our natural make up or demeanor. GREED: An intense and selfish desire for something like food, power, fame, wealth or a material object usually over and above the normal requirement or satisfaction
Wealth: How much is enough? Beyond food, shelter and clothing and perhaps setting up a long term plan that provides for a reasonable life of leisure, what do you do with the extra? Who owns who after a while? What is leisure? Are we supposed to gather all we can while we can?
Food: How much can one person … (17 comments)

Don't click on the post. It is a waste of your time. You will not be amused, entertained or loved while doing it. It has no meaning and your life is meaningless anyway. Behold the power we give words by thinking, stating and implying. The sender can do as they wish, but the receiver can too
I am an advocate of "if you have something to say, SAY IT" and "if you have something to do" DO IT! What the receiver does with it after that is their prerogative and privilege. With that in mind, practice your selectivity skills and … (14 comments)

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