purpose: THE FALSE PATH (life journey ponder) - 02/09/24 11:18 AM
All things are possible, available & doable within the norms of reality. Mankind can wake-up one day & pursue anything of interest & in most circumstances have it for the getting & wanting of it. Being an American ups this premise even more. Saying all that, what is & is not acceptable in the pursuit of wants & needs?
There is your will, the other guys will & if you believe, the will of God. For mankind, we want to have a reach that exceeds our grasp but at what cost? If we become too willful, might we be … (4 comments)

purpose: ACT of KINDNESS (true coin of realm) - 12/29/23 09:43 AM

This subject (kindness) was made known to me decades ago and I have treasured it since then. It is not only a form of loving your neighbor, of treating others as you would be treated, but also a type of tithing or giving back. It can remain personal or public, but one thing is for sure. When "kindness" is unleashed, it goes to work!
Kindness for the some, lucky few is a permanent gift given by the power that be. It is given, like all other giftings, to be given back, and in the doing of this, many good things come … (13 comments)

purpose: HISTORY of YOU with CAVEAT - 08/22/23 08:03 AM

It all takes place here.
Let's get the "caveat" in the title out of the way. Humans have a tendency to sink in their think resulting in a fantasy world made up of lies. Why lies? Because none of those thoughts are true based on results. They take the familiar form of I could, would or should have but the facts of the matter say differently.
THE PAST? r.i.p.
Let it rest in peace. Be done with it as it is done with you! Can we reflect? Perhaps spend a ponder? How about a reminisce? Sure. However, if you stray or stay too long … (5 comments)

purpose: PERSONAL & LIFE LESSONS - 08/02/23 11:43 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to wake-up and discover that we were completely whole, without remorse or regret, our personal "knowing" banks running over with a clear and precise path put before us "illuminated" with no considerations for anything? But wait, we are not those/that person (s) but instead a people of want, need, correction, with instruction & guidance thrown in. 
We came & come first. However, we know not what we do. We suffer from a lack of our own identity, purpose & direction & if that is not enough, the person to the right, left, front & behind you … (21 comments)

purpose: THE MANY HATS OF LIFE (ponder life) - 01/18/23 11:21 AM
I remember the times gone by when presented and occasionally miscellaneous items come up for review. I reminisce, ponder or have a tear or two as they parade by. I am able to say at this time that the statement: brevity of life is no myth. It just flies by the by until I go bye & bye? 
I remember being a rape counselor for about two years in the city I was doing business in at the time. What made me gravitate toward this, who can say for sure. The ache, pain & learning curve from this … (7 comments)

purpose: THE "NOT YOU" (mystery) - 02/03/22 08:46 AM
You have always been aware of yourself and the not yourself as it surfaced here & there throughout your lifetime. Saying or doing something embarrassing or awkward leaves one asking: Why did I say or do that? The disconnect is you glimpsing your real self from the not so real or programmed self. Let's explore this
From the infant stage, a baby only knows to respond & react to basic needs without thought or agenda. Noise is how an infant communicates not even knowing what it is saying. The parent reads & responds to the noise. All natural
As an infant … (9 comments)

purpose: I WONDER...(thank you) - 11/25/21 08:49 AM
I am going to define WONDER so that you can better appreciate this entrance window into something deep and everlasting and not just stop at the word itself. Pause and consider this definition: Surprise with admiration, stirred with beauty, the unexpected, the unfamiliar driven by desire to explore and gravitate toward. Sounds like a recipe for abundant life. Combine, stir, let set and eat as desired?
When one is engaged, consumed or surrounded by wonder, they are said to be in a state of awe. When you take fear (of the unknown) and mix with reverence plus respect is how you … (3 comments)

purpose: WHAT DO YOU WANT? (spiritual mystery) - 11/22/21 06:06 AM
The mind is quick to answer the post title but we are not interested in compliance but instead fulfillment. We know to come and go, finish what we start and to nourish ourselves. The body, your thoughts and the necessaries make themselves known. What I am asking is: what do YOU want. That unique one of a kind you....
When one has their way, it is no different than another having their way when it comes to food, shelter, clothing & the common necessities or privileges available. If fact, we tend to repeat what we can have over & over … (2 comments)

purpose: MOTIVATION (spiritual mystery ) - 09/19/21 05:55 AM
What drives you? You may answer: in regards to what? This allows me to post that the word and subject applies to everything of and in life in this period of time. The human part? We are motion machines designed to participate in the grandeur of life-living. The motivation? Deep and rewarding satisfaction from the doing of it
All of us come into the world part sponge, innocent, without experience, capable of nearly everything and anything (in time) in the form of an unfinished type of product. THINK: Swiss Army Knife where you have 10-50 tools/attachments all serving multiple purposes. … (10 comments)

Haven't you had times where you closed yourself off from something? It could be a person (s), a place, unpleasant memory or even conversation. We control the open and close doorway allowing things in or out to our standards and satisfaction. If one becomes a good listener, they will always be open while a thinker operates in a closed loop i.e. thoughts emotions and replaying of events past, present or future.
SUBJECTS U LIKE (or don't)
With something you find interesting, notice how your learning systems flow and the gates to receive open wide. By contrast, encounter something not to your liking & … (3 comments)

purpose: THERE IS NO OFF SWITCH (life call) - 09/01/21 05:41 AM
Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are always on display either to others or from our action results and even unto ourselves. There is no obvious secret place where one goes to hide. NO. While you live, you are on display. Who and what you are & what becomes of it is monitored constantly. Choosing best efforts will yield best results
A person lives by their results or their lack of results. Inside every human is a LIFE-FORCE which by its very defintion has to live if it is to exist. Those are the terms of … (2 comments)

purpose: THE LIGHT WITHIN (spiritual reflection) - 08/29/21 05:29 AM
TRUTH is that light that brings clarity, peace, rest and hope & is what governs the Universe in a never-ending presented setting. Light delivers the Truth and the Truth created light to enlighten (nurture) us both inside & out. It answers unto itself and was created for the one who lives by it and for it. Without this light you would have void. Test void to sample a contrast for your self as follows
Enter into a dark closet where all light has been cut-off ( type of void). You will sense your own presence in a way that you … (3 comments)

purpose: WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE (life ponder) - 07/30/21 06:05 AM
The answer to the title of the posting is so stunningly obvious you will be relieved instantly upon hearing the answer which is this: Whatever is being submitted to you! No need to think it into reality but to invite and act on the present moments input which is so full of activity one could not chart or list it. This would be impossble. What makes our role possible is this....
What should concern you is your business which unfolds before you without effort. Think back to childhood or go & observe pre-schoolers to get this point of simplicity simply … (0 comments)

purpose: THE WIDE ROAD vs PRIVATE PATH ( life ) - 07/22/21 06:40 AM
In the realm of the title of the posting, we all end up traveling this way i.e. to what we call cross-roads that require a choice from us. The question always is this: what do we get in return? Do we know what lies ahead? Are we just curious or perhaps just wandering without purpose? If on a mission then we proceed with focus. If exploring, wonder and adventure drives us. The price is always time that is invested. Should we follow in the footsteps of others or carve-out our mystery?
In personal & professional categories of every kind, chances are … (3 comments)

purpose: MIND and then MINE your business - 05/02/21 11:18 AM
Distractions, temptations and poor choices all serve to remind us to first to mind our own business, pursue our own welfare and to perfect our own life style by attending to it. Minding anywhere else creates losses, leakages and stagnation in what amounts to our personal development. Heal thyself first and then do as you will
There is literally gold within the self a sort of treasure chest filled with everything you could want and need and how to go about it all that when visited, probed and tested proves itself true. Your personal "gold" mine only needs a … (2 comments)

purpose: WHAT TO GET GOD FOR CHRISTMAS (christian theme) - 12/22/19 10:36 AM
What do you give to someone who has everything you can imagine? Here on earth it is equally hard to gift people like that let alone GOD. But not to worry because the Son of GOD took care of the Gifting to the Father. He made himself an offering of obedience, loyalty, devotion, love everlasting and worship. The FATHER had this to say: This is my beloved SON in whom I am well-pleased
A hearty thank you to the Christ who pleased GOD & caused Him to utter more than once just how pleased he was is & will be. But … (11 comments)

purpose: THANKFULNESS - 11/08/19 10:31 AM
If one pauses at anytime or anywhere in any given situation at work or at rest instantly without losing a moment, a never-ending & constant observations are presented at every compass point including up or down all driven by a request to acknowledge or appreciate them. These appreciations cannot be counted, numbered nor were they created to do so but instead to be acknowledged via realization in the moment. 
This reward which is wordless and boundless will be given to anyone who pauses to receive it. We call it thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, awe, wonder, discovery, adventure and they consist of the most … (30 comments)

purpose: MADE MORE THAN MONEY - 11/08/19 08:18 AM
Oh so many flowers and not enough time to smell them? How about we don't want to spend our time smelling but instead hurry along to answer the call of our ambition or goal thinking that the sooner we get there the quicker our return can come. This is not an uncommon thought but an often used one so I ask you...why then have flowers that smell so good and demand up-close and personal visits?
I was in Trader Jo shopping and you have to pass by the flower section on the way in. I have passed the display many times and so … (23 comments)

purpose: PERSPECTIVE IS POWERFUL (life ponder) - 08/20/19 05:42 PM
To simply put it I am speaking about point of view (perspective). Stop and consider this. Do you know there are subjects that have endless points of view and other topics that have limited points of view but all tell whats going on from vantage points. Yes, there are many vantage (good view of something) points to everything known or unknown. Life is so complex on this level that we were created specifically not to know so we could enjoy what we do know more

purpose: HOW TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? - 08/12/19 10:24 AM
I am reminded of a grain of sand that in and of itself doesn't stand-out or can even be seen (well) let alone desired but when put with its like kind becomes a sand-bar or a beachhead with a distinct purpose both below and above the surface. Collectively these grains serve a purpose and individually cause that purpose to a result. How much more then does a human being make its mark?
We don't rely on the wind or nature to shovel us around but instead are self-propelled to come and go at random and by deliberation. Amazing alone or in a group … (15 comments)

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