services: REAL ESTATE LEGS (any legs really) - 01/02/18 06:43 AM
When I fist read Moby Dick by Herman Melville, it brought to my attention the adventure of going to sea for the first time. It sounds simple enough but in reality its an experience that cannot be rushed or substituted. One must put in the time and then, at some point is worthy to earn their "salt" as they say and then acquire their sea legs. That's who everyone wants to ship with
Just obtaining a degree, diploma, license or permit doesn't make you ruler of all you survey. It is a purchase ticket to enter into and begin work in that chosen … (6 comments)

services: MONEY BASED OUTCOMES? (consider this) - 10/07/17 06:34 AM
Incentives whose purpose is to motivate people to come together for services and products are part of the human experience and makes perfect sense. In its simplest form and origins, one would trade what they had or did for another's goods or services. The end result was that both the seller and the buyer (both traders) would prosper. Satisfaction was subjective
If one was happy with the trade, purchase or product then it was a success. On the lesser levels of exchanging i.e. from one person to another, this is not complex. One would make "business" as necessary repeating it as needed. Where it … (2 comments)

services: CUSTOMER SERVICE (the dynamics) - 08/29/17 08:54 AM
One of my favorite subjects and who hasn't been on one side or the other of this subject? For that matter, try to define it as in explaining it to someone who has not heard of it before. You see it has a purpose for both parties and if engaged correctly promotes well-being, repeat business and satisfaction to the parties. If not engaged, it cries out and can come with consequences for all involved as well
Take for instance please & thank you. It is not necessary to say these words but look how they help when used or hurt when … (2 comments)

services: THE TRADE UP MARKET (life) - 06/07/17 07:07 AM
In the buying of anything, there is always a base model, an entry or a starting point where one can have or be involved at the very least with the minimum product or service followed by something costing more money and even more expense after that for those that can afford to start mid-way or at the top.  To not have what you want deeply affects the psyche and mental notes are made accordingly
When a child, we are first introduced to the wanting of something & in most cases all the reasons why it is hard to obtain. … (5 comments)

services: FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS - 05/11/17 02:09 PM
It is not just a deliberate error on the persons part for an array of reasons for failing to do what was told or expected but also very revealing to the person as to why they did or did not follow instructions. Instructions are the sure thing key that will open the "targeted" door guaranteed. Why wouldn't someone follow them and finish what was started? 
The nature of every activity, game or business is defined by the rules. Follow the invitation and all goes as represented. Failure to do so takes us onto another path or realm where the original sought after result is now customized. The … (2 comments)

services: WHATS IN IT FOR ME? - 05/11/17 02:08 PM
This is the question that drives all of us about everything everywhere whether spoken or not is the title of this post. You, "the self" assess while coming and going this dynamic whether you are aware of it or not. From the morning routine to the leaving of the house and returning, it all goes according to your choices to do what you do because of what you get in return for doing it "that way"
In the world outside of your own self is the world of services and products. In this world, they not only have to answer … (6 comments)

services: MIXED MESSAGE MARKETING - 09/13/16 12:31 AM
Its for sale but it is not for sale. Yes, it says "for sale" however, it doesn't look appealing, it isn't priced to sell, is not fully exposed or introduced and the mother of all insults to this injury just getting started is that the person who is in charge, who is the point of contact is not available. I am speaking of what type of  messaging is behind this representation of whatever is for sale
Amazing to see a home, in poor or questionable first impression status touting its "for sale" when it looks like its a problem going in. The steal/deal … (10 comments)

services: DO YOU SPEAK LINGO? - 09/10/16 02:53 AM
All the different trades have their own shop talk also know as LINGO or that in common-ground of knowing what the other person means when they say or share an experience in the profession. I heard two electricians going at it the other day and while they understood the exchange, I stumbled here and there by followed it some. All trades do that some more complicated than others
Did you check the grid with or without a neutral and was it hot? The sub-panel may have tripped or the the one series circuit panel requires its own travel or it will trip. I … (9 comments)

services: THE FIRST RING? (business theme) - 09/05/16 12:14 AM
Want to shock someone? I mean really catch them off guard, when they least expect to get caught? How many people can say that when they called a place or a person that whoever answered the phone did so on the first ring? You almost have to put your thinking cap on, access your memory-library and could count this on one hand!
For decades, I used to answer the phone every-time it rung eager to help whoever was calling in general. If we had a special promotion going, a hot property for sale or rent or if I was expecting an event response, … (7 comments)

services: THE MINDS MUST MEET - 07/08/16 11:38 PM
Its the age old rule of all business. Two people must first have a belief driven by desire that leads to intimate contact or inquiry. From there, activity or interest is given a chance to develop and what is important is that it is mutual in nature. At some point, and without words, a sense of follow through is activated and a finale or closure takes place. A service or product has just served its purpose
Forcing a meeting of the minds is stressful but doable. It is an aggressive way of doing business still needing a sender and receiver to … (2 comments)

services: NO EXCUSES - 05/20/16 12:37 AM
Easier said than done these two words NO EXCUSES be. Interesting too depending on what side of the fence you are on when this comes up. If you are in pursuit of something or wanting a gain, then you are expecting NO EXCUSES when it is your turn to receive it. However, if you are providing a service or product, then others will call you out on NO EXCUSES
Does anyone really want to know why something has failed when they go to get it? If you have a desire, whatever it is, and someone is offering that service or product, … (10 comments)

services: SEND NO MONEY (now) - 04/05/16 12:30 AM
Those late night commercials remember them? They can teach you life lessons and are worth watching just for educational purposes alone. Here, in the fast-paced, expensive world of marketing where you have to get as much bang for the buck possible as well as return on money invested. We learn that how to say what is necessary is a practiced art
Many don't know but in the movie theaters starting in the 1940's and up, they had taken their captive audience and used them to market, advertise and capture their customer base while they could. They would run a short film on a free … (15 comments)

services: PEOPLE RUN THE SHOW - 03/02/16 05:39 AM
I see this wherever I go and you have too. It doesn't matter where it is either. Whatever service is offered or being consumed, it is the people that make it go round and function. Not just the purchaser but the servicer as well. Where it breaks down is when people forget that it is about people first not the product
There are many reasons why it does breakdown some valid and some are excuses. Systems and services are only as good as the people who power them. Lets explore some people dynamics at work or not:
1. What you are doing doesn't … (6 comments)

services: KEEPING PEOPLE WAITING - 01/01/16 10:55 PM
When did this become acceptable? It is a contradiction in terms and conduct. Businesses beckon to us to come but then when we do, we are put on a type of hold. The hold or delay is countering the message making us consider to assess if it is worth it to stay. In some cases we must. In other cases we walk-away
It doesn't work any better over the phone either. If one answers the phone, then the caller should have needs met or the reason for calling addressed immediately. If not, why answer to begin with? Putting people on hold is substituted … (10 comments)

services: DATA AND PROCESSING IT - 12/08/15 02:21 AM
Anyone can gather information to no end now a days. Google it and there you go tons of it non-stop presented in so many different ways by differing people. Why study anything when instead you can just pluck it out of mid-air so to speak and then apply it? Wait a minute! Is that all there is to it?
What to do with the data is another matter which can be fraught with doubt, confusion, hesitation and trial & error dynamics before it can gel or makes sense. That is the start-up price to pay for data. Having it and then applying … (20 comments)

services: WE ARE ALL BUYING & SELLING - 11/28/15 11:47 PM
What are you selling? The more traditional way of putting this question is "what do you do for a living"? How about "what is your profession or livelihood? The point is that we do give and we do take and we need to do this as it is not practical for one person to do all things. We must outsource which means we shop or buy what we need or want at times
It started out, simply enough, thousands of years ago with trading services for services. A farmer, who had need of a doctor, and a doctor who had need of food, would simply exchange … (9 comments)

services: PROMOTING YOU OR THE TRANSACTION? - 10/18/15 12:56 AM
How about both? The subject to discuss is when you are listing a property for sale OR when you are designing a business card, should your picture be on it? It is not unusual to see an agents picture on a for sale sign. But the questioned being begged is...isn't it about the property and nothing else?
Let's look at business cards. If you were to go around giving out little wallet size pictures of yourself, people may or may not take them and most would just throw them away and shrug you off. But add a title or a function … (4 comments)

services: WHATS IN IT FOR YOU? - 09/25/15 08:53 AM
ME! I am in it for you. I am here for you to help you accomplish your goal, task, move, leap or progress. I stand ready, willing and able to follow your direction and help you accomplish your vision or complete a need. You see as a consumer, we are always looking for what is in it for me wherever me (you) goes.
Often, some products and services spend too much time boasting about themselves instead of the benefits they bring as it applies to the end user, consumer or product purchase. The person buying wants to know what they gain … (7 comments)

services: THE CONSUMER MAY NOT KNOW - 08/07/15 12:00 AM
There are so many businesses and services for just about anything having to do with everything. As a consumer, we only get interested when we reach the point that we need said products or services. Then, where to go, what to do, and why is our first steps and the beginning of a journey to find out. For some....
It's daunting and for others it falls into place. A lot depends on the subject matter. A home buyer decides they want to buy. Way before that point, they had an awareness and inquired nonchalantly and in a pace befitting to the curiosity of … (4 comments)

services: FREE REAL ESTATE SERVICES? - 08/01/15 04:37 AM
Friends and family even neighbors or a co-worker may approach a Real Estate agent and ask them to help them buy or sell something. The premise is usually that we are close, there is a need and I need your help but I cannot afford to pay you. In fact, I need all the funds coming or going and then some. Will you help?
In coming to me, you have confirmed what I always thought and that is that your thinking is sound in choosing me. Good first step. There is much to be done so lets get to it! I need to ask … (14 comments)

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