respect: THE ANSWER IS NO (an un-asked question) - 01/16/20 04:29 PM
If you do not ask that is what the answer will always be i.e. NO! What we should never do but find ourselves doing more often than not is asking the question mentally within our own minds and then answering it there too making it never really come out to play and stay. I ask you: Why then are you here? Thinking in and of itself only goes so far and too much of it causes one to sink in it (sinking in thinking) is no myth
It is no accident that mankind is created in ways that are obvious in the … (11 comments)

respect: THANKFULNESS - 11/08/19 10:31 AM
If one pauses at anytime or anywhere in any given situation at work or at rest instantly without losing a moment, a never-ending & constant observations are presented at every compass point including up or down all driven by a request to acknowledge or appreciate them. These appreciations cannot be counted, numbered nor were they created to do so but instead to be acknowledged via realization in the moment. 
This reward which is wordless and boundless will be given to anyone who pauses to receive it. We call it thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, awe, wonder, discovery, adventure and they consist of the most … (30 comments)

respect: the TROUBLE with TROUBLE - 07/13/19 12:55 PM
It plagues mankind. It intrudes. We give it life or death depending how we handle it.  For those that are quick to blame, deny or excuse and refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their part played or the part not played, I say you/we are the problem with this point in mind. There is assigned inner work to be done. Disgree? Trouble is delighted when you do...
Wrong is subjective. It may not be  wrong to the wrong-doer by anothers eyes but what counts is our assessment first and then to consider what other dynamics are at work if … (8 comments)

respect: TAKING THE FUN OUT OF IT? - 07/16/17 06:40 AM
The subject of "fun" stands on its own. It doesn't need anyone by its very nature but we need "fun" to be sure. Its free, available and pays off consistently. It is fluent in all languages, can operate under all conditions and has a reputation that cannot be tarnished. Fun remains one of the most rewarding dynamics on this planet
Imagine it goes missing. In the short term, we don't give it a second thought as we live without it. In the long term, we start to show signs and symptoms of it being missed or gone missing. Why? The answer could be … (6 comments)

Let me start out by saying that Real Estate agents do not come in different colors like blue, red, yellow and orange let alone green lol. The green I am alluding to here is not knowing what I was doing but worse than that. I didn't know that I didn't know with a touch of I don't care thrown in! This is not a good life combination
In my early no-nothing days as a licensed Real Estate agent, I learned something that helped me become not only a better person but a more successful businessman too. It was a lesson that you learn by trial and error, … (43 comments)

respect: PEOPLE LIKE THIS - 10/12/15 06:20 AM
Plain & simple, they like hearing their own names. It has been studied and gets high results too. It works in so many arenas as well. When customer servicing, counseling, placing an order or just plain introductions, referring to someones name and saying it correctly promotes a strong, likable connection
Gets even better when someone knows your name and you don't know there's. Immediately you think that they took the time or went to the trouble and this brings about a down home, easy-peasy, cooperative dynamic that invites all. Who doesn't respond to politeness?
I was showing a property to a buyers agent and two principals … (11 comments)

respect: SINKING IN THINKING LEADS TO ANALYSIS PARALYSIS - 08/28/15 04:24 AM it the other way around? Analysis paralysis leads to sinking in your thinking? What in the world does this mean says one and another says that is so true. So that we all get on the same page during this post visiting, let's expand a little bit more these seven little words that pack wallop!
These two systems are not complimentary to the human being and their journey but exist and intrude often if we let them. Why do we let them! Stop this! Perhaps this post will help
Ever get lost in your mind? Sure you have. Remember drifting out … (10 comments)

This is a day where we all meet-up and we may not even KNOW each other but we do know OF each other. This is the invisible world of America, her true strength and greatness. The flag means the same to each one of us as we journey through time. We are bound by the common belief of our way of life. In this, we all agree..
For the known or unknown man who lived before me, we know each other this day. For the one that will come after me, he will know me just like I know he is coming. We will all celebrate … (4 comments)

respect: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MAKES SURE - 12/28/14 10:44 PM
All my property owning clients are convinced of one sure thing and that is that professional management is worth every penny in the short and long term any way you look at it. If you poll the tenants under my supervision, they would tell you that being treated a certain way is expected and appreciated as well.
It is not just about rent and how it exchanges hands. There is a pride of ownership and performance that comes with a proper relationship in the rental business that compliments all the players. Expectations are real on both sides and when … (6 comments)

respect: THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE - 11/10/14 03:08 AM
Within the human being, lies the simplicity of life and the living of it. When someone else tries to interfere with what we know is right in our own hearts, then we have a problem. Sides are quickly formed and people choose what side they believe in. In America, we kept it simple. We wanted freedom of choice plain and simple
Others wanted us to have that choice subject to their version of it. We liked our version of it. With no middle ground and the issues clear, war enters into the fray and each one now has a duty to stand and … (5 comments)

respect: GIVE THE GIFT OF A POST SEASON IS HERE - 10/30/14 10:02 AM
It is as simple as the title of this post says. Take a moment to do a post about a peer, friend, place of business, family member or associate and make it personal. Its exactly what the Hallmark card people do. There is something about seeing something in print...isn't there? It makes it extra-special
It doesn't have to grand or deep but instead an acknowledgment from you to them that in your words, what you are saying really amounts to this underlying theme as follows: I am glad we are going through life together. I recognize the value and I … (6 comments)

respect: THE LITTLE THINGS - 10/29/14 07:11 AM
I went to Traders Jo's and bought some cornbread mix. Its good stuff and very easy to use. You go home, get the one egg, 1/2 cup of oil and cup of milk beat it all up and then put it in a greased pan and 40 minutes later, coming out of your oven is a golden brown, sweet smelling hot delicious corn bread
Let said cornbread cool for about 1/2 hour and then slice it into big portions. Carefully wrap those portions which are still warm in saran wrap and then here is the next best  most important step. … (77 comments)

Giving a kid a hand held remote device that connects to a video game is the new pacifier and baby sitter and one of great conveniences too. Hey, it helps to develop eye to hand coordination and keeps their little baby brains active and baby sits them too. No nurturing takes place. Just noise and sounds. Then, as they get older, more devices are available but to what end?
Today, when you get to interact all you want with technology, it is easy to forgo the manners, courtesies, intimacy, nurturing, inquiries and respect that comes from live interactions. When you are in the presence of … (7 comments)

respect: IF NOT CAREFUL THIS WILL PASS YOU BY - 06/29/14 06:40 AM is not to be wasted or taken for granted. It remains a host and we are its guests for such a short time too. The brevity of life doesn't make itself known until it does and then one wonders so many things. If we are in our flow, making use of our talents, skills, abilities and gifts, life then has special meaning
LIFE...It gives unconditionally non-stop, randomly and generously all over the planet earth. From images that are made in God (us) to things so small they testify to wonder and mystery by reason of us knowing they are there … (5 comments)

respect: PLEASE & THANK YOU NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE - 06/29/14 01:52 AM
Two words and look how powerful they are too. Try not using them and life can become complicated. Use them and navigating through life becomes more effective. Use them like you mean it and a lasting impression is made. Use them recklessly and you get a minimum reputation for being dishonest
These words and their use demand respect and not just noise that comes out of someones mouth trying to get somewhere fast. Some people just throw them out there so as to socially comply and leave people with I said it and now do what I want or what I tell you...The … (0 comments)

respect: YOU CAN COUNT ON ME TOO - 05/24/14 03:29 AM
You went first. You did your job and then some. I remember you daily when I walk or drive around. I know that all we have and enjoy is because when it came time to make sure it holds when challenged, you stepped up and because of your sacrifice, I am living a decent life
Should I have to stand one day for another like you did, I will. Until then, If I see someone who needs a leg-up or a rescue or even a helping hand, I will perform at that time according to my capabilities and circumstances. I want to do my … (7 comments)

A behavior that shows a type of politeness to others is what courtesy in motion simply is. This appreciation application that takes place in the moment that it is activated anywhere and accomplishes great things because it speaks instantly to the heart of all the players
Getting to the heart of the matter is our target. I often give courtesy without any conditions because I like to do this. I actually look for the opportunities too. The core of this dynamic supports all that is good, memorable and satisfying. Drink hearty from this cup!
For those that gauge everything using … (16 comments)

respect: BY NOW I KNOW - 04/19/14 04:06 AM
If you live long enough, you know things. If you do something over and over again, you end up knowing something about it. Experience is good and lots of experience makes you better and rounds off the edges...Doesn't matter what the subject is either
I was discussing generational dynamics the other day and the third generation is missing in lots of circumstances. Let me be clear. The first generation became the second and then the third. You see they went first just like everyone before them and learned and experimented with life every which way. They got on first...if you will
Then, … (20 comments)

respect: PEOPLE FIRST...THEN BUSINESS... my Weltanschaung - 03/30/14 12:05 AM
I never cared much to see anyone anywhere mistreated or ignored. There is absolutely no reason to not apply the golden rule of treating others well as you go through life. At the minimum, don't hurt anyone and you have complied. I took it a step farther for clarity sake
Is there any other way? I ask you. Customer service is often spoken about because it is something that is never achieved for any length of time because of one good reason. It is a people driven event and it only works as well as the people driving it. People make it work and people … (11 comments)

respect: REMEMBER TO ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT - 09/16/13 02:15 AM
GENTLY down the stream. Whats everyone in such a rush over? Why are we not enjoying the journey with movement directed toward quality not quantity. Then, the MERRILY MERRILY...which is high spirited fun, gaiety and festivity without regard for the future but respect for the now kicks in...Then, LIFE IS BUT A DREAM....comes true and worth living
Wild rowing of the boat while having its advantages doesn't deliver the tranquility or satisfaction of the journey. Furthermore, rowing against each other doesn't bring us together either or produce the results we all want. A focused rowing with a purpose … (3 comments)

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