righteousness: APOLOGY (spiritual theme) - 01/19/20 06:55 AM
Have you ever wondered why apologizing is so hard and painful to the one doing it? I am speaking of the real deal where YOU know what you did, why you did it and how it was not appropriate and some ancient and powerful dynamic driven by your conscience or (?) at work compels you to approach this subject with humility and give it the respect it deserves? If genuine it will sting but for a good cause
Right & wrong remain subjective terms is where we will start. My right or wrong belongs to me & my beliefs as does … (12 comments)

righteousness: YOU'RE RIGHT EVEN WHEN WRONG? (spiritual theme) - 12/27/19 06:57 AM
All of the life experience remains personal and subjective. What I like you may not and if I am cold you may be warm. How then can we argue what we are sharing? In the world of personal truths all are correct unto themselves. Its when others get involved compromise and perhaps perspectives change the dynamics. Lets take customer service for an example
I discovered this decades ago and it has served me well. Consider that you can find and critique anyone about anything but then ask yourself where is this going & why? In … (22 comments)

righteousness: YOUR EXCUSES ARE YOUR OWN - 12/14/19 07:05 AM
Here is a subject that causes discomfort starting with the one doing it first and then with anyone else it can rope in. Question: Have you ever heard someone pitch enthusiastically their excuse as if it was the gospel truth? For a person to do this they first had to convince themselves. Then, to make it stick convince you too
Admitting what went wrong or how it could have gone better doesn't occur to the one who is in denial. NO. A story is manufactured and edited using the mind, emotions and five senses which add drama, scenarios and conjectures. In other words a … (23 comments)

righteousness: DAY of RECKONING (life score) - 09/03/19 05:49 AM
Many put off this time of reckoning for all the different personal reasons but for only so long as it has an agenda of its own and makes itself known eventually. We may have caused it, have it coming as in comeuppance or it can be an answer to prayer one we were not expecting but may be the necessary answer. 
We all get them & have them. There is no escape. Just what is it? Simply put: Something (s) is/are catching up with you.  It is a day or moment that we put off because it is or appears … (6 comments)

righteousness: HOW DID YOU COME TO HAVE THIS? - 05/19/19 06:57 AM
We don't dwell on the title of the post but it sure makes itself known at the right time i.e. the time of announcement or discovery. Usually this statement is made when someone is surprised of your gain, holding or accomplishment making them ponder and state what their reaction is. If we have received ill-gotten gains or questionable ones our conscience speaks up long before anyone else does
How you have come to have something is paramount to having whatever it is. To be blunt and on point: To lie, cheat, manipulate, underhand or steal to gain is not allowed but … (8 comments)

righteousness: BEING FALSELY ACCUSED (my Russian collusion?) - 03/26/19 07:15 AM
Many years ago I was accused of stealing in the form of embezzling which of course is a hair away from accusing me of lying, cheating and fraud. In other words this is the end of life as I know it assuming it is all true. Now I am going to share my true experiences that I posted in some posts written years ago. What you are going to read is basically my Russian collusion story also known as HOT-AIR
Have you ever been accused of anything? Forget whether it is right or wrong it remains shocking, traumatic and not … (19 comments)

righteousness: TELLING THE TRUTH? (hope you are) - 02/23/19 05:20 AM
In the world of yes, no and I don't know, anyone can participate successfully and all playing fields are equal. No thinking or proof is required and all people involved and their time is put to good uses. Look how a simple position such as TRUTH remains so powerful when employed. The problem appears when the one wielding TRUTH is forced to confront their fragile ego, bias, agenda (and more) being exposed
Why would anyone have to prove, think or verify anything if TRUTH be told? Before you answer or contemplate this: be reminded that this was … (6 comments)

righteousness: LYING CHEATING and STEALING WORKS but for whom? - 02/21/19 07:32 AM
 All of us come into the world unspoiled, innocent and full of wonder and awe.....then along the way, something happens. We start to learn that there are other many ways to choose to live in this world and we develop a system or a series of personal beliefs to live by. Some of us stray to the left or right and don't come back thus becoming casualties of temptations....
Lying, cheating and stealing works.....Think about this. It works because people wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't. But what you don't find out until after you use these … (8 comments)

righteousness: THE MATH of LIFE (existence ponder) - 01/01/19 06:45 AM
Mathematics long established for its predictability and accuracy can be applied to anything known. So that you don't think too hard and wander away from the posting, just see how easy and user friendly the math of one and one equals two is. It is ageless, repeats and remains a solid foundation to build upon. How do you think we got the car, TV, appliances and even a successful trip to the moon and LIFE?
So it is with the moment  you are in also known as the now or present. It is an everlasting piece of the mathematical puzzle we … (8 comments)

righteousness: CONGRESS & KINDERGARTEN WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? - 12/19/18 08:20 AM
The simple answer (there are a few) is in kindergarten you have a teacher and with congress you don't. There is no one to guide, counsel, nurture, and coach so that each class every day just like a congress session should remain productive, instructive and worthwhile. Can you imagine a class room where arguing, payback, resentment and tangents rule the day?
The bickering & non-productive coming together of large groups for a reason must get better with every gathering not worse. Where is the correction? Who answers to who at the top? We are faced with … (9 comments)

righteousness: TIME IS ITS OWN MASTER (spiritual ponder) - 12/02/18 12:04 PM
You spend your life as you go. That's the concept and also the true coin of this realm which is to spent freely and completely too.You do that by living-out your asking, seeking and inquiring as it moves you or you beckon it. A few years here, then there and some in the pursuit of love, education, adventure, throw in some volunteering, exploring, making a living, and misc charity and the next thing you know one has come very close if not to the end of their time allowance. When this is spent, we are done here

righteousness: DO DOGS STILL EAT HOMEWORK? (excuse lesson) - 01/23/18 09:03 AM
If a child lets say between the ages of 2-5 bends the rules or attempts to hide because of something that they did, their conduct gives them away first with words (if any) to follow. It is so innocent that it produces a grin or smile in every adult & it is excused away or gently explained. Damage assessment? Zero & Nada. Why? It's okay. There is a purity that prevails and sustains the child
The innocence gets less & the tolerance and allowances reduce making those that play or alter reality begin to become accountable. Lectures, punishments & corrective … (17 comments)

righteousness: PROOF THAT YOU KNOW BETTER (spiritual theme) - 09/24/17 06:15 AM
Hesitation and doubt plague mankind non-stop causing many to go without while knowing that they have leakage of life i.e. they are being momentarily robbed and at the minimum suffer random losses. Think: a hole in your pocket where your valuables slip through. Discovered after the fact is a wake-up call to correct. Failing that, our problems compound and continue
This is the proof I mention in the title of the post. Who hasn't reflected and pondered about a past event and saw clearly what should have been done or wasn't done? The fact is that we all have this reflective capability. The … (12 comments)

righteousness: WORST POVERTY OF ALL (spiritual theme) - 05/25/17 02:09 PM
It has been written that you will always have the poor and so far, if you look around the world let alone parts of your city, county or state you will spy them out no problem. There they are the ones for one reason or another go without usually lacking food, shelter, clothing and all the rest. But that is not who I am writing about...
Here is the culprit if you will. The inner poverty where something is missing from a human being & no effort made by the world, the person themselves or outside forces can make-up for … (4 comments)

righteousness: ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE (spiritual theme) - 11/15/16 10:40 PM
While cliche in its presentation, attitude of gratitude is most accurate for stating the obvious i.e. who isn't glad to be here; here being alive & being able to participate in life's many non-stop come what may? If you stop to think about it or if you just pause or even lend a ponder, the human default by nature is one of non-stop receiving from a never-ending sending SOURCE. Both the SENDER & the receiver are able to enjoy this exchange
What is our purpose i.e. mankind collectively speaking? We read we were made by HIM, for HIM and for HIS pleasure and purposes equipped and able … (6 comments)

righteousness: LIES PAY OFF UNTIL THEY DONT (spiritual theme) - 10/24/16 09:09 AM
So does stealing, cheating, and fraud plus more pay-off each and every time. It's only when you get caught that it doesn't work. Not getting caught is the challenge but here is the thing. We were never created to do such things and because of that, it takes much effort not only to do these things but also to do them well. What is standing in your way is yourself
Built inside, without request, is something that tells and prompts you every time to not venture into these realms. It came with you when you were born into this world and it is standard … (12 comments)

righteousness: THE SMALL STUFF (don't sweat it) - 09/30/16 12:33 AM
If one wanted to make or find trouble, it is everywhere and is available to meet-up or join you with little or no effort. It just needs one thing and that is your permission to do so. We refer to it as petty, distracting, not important or relevant or just plain ignore worthy at times. However, it is still there always hoping to get a foot-hold
Our worlds are made up of big & little pictures if you will. Take being on a mission of some sort. We form the idea or thought, we agree and engage and carry it out … (4 comments)

righteousness: BET YOUR LICENSE? DON'T - 09/21/16 09:46 AM
I have seen this time and again. A owner wants to call the shots, handle everything and only needs to access the Real Estate network. They only want to pay a small fee to the agent and handle everything. This is a chance for that owner to make some money by saving money of which I totally understand. I cannot tell you how many times that belief has failed but you couldn't tell that to the ones whose minds are made up about this
It may work but be advised it comes with risk on every-ones part. Agents with licenses are bound by the licensing board and … (9 comments)

righteousness: HOW IMPORTANT IS CHARACTER? - 05/29/16 11:28 PM
How important is breathing? The beating of your heart? The ability to get up and go? Character missing on any human being is not a pretty sight to behold or experience. If we were to learn one thing in this brief journey here on earth, let it be on how to live correctly and not just exist but be an example of something higher at work. Character is that highness
When someone is missing virtue (s), it is noticeable and obvious. Why? Because mankind is complex in nature but in action, a simple, living example of greatness and achievement that came … (34 comments)

righteousness: YOU THE PROBLEM START HERE - 03/23/16 12:37 AM
What many do not know or even realize is that when taking on something new and different, the challenge of the unknown is to be respected but not feared. In time, and soon enough, what was new will become familiar and the discovery process once again will pay off to the ones who took the risk. But wait, there is something else there that throws a monkey wrench into the process
The learning curve presents itself to everyone about everything so that all have unlimited access to this discovery and growth process dynamic. For those subjects that are favorable, inviting and attract the … (6 comments)

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