purpose: WHAT TO GET GOD FOR CHRISTMAS (christian theme) - 12/22/19 10:36 AM
What do you give to someone who has everything you can imagine? Here on earth it is equally hard to gift people like that let alone GOD. But not to worry because the Son of GOD took care of the Gifting to the Father. He made himself an offering of obedience, loyalty, devotion, love everlasting and worship. The FATHER had this to say: This is my beloved SON in whom I am well-pleased
A hearty thank you to the Christ who pleased GOD & caused Him to utter more than once just how pleased he was is & will be. But … (11 comments)

purpose: THANKFULNESS - 11/08/19 10:31 AM
If one pauses at anytime or anywhere in any given situation at work or at rest instantly without losing a moment, a never-ending & constant observations are presented at every compass point including up or down all driven by a request to acknowledge or appreciate them. These appreciations cannot be counted, numbered nor were they created to do so but instead to be acknowledged via realization in the moment. 
This reward which is wordless and boundless will be given to anyone who pauses to receive it. We call it thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, awe, wonder, discovery, adventure and they consist of the most … (30 comments)

purpose: MADE MORE THAN MONEY - 11/08/19 08:18 AM
Oh so many flowers and not enough time to smell them? How about we don't want to spend our time smelling but instead hurry along to answer the call of our ambition or goal thinking that the sooner we get there the quicker our return can come. This is not an uncommon thought but an often used one so I ask you...why then have flowers that smell so good and demand up-close and personal visits?
I was in Trader Jo shopping and you have to pass by the flower section on the way in. I have passed the display many times and so … (23 comments)

purpose: PERSPECTIVE IS POWERFUL (life ponder) - 08/20/19 05:42 PM
To simply put it I am speaking about point of view (perspective). Stop and consider this. Do you know there are subjects that have endless points of view and other topics that have limited points of view but all tell whats going on from vantage points. Yes, there are many vantage (good view of something) points to everything known or unknown. Life is so complex on this level that we were created specifically not to know so we could enjoy what we do know more

purpose: HOW TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? - 08/12/19 10:24 AM
I am reminded of a grain of sand that in and of itself doesn't stand-out or can even be seen (well) let alone desired but when put with its like kind becomes a sand-bar or a beachhead with a distinct purpose both below and above the surface. Collectively these grains serve a purpose and individually cause that purpose to a result. How much more then does a human being make its mark?
We don't rely on the wind or nature to shovel us around but instead are self-propelled to come and go at random and by deliberation. Amazing alone or in a group … (15 comments)

purpose: ACTION or INACTION (life pondering) - 06/21/19 06:41 AM
Think of a bottle with a cork lost at sea and at the mercy of the currents, wind, sun and weather being taken here and there as the outside forces have their way and then compare it to a same bottle that has a rudder where it can guide itself making its coming and going have direction, destination and purpose. The rudder is an action tool and lack of the rudder is inaction or incomplete also known as no-purpose
Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, calm & objective way sort of shining a … (10 comments)

purpose: IN SEEKING CUPID DON'T BE STUPID book - 02/14/19 06:30 AM
IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID book from the PEARLS SERIES of books is making the rounds into many lives and not just at Valentines Day but all  season long. WHY? Love has its own timing, wants, and needs. The Love driven life is no myth. Quality time spent on researching this subject yourself gurantees a successful rewarding outcome
Married or divorced....starting out or starting over...We have input and feedback for you!
GIVE IT OR RECEIVE IT either way..... it is waiting to serve you
Over 100 chapters of women centered subjects. Forty … (12 comments)

purpose: THE MATH of LIFE (existence ponder) - 01/01/19 06:45 AM
Mathematics long established for its predictability and accuracy can be applied to anything known. So that you don't think too hard and wander away from the posting, just see how easy and user friendly the math of one and one equals two is. It is ageless, repeats and remains a solid foundation to build upon. How do you think we got the car, TV, appliances and even a successful trip to the moon and LIFE?
So it is with the moment  you are in also known as the now or present. It is an everlasting piece of the mathematical puzzle we … (8 comments)

purpose: WHAT THE NEW in NEW YEAR SHOULD MEAN (ponder) - 12/05/18 02:29 PM
First of all a very Merry Christmas to you now and in the times to come for Christmas is a matter of the heart first & then everything else. It is no accident that New Year's Eve festivities follow but not out of automatic response but for a reason. You see you had a good year & many a Holiday to try your heart & skills & put them to work. You found out what produced & what didn't. Doesn't it make sense to start out with what worked and leave what didn't behind?
We had all year long to practice trial … (10 comments)

purpose: STORIES THAT TEACH LESSONS (life reflection) - 11/22/18 09:03 AM
I read a very meaningful story book one day that I never forgot. It was about a caterpillar who was traveling down the road and met other caterpillars doing the same. Then one of them became fast friends with each other and joined up. Both shared they had heard stories of good fortune, wealth and opportunities just up ahead. The two decided to seek these things out together
They saw in the distance a great spiraling growth that towered into the sky with thousands of their like kind all lined up to climb it. They knew this must be the place of … (7 comments)

purpose: IT HAS TO PAY FOR ITSELF - 10/27/18 06:27 AM
The title of the post applies to everything if you choose to believe or investigate it. We do to have or why would you do? The second phase in this thought process is what is the gain from the doing or having? Everyone has to ante-up in this game & we all have the same value to do so i.e. our time! That is our investment in common
Why would an employer hire an employee? The answer while different in the details is linked in the general answer which is they need help! The employer is spending money to make money while providing a … (13 comments)

purpose: MEASURE OF A PERSON - 09/23/18 06:30 AM
I speak to you both personally and professionally (fully) and invite you to assess and examine yourself. Pause is required and of course a desire to want to know to enter into this subject matter. Its a treasure hunt only this is about the inner values that we know as satisfactions, contentedness and fulfillment's. If you journey this way, here you will find who you really are and not pretending, imitating, substituting or denying to be. This discovery also brings a bonus to it...
When the transition took place (long ago)of going from hunter-gatherers to farming, trading & domesticating a different-type mold of … (4 comments)

purpose: TRUTH SERVED HERE - 09/12/18 08:32 AM
Henry David Thoreau remains one of my favorites. You must do your self a good service and visit with this mans quotes and philosophies as they will enrich you and cause you great reason to pause and then admire the depth, breath and width of life and all its mysteries
“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” is another one that moves me every which way. Here we get insight into his Psyche and how what one shares should come from the mastery of the inner places which only comes about from true living
“It's … (18 comments)

purpose: WHAT MAKES SENSE - 09/09/18 06:05 AM
This is where all of us humans must go and willingly too or we will not have the  "deep" satisfaction of connecting with whatever we are doing or wanting to accomplish. The first stop (or start) for the person's sense is with themselves and from there, we seek to reason with all others with one specific easy to do task i.e. to meet with their sense in common. If successful, this is called or referred to as...
Take a moment here. A very common mistake made is to seek out ones thinking or thoughts and then proceed as directed but why add an … (2 comments)

This should be taught as part of the education system especially in today's culture of anything goes. Unless one plans on living alone somewhere for the rest of their lives, interacting with people in a responsible manner is mandatory for personal development and professional success. What should be emphasized is the common sense of it all i.e. the obvious and from there everyone will know for themselves what is required and what not to do
This should be an ongoing course that helps to prepare us to fail as we practice and enter into the fields of experimenting. All life tends to … (9 comments)

purpose: MANKIND IS OUR BUSINESS - 07/15/18 05:52 AM
Over the years that I have been posting, blogging and commenting I have maintained an awareness to be careful and mindful to write in broad general terms using best concepts and examples to make my point for the subject matters. I always knew people would see themselves and recognize their situation in my postings when and if they chose or even if they didn't too
Out of the thousands of posts I have written it was always my intention to share & care and to promote the common good. When pointing out life issues and making comments in regards to behaviors … (18 comments)

purpose: WORKING BUT NOT FOR A LIVING - 03/08/18 07:33 AM
We all have a skills bank unique and different but similar in that those abilities can produce whatever is necessary not only for the user and possessor of the "bank" but for others as well. The common use is to lend someone or sell them your talents and gifts for a fee and we have employer/employee interactions plus services/products offerings profitable for all. Jobs, careers and establishing ones quality of life are some of the results to expect
The very nature and make-up of anyones skills banks, talents, gifts and abilities causes them to stir, call-out and literally beg to be used & if not creating an … (11 comments)

purpose: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS (must know) - 01/15/18 07:46 AM
This is NOT about saying please and thank you and pretending to have complied with interacting and communicating with another person. NO. Manners are a small part although a necessary one to be sure. What I am speaking about is the art, depth and results (or lack thereof) that come from an exchange either personal or professional of persons who we know or don't know
Humans communicate with their whole being & we find out that some are far from being whole but never the less need to be understood. The coming together for whatever reason is full of verbal and … (4 comments)

purpose: I CAN'T WAIT (life post) - 12/18/17 11:07 AM
When we were kids, at some certain age, the I CAN'T WAIT manifested itself to us. It came when it comes perhaps hurried along by parents, other kids or our very own desires and likes stirring and making themselves known. It is not limited to anyone one thing this I CAN'T WAIT event. NO. It crosses-over into everything and travels all the way to the end with us
1. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for Saturday mornings when all the cartoons would come out.
2. I couldn't wait to go out and play first to adventure and if there was other kids even better
3. Couldn't … (28 comments)

purpose: IN THE END....(ponder now) - 10/17/17 06:39 AM
Who pays too much attention to years or decades from now? We are and should be busy living our lives in the "now" taking come what may or seeking out our desires and being content while discovering the newness of every single moment presented. That's right! No moment has ever been lived-in before nor will it be again making it one of the most valuable dynamics or experiences available
What we don't realize is that the "life" clock is ticking away as we go about our little here & there. Time is so subtle a force. We don't realize it is our traveling partner unless … (4 comments)

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