real estate: REAL ESTATE EXAM SHOULD HAVE - 10/02/20 04:34 PM
I have never really believed the Real Estate exam they administer in California to be effective or on target with how a newly practicing Real Estate agent should proceed. In fact, just because there are a certain set of do's and don't doesn't mean or guarantee a licensed result whatever that is. Just what is licensing and what is it supposed to do or not do?
Its not the degree one walks away from when leaving college but how it is activated and wielded on the job. How can any degree prepare anyone for what is to come? All it can do … (8 comments)

Spent weeks prepping the "for sale" home and briefing the client. Client says to the agent: Please no more long stories just brief answers and I'm good. Agent says alright, let's concentrate on getting the home ready and from this point on, let me handle all inquiries. So what does the client do? Starts answering questions and listing to be info with neighbors, friends and strangers all about the home
For those of you who think nothing wrong with a seller talking away about the listing, condition of home, repairs, issues not relevant & who project excitement, utmost cooperation & … (28 comments)

real estate: VIRUS PLAYS MUSICAL CHAIRS GAME - 04/02/20 06:59 AM
I have preached what I am about to share for years and some believe it prudent and entertaining others cute and not a problem yet here it is for you NOW to assess. Remember the game musical chairs where they take lets say 10 chairs facing in alternating directions, 12 people and music? The instructions are to circle the chairs while the music plays and when music STOPS...grab a chair. If not, you are out of the game....
Now, they remove a chair and the music starts again. There will always be more people than chairs and at random … (6 comments)

real estate: VIRUS SCHOOL of LIFE TEACHES MUCH - 03/15/20 07:27 PM
We are in a cause and effect mode mixed with mild-panic plus a learning curve to a subject we never really heeded but instead took two Tylenol or NyQuil and called it a day. We are all getting educated on this subject just like they would teach it in school only this is better. But there is more going on that meets the eye and the future will reveal it soon enough
When things settle down and they will, we have learned about what people do, cities, states and government do or don't, products and services, treatments and what really to fear should … (8 comments)

real estate: REAL ESTATE CHECKERS CHESS and LIFE - 03/06/20 01:45 PM
Checkers requires quick action followed by a re-action which in turn is re-turned by the other player. In playing, it is a close cousin of Tic Tac Toe. At some point in the game, the chance to win leans one way or the other and the players know it. By contrast, chess requires being more thought out before and during the game to not only play but to win it too
I have been preaching for years the simplicity of the Real Estate dynamics not to be confused with the complexity of human nature, emotions, over or under thinking … (18 comments)

real estate: MY POINTS CAME ALIVE? - 01/22/20 06:38 PM
It was a quiet, I was tired and I decided to spend the rest of the evening reading before finally nodding off. I bid farewell to ActiveRain via my laptop and gave it permission to enter the sleep mode at its convenience. In other words, I gave it the rest of the night off. A few hours later, I heard noise coming from my laptop. As I opened the lid, ActiveRain page came up and a character made entirely of my points appeared. What? Who are you? My name is.....
Is this ActiveRain Support? Fellows, knock it off its late. Pointdexter responded: I am your 2.5 … (87 comments)

real estate: WHEN PRICES DON'T COME DOWN (real estate theme) - 01/18/20 12:48 PM
What happens if the title of this post comes true? Is it far-fetched to entertain such a thing? I wonder. Right now home prices are high and in demand and have been some time. A Real Estate cycle is at work. In addition, rents have reached an all-time high too. Both are holding steadily and with low interest rates they both may climb even higher & hold on the affordability scales
Fascinating the Real Estate cycle remains almost like the stock market only easier to read and predict within certain parameters. In the housing market, what goes up must come … (25 comments)

real estate: FOR THE LOVE of POINTS (addict-rain) - 01/02/20 07:30 PM
This post is just for fun so no hate mail please LOL. I was reading the Q & A which is controversial at this time and laughed when the subject of points came up. It made me remember when I was a point-addict and monitored closely points coming and going. There was a reason for it i.e. to save some money using the point system achievement program. Another reason was....
I remember playing silly amusement games in Coney Island, Redondo Pier, Pomona Fair, and even at Chuck E. Cheese pizza places to name a few. They all had something in common. If you won at … (19 comments)

real estate: TRUE REAL ESTATE TALES (ouch) - 12/28/19 08:35 AM
I have met people of all kinds, ethics, beliefs in my Real Estate travels and never fail to be amazed after a while at what goes on and what takes place in this arena. The obvious is rewarding. However it is the shenanigans and dark deeds that this post is about. Perhaps people who like NOT using an agent will take note...
This is how you really learn as you read the following TALES & as I did discover for myself what worked, what didn't and how much I didn't know and needed to know. I paid for my lessons in time … (9 comments)

If Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man were here and alive today, they would all have ACTIVERAIN ACCOUNTS. Yes, they would log-in, have profiles, check the feature pages and then OFF to see (?) where they can add all their comments, surf blogs or post! Their yellow brick road would include their keyboard and mouse to be sure
It may interest you to know that Dorothy has a built-in mouse into her shoes that most people wouldn't know about. She just has to CLICK CLICK CLICK and she is returned to her home page no problem. It … (7 comments)

real estate: BOOKS, CD'S and PITCHES CANNOT GUARANTEE - 08/30/19 08:38 AM
There are many books written over the years as far back as the dawn of writing speaking out about various subjects that appeal to mankind. For someone who has no awareness or wishes to acquire one... someone elses experience is a good start. At no time does this substitute for your own experience. It just functions as a pioneer or a guide to prime your adventure and discovery pumps. Once those are activated our/your portion begins
There is no formula for living life. Trillions of people over time and in times to come will testify to that. No two journeys are … (11 comments)

real estate: SELLER SELLING HIS HOME THROUGH ME - 03/22/19 10:21 AM
I have a client who comes along once in a great while who just wants everything to go and show well in the selling of his home. Making repairs ahead of time without being told, landscaping at a premium and professionally cleaned and photo-graphed including drone coverage too. Furthermore, he is researching the neighborhood to get a feel for pricing and days on market and wants to come out of the gate a winner
Lets get right to this subject because you can't help think it. Why me and not you? He does not want a fool for … (11 comments)

real estate: TOP DOLLAR DYNAMICS (real estate theme) - 03/21/19 07:25 AM
Money makes the world not only go round but is one of the necessities of life. We learn this very early on and train ourselves to be a person that looks for opportunities. Using the dynamic of one thing leads to another, we finally come across our success and it tastes sweet so much so we want more of it. This is expected. However, something comes to interfere with it all...
This is a subjective dynamic to be sure and if you strive for one penny more than you know you shouldn't have or want or to go about it … (26 comments)

real estate: LIST WITH ME TO WIN A FREE CORVETTE ? - 03/10/19 06:40 AM
As we all know Real Estate is a dynamic and profitable experience with predictable outcomes when handled by traditional and conservative professionals. The outcomes still continue to be powerful because all that participate stand to gain. Often referred to as the largest transaction of ones life it demands a standard of interaction to give that predictable result. One mistake, error or mis-step can cost time and money.....and ...?
I had a 1996 Corvette Collectors Edition I wanted to sell & at the same time I was soliciting listings in Real Estate. What if I combined the two? … (33 comments)

real estate: REAL ESTATE FRONT LINES (no substitute) - 02/11/19 07:52 AM
The other day I had to give a 30 day notice to 8 year quality decent tenants. Its a long story as often Real Estate and life can be. I want to use it to make a point however. It was done with respect, courtesy and humility and even so it was emotional, affected all involved and left one with lots of pondering. Why? Its the front lines!
For every month over an 8 year period, as a property manager I had the fondest thoughts of the tenants. Why? They helped me do my job and serve my client well. I … (8 comments)

real estate: THE PUBLIC AT LARGE DOES NOT KNOW - 02/09/19 08:05 AM
Agents, family, friends and people at large are all aware in general about various subjects but does that mean they know what they are talking about? This question applies to all careers, practices and endeavors one can pursue. I know a little bit about everything as my seeking and wanting to know ability runs at optimum however does that make me a master of the subjects or the products for that matter?
I file taxes every year but I could not tell you anything about the tax laws & all related matters to it. I know to file or else … (9 comments)

real estate: NEW CEO NAR PROMISES REFUNDS (contest) - 06/09/18 11:45 AM
As my first act in office and in charge of the NAR, all non-earned dues will cease and those that stay in affect will be earned as demonstrated by results. This will go into affect one year from the date of my appointment. At that time if I fail to raise the bar, standards & premium first place placement of this once prestigious organization, I will distribute conditional reimbursements funds
The start-up years will be exempt as will the banner years and any years where what was right, fair, just and true for the Real Estate industry and the agents in practice at … (9 comments)

real estate: YOU ARE ASKING ME ABOUT AN OFFER? - 06/07/18 06:28 PM
I get a text from one of the sellers of a listing I didn't get asking me if they should accept an offer made to them. You see people usually appreciate something more when they lose it. I interviewed and invested time and money in a large listing that I didn't get. So imagine my surprise when I get the text asking for my
All character driven agents know not to interfere with other agents & their clients who they have under contract & where fiduciary is at work. That's a no-no to get involved even if you are invited. My answer (to … (21 comments)

real estate: I THINK (Real Estate Opinions) - 03/11/18 06:37 AM
Everyone can and does do the title of the post. Some do it more than others and some less. The secret is to learn how to wield your think so that it serves and of course does not only the required tasks but also perform what is asked of it. Some people license their thinking becoming experts or professionals in their fields. Its when people think they are when they are not the troubles begins
Like the belly-button, opinions roam the earth and there is no end. If you ever met an opinionated person, they believe to be right on … (17 comments)

real estate: REAL ESTATE COMMISSION ESSENCE (discussion) - 03/04/18 06:50 AM
The always present subject found in big some big business especially Real Estate is commission or the cost of hiring an agent to handle the transaction to a likely result. If a buyer is on the hunt, they want an agent that excels in that. If it be a seller, an agent who practices just that. Why? Because each dynamic has its specific issues and advantages that shift back and forth as they should
Buying and selling agents bring a balance (or win) for their principal while at the same time including themselves. This is done everywhere in commerce. The system is very … (0 comments)

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