rising above: the TROUBLE with TROUBLE - 07/13/19 12:55 PM
It plagues mankind. It intrudes. We give it life or death depending how we handle it.  For those that are quick to blame, deny or excuse and refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their part played or the part not played, I say you/we are the problem with this point in mind. There is assigned inner work to be done. Disgree? Trouble is delighted when you do...
Wrong is subjective. It may not be  wrong to the wrong-doer by anothers eyes but what counts is our assessment first and then to consider what other dynamics are at work if … (8 comments)

rising above: PROBLEMS summon SOLUTIONS - 06/09/19 07:21 AM
Change your thinking here. We have an existing mindset regarding problems i.e. that they interfere with our lives and take-away from the enjoyment of our activity, gain or planning. Yes they do all that and more but why be surprised, put-off or stopped from having and pursuing your want, need or end result? Problems in and of themselves have no such power on their own but only the power that we give them
That's what we will find out when a problem arises i.e. who is in charge, what is needed to course correct or fix and how to keep whatever took … (15 comments)

rising above: THE POWER OF BELIEF - 04/19/15 08:37 AM
The minute one summons the BELIEF of defeat, it will be done to them as quickly as the belief can deliver it up. A nano second, a wisp of time even faster than thought, beliefs govern all outcomes of the human journey and its results or lack of them. If one gives up, what follows is the proof after that
Instead of ruling a defeat or surrender into play, why not summon hope? Whats wrong with allowing faith to kick in and surprise you and your beliefs? Leaving one's self open to "come what may" after all is said and done … (5 comments)

rising above: THIS TOO SHALL PASS HOLDS - 04/12/15 12:14 AM
Try to remember far back in your young life when something presented itself at that time that appeared to be the end of the world as we understood it as kids do. It was real for its time, moved us every which way and we thought it was only happening to us. Our first problem appeared whatever it was
It was and is different for all of us as what bothers me may not bother you and vice verse. I remember seeing the first pimple on my forehead that had me considering faking illness so I wouldn't have to go to school until I figured … (12 comments)

rising above: SLAY THE PROBLEM NOT THE PERSON - 11/17/13 08:25 AM
Slay the dragon (problem) not the person....go after the problem. Stay focused and discipline yourself to finish what you have started. The results are most satisfying. Look for your problems and then put them in their place. We are the superior being here and we were not put here to be defeated. Use the fierce winds of resistance to carry you to your success not your failure   HIDE AND BUY TIME?...no no no   Head in the sand tactics only go so far. You got to come up sometime and when you do, there is the problem only worse because time allows … (6 comments)

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