reason: MOTIVATION (spiritual mystery ) - 09/19/21 05:55 AM
What drives you? You may answer: in regards to what? This allows me to post that the word and subject applies to everything of and in life in this period of time. The human part? We are motion machines designed to participate in the grandeur of life-living. The motivation? Deep and rewarding satisfaction from the doing of it
All of us come into the world part sponge, innocent, without experience, capable of nearly everything and anything (in time) in the form of an unfinished type of product. THINK: Swiss Army Knife where you have 10-50 tools/attachments all serving multiple purposes. … (10 comments)

reason: SIGHT DYNAMICS (spiritual look-see) - 09/11/21 05:22 AM
You know of these principals but by their full names they are known as hindsight, foresight and insight and they are wanting to be welcomed each one as they visit with you. Why? They bring with them valuable gifts and lessons all for the good. Who sent them? Where did they come from? What is our part when they visit? Without them, we stagnate. With them, we grow
Humans remain amazing even in their obvious lack & dysfunction generally speaking let alone for the custom uniqueness of all individuals past, present and future. Our lack of being whole produced and … (4 comments)

reason: THERE IS NO OFF SWITCH (life call) - 09/01/21 05:41 AM
Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are always on display either to others or from our action results and even unto ourselves. There is no obvious secret place where one goes to hide. NO. While you live, you are on display. Who and what you are & what becomes of it is monitored constantly. Choosing best efforts will yield best results
A person lives by their results or their lack of results. Inside every human is a LIFE-FORCE which by its very defintion has to live if it is to exist. Those are the terms of … (2 comments)

reason: HOW YOU CAN HAUNT YOU - 10/26/19 09:18 AM
By haunt I am referring to something that comes back to visit and it is not Casper the friendly ghost but instead the ghost of regret and payback along with why did I say, do or write what I did! At the time, these haunting-ghosts yet to be cannot be seen or heard but go to work if given the chance. They look for opportunities based on your emotions out of control
Doing/saying/writing something stupid can come back to haunt in several forms of pain & remorse. Lets explore a few of these & you may add your own too. Be comforted in … (18 comments)

That's what we are all looking for and expecting when pursuing what we want or when someone is pitching their wares, products or services i.e. does it make sense? This reason dynamic is invisible and always present and we usually without knowing bring it to the surface by inquiring or researching our curiosity. Is what is being said or represented reasonable? Profitable as in values exchanged?
We have built-in within us to instantly identify what is NOT reasonable, ridiculous, far-fetched, doubtful & nonsensical & we not only say so but act it out in many cases with expressions … (4 comments)

reason: ASSESS YOURSELF (the you) - 11/27/17 07:21 AM
Our minds are active and busy making us believe that we have to come and go at its beck and call and some people get either comfortable or hypnotized (or both) by it to the point where they just react to every thought leaving out a very important part of human nature called reason. In order to reason, you must first assess
ASSESS YOURSELF (start here)
The center of any activity involves at all times a centric figure called YOU. Each one of us has a "you" and from that location, we take notice of what is going on around us and before … (2 comments)

reason: EVERYONE HAS THIS ABILITY - 08/17/15 12:23 AM
Being objective. We all have the ability to observe while something... anything really is presented and learn what is necessary from its visiting with us. Many times, we move in for a closer view which may involve leaving our center or inner observation post. Fine if you come back! If not, you are now into what is visiting with you and that supports the visiting dynamic
THE RULE: Whatever you get into, gets into you... holds.
When we become observers and receivers by default, life becomes effortless and the path you are on becomes straight and the portions assigned to you while here, while … (11 comments)

reason: COME TO YOUR SENSES - 07/11/15 09:03 AM
That is the first priority of anyone anywhere at all times especially when you are being called out of them either directly, indirectly or by surprise. We are our most effective selves when we are centered and then responding as allowed or called for. Fail this and you remain captive to whatever circumstances are trying to seize the moment and your part in it
When a police officer pulls you over, if not calm, the order of the day is to stay calm so he can investigate and inquire. Instructions will be given and those that remain outside of being reached set up the next … (7 comments)

reason: WHO IS BEHIND THE PAPERWORK? - 05/07/15 12:14 AM
Having a contract is a very important part of any transaction that provides services or products. The contract can be specific or general as well as limited and it exists for many reasons. For one thing, it is clarity in writing so that all parties understand the where, when, how who, and what of it all taking place
In America, we tend to settle our differences via litigation. The courts have the last word on nearly everything we do so it is no wonder that we spend a lot of time upfront in the contractual stage. Checking boxes, initialing clauses, signing agreements all are common … (4 comments)

reason: SENSE NO SENSE and NONSENSE - 04/28/15 11:28 PM
Why do these three have permission to co-exist? The simple answer is so that we can choose one and discard the others. However, what appears to be sense to one may not be sense to another. The subjective sense while allowed has to be tested and found not wanting. It will eventually lead to neutral ground or the common sense
Interesting to note that when we come across someones personal sensing and we don't agree, it always takes the shape of an argument to be. Why? That is how important this little dynamic we call "sense" is. If it is working properly, … (0 comments)

reason: THE ENEMY LOOKS LIKE ME? - 03/08/15 01:05 AM
Sooner or later and at some point, life will teach you a very important lesson that is like a hard pill to swallow when it is first introduced namely that you could be the problem. Until we understand that we are always on a learning curve, it is convenient to blame others when things don't go right. But why start there?
Many people start there because they have not discovered the most important part of a problem which is the part they played in it. It gets harder when we cant see it making us definitely believe that it just could not be … (16 comments)

reason: WHY BEING REASONABLE PAYS OFF - 09/06/14 06:33 AM
Simply because if there is a problem that you cannot see and should know about, being reasonable allows it to visit with you, to approach you and allow you to clean it up and re-direct it on a better course and outcome. Being UNREASONABLE is your argument to keep the whole thing, right or wrong and if it doesn't come in as planned...the first person to consult with would be the one in the mirror
Its hard for a person of pride to admit anything wrong or even entertain it. But that is the real problem. Being a person of pride. One of … (5 comments)

The five senses report to the person all day long non-stop giving feedback and input that is automatically handled and directed to the necessary destinations. It operates even while you sleep this system of ours. Smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing remain remarkable and what makes it all so compelling is how well they work together to serve the recipient or host
However, they can be manipulate and interfered with causing us to have less than genuine experiences or results. However there is one SENSE that cannot be tampered with and that is a persons COMMON SENSE … (0 comments)

reason: STEP BY STEP YOU WILL PREVAIL - 08/21/13 01:00 AM
I once visited a place called Boyden's cave. You take this tour and go deep within the cave and then when you are well within the cave the tour guide says this:: "The man who discovered this cave had to crawl out of here and in pitch darkness as his lamps failed. To help you experience what it was like, we will now shut all our lights". They did and we did.... and for the next few moments, terror, confusion and fear filled the group
Well we all had the same reaction in common however Mr. Boyden … (6 comments)

reason: I HAD TO SAY NO ON THIS REFERRAL - 03/20/13 11:28 PM
Got a call in regards to managing some property from a person who said a satisfied customer referred me to them. FINE. I listened as this person told me why they were calling and described a situation that kept pointing the finger of many problems to themselves. I am being deliberately vague here. I asked some careful questions and arrogance, strong hold tactics, and unreasonableness came to the surface. This person wanted me to work for them
If they could only hear themselves complaining about all these management issues and the part they play in it. … (7 comments)

reason: THE POWER OF REASON - 03/04/13 10:07 PM
Are you reasonable? Think before you answer. Someone who has sound judgment and who is fair and sensible is practicing being reasonable. Related to that is someone who is logical and rational. Your demeanor is governed by soundness of thinking and beliefs that are not excessive or extreme. Let me tell you this...You will recognize what is NOT reasonable when you come across it...guaranteed
To reason something out is good for all parties and promotes well-being, fair play and makes whatever is going on have meaning and depth. WHY? Because it is about people and their outcome. Many … (8 comments)

Years ago, I came across in a joke shop a bottle of white pill candy with a label on it that said STRESS PILLS. Then, it gave directions to take as needed but don't exceed xxx amount of pills in one swallow. I bought this bottle and put it in our conference room. Anytime anyone was stressing, we passed the bottle down. Hilarious
It stopped everyone from arguing right there and then. It made us all laugh and re-focus. If someone still fought the idea, one of us would even pour a little glass of water and … (2 comments)

reason: YOU DONT HAVE TO SELL IF YOU DONT WANT TO - 01/13/12 03:32 AM
I like doing listings and usually require a good length of time to market property properly. It is my upfront time and expense going in that will produce results shortly thereafter. I remind my clients that my efforts will go unrewarded until I successfully transact which is often weeks to months away
Some people are hesitant to sign a long listing agreement and I can understand that. With short sales, I require a year and a very clear understanding going in. That is a big investment for me and doable providing we finish what we start
YOUR … (4 comments)

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