sharing: HAVING YOUR POST and EATING IT TOO - 02/25/20 06:39 AM
A good posting. Just what is it? Not all that is said, written or shared is worthy of a read or a response. If we break it down to subject matter, it becomes a little clearer especially to the one seeking and searching for that information. The exception is if it is interesting in general and captures a random reader. What is relevant? Why does someone share their subject and why would anyone read it?
In the realm of human nature and what we all strive and live for, certain subjects just keep coming up. Let's list them for reference and … (5 comments)

sharing: BOAST-A- POST activerain challenge - 01/17/20 11:03 AM
How profitable it is to know and be known to all who are involved in doing so. Welcome Rainers and here is another opportunity to do so in the form of a challenge with points (yay) and benefits to both the player and their chosen post-author. You see we are going to take anyones posting or blog past or present and lime-light it. Let me explain so we can get this going
We have all seen them and even have written them. Those special postings that make a point, present or clarify an idea, become informative or inspirational, lend education or … (56 comments)

sharing: MADE MORE THAN MONEY - 11/08/19 08:18 AM
Oh so many flowers and not enough time to smell them? How about we don't want to spend our time smelling but instead hurry along to answer the call of our ambition or goal thinking that the sooner we get there the quicker our return can come. This is not an uncommon thought but an often used one so I ask you...why then have flowers that smell so good and demand up-close and personal visits?
I was in Trader Jo shopping and you have to pass by the flower section on the way in. I have passed the display many times and so … (23 comments)

sharing: WHY NOT KEEP IT SIMPLE ? - 09/28/19 06:11 AM
Kids have no trouble with this concept of telling or saying it just like it is. Even if they fail etiquette, mainstream or higher level learning standards they still using simplicity make themselves and their wants known and we like children for it. We smile, laugh, encourage and instruct but lets not forget the innocence behind and driving it all
1. The ego for one. It has to make itself a part of everything and since it cannot add to what is so apparently working it tends to complicate as/for its contribution.
2. Self-expression which is the persons uniqueness regarding the … (15 comments)

sharing: MISUSING THE " i " WORD - 08/22/19 09:27 AM
" I " as in me has made itself at home in our language, communications and our personal vanity. Using the ' I " is not bad but acceptable and useful. Misusing it however indicates and signals to those in the know that the person speaking is the center of what is being said first and then the subject. When over-done (you will know) it is your vanity driven by your ego visiting with you. I (here we go) advise a shorter visit....
Me, myself & I (hello) all started out together best friends & wherever I go … (14 comments)

sharing: DISCUSSING POLITICS or RELIGION or ? - 07/31/19 08:02 AM
There are subjects that come-up in life that can be difficult or sensitive to approach let alone discuss. Does this mean we cease to comment, put our true feelings on hold and let these subjects do as they wish? Subjects can range from being embarrassing to disgusting and from shocking to suggestive making the challenge to enter into these arenas daunting.
The first thing to interfere with an investigation, report, finding or discovery of any sensitive or controversial subject or experience is the emotions that are triggered and surface when introduced. Those emotions tend to cloud, bias and detract or amplify what is … (4 comments)

sharing: IN SEEKING CUPID DON'T BE STUPID book - 02/14/19 06:30 AM
IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID book from the PEARLS SERIES of books is making the rounds into many lives and not just at Valentines Day but all  season long. WHY? Love has its own timing, wants, and needs. The Love driven life is no myth. Quality time spent on researching this subject yourself gurantees a successful rewarding outcome
Married or divorced....starting out or starting over...We have input and feedback for you!
GIVE IT OR RECEIVE IT either way..... it is waiting to serve you
Over 100 chapters of women centered subjects. Forty … (12 comments)

Yes it s true. PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING & SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID is a biased book. It favors and caters to the woman ages 12 to 60 covering subjects important to their world and well being. Over 100 chapters devoted to the married, divorced, thinking about either one, starting out fresh or starting over again female of the species.
Over thirty (30) chapters on men that reveal to the reader what to look for when entering into this arena. Sorry fellas, but they have to know and this book is for them and their welfare as well as … (2 comments)

sharing: EGG BLOG (not nog) THIS TIME OF YEAR - 12/11/18 03:05 PM
NOT EGG NOG but EGG BLOG is correct. I did a post two years ago called GIVE THE GIFT OF AN ACTIVERAIN POST.  Give a blog to that special someone or someplace or to mark an occasion or share an event. Give a blog and explain what that subject matter means to you and why. When one takes the time to write about something special and then present it to a person, is this not true gifting?
We are saying I know you, I know of you and I appreciate you whatever or whoever that is. You bring good cheer … (1 comments)

sharing: WHY "MERRY CHRISTMAS" (spiritual theme) - 12/09/18 07:10 AM
Has it dawned on you why we say "merry Christmas" or are you just repeating what words work this time of year without having to know why. You see the premise is very simple. You are going to go through CHRISTMAS whether you like it or not, love it or plain just don't care. However, wishing one a type of quality of journey is worth looking into
It was originally called HAPPY CHRISTMAS until someone took a risk and changed it to merry and it caught on. Why did it get accepted? Well the King of England often set the standard … (26 comments)

sharing: READ MY POSTS TO KNOW ME contest challenge - 10/02/18 09:04 AM
We have been invited to enter into in a particularly interesting contest challenge of a sort to share some of ourselves and then stand and participate further when the question and answers phase of the contest is introduced. The projected outcome hoped for is that intimacy, transparency and a type of sharing will come about for a reason...
At the core of mankind's existence there lies a treasure within everyone. Placed there deliberately are unique gifts, talents and abilities each one to his own, we are walking treasure troves of experiences, adventures, mysteries & riddles some solved & some still being worked on … (20 comments)

sharing: MIXED MESSAGES (sending and receiving) - 10/21/17 06:10 AM
This is a part of our personal and professional worlds that could stand mitigation and refinement . Messaging should be succinct, clear, have purpose and definition and mean something. It is a communication and the strange thing is that it is communication even if it is not done correctly. Why send and receive carelessly and leave it to chance? Aim & fire works but doesn't mean you hit target
This is where we can see the point of the post at work in people i.e. your lips say and mean one thing but your body conveys another message. A tired pose, or perhaps … (10 comments)

sharing: MONEY BASED OUTCOMES? (consider this) - 10/07/17 06:34 AM
Incentives whose purpose is to motivate people to come together for services and products are part of the human experience and makes perfect sense. In its simplest form and origins, one would trade what they had or did for another's goods or services. The end result was that both the seller and the buyer (both traders) would prosper. Satisfaction was subjective
If one was happy with the trade, purchase or product then it was a success. On the lesser levels of exchanging i.e. from one person to another, this is not complex. One would make "business" as necessary repeating it as needed. Where it … (2 comments)

sharing: LIES PAY OFF UNTIL THEY DONT (spiritual theme) - 10/24/16 09:09 AM
So does stealing, cheating, and fraud plus more pay-off each and every time. It's only when you get caught that it doesn't work. Not getting caught is the challenge but here is the thing. We were never created to do such things and because of that, it takes much effort not only to do these things but also to do them well. What is standing in your way is yourself
Built inside, without request, is something that tells and prompts you every time to not venture into these realms. It came with you when you were born into this world and it is standard … (12 comments)

sharing: GOOGLE ME GOOGLE YOU GOOGLE IT - 10/22/16 12:36 AM
Being on the Internet is the same as when handing out your business card, running an ad or networking as it is identifying you, the blogger, poster or commenter and what you do, how you do it and why? It is an introduction of you to the world at large and it you can compare it to a light that is never switched off but left on constantly
If I am seeking out data or discovery on a person or subject that is of interest to me, an investigation or inquiry is in order to either confirm, explore or consider more of the subject matter itself. I … (5 comments)

sharing: WHAT ARE WE REALLY SAYING? - 10/16/16 12:01 AM
The noises we make are no different than what the animals do with each other i.e. establish a range of notes, sounds, expressions and pitch to convey an array of thoughts, needs, & essentials. While a bear or a duck only speak their own language to their like kind, animals use sense to complete the action or purpose. Humans would do well to take what is for granted to fine tune this ability to communicate
Let us breakdown the topic of communication & human interaction closer to its core meaning to better grasp & to eventually practice the art of … (10 comments)

sharing: GIVE ME TRUTH - 07/23/16 11:59 PM

Truth be told: Henry David Thoreau remains one of my favorites. You must do your self a good service and visit with this mans quotes and philosophies as they will enrich you and cause you great reason to pause and then admire the depth, breath and width of life and all its mysteries
“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” is another one that moves me every which way. Here we get insight into his Psyche and how what one shares should come from the mastery of the inner places which only … (28 comments)

sharing: EVERYONE HAS ONE - 07/02/16 12:12 AM
I am speaking of an opinion; you know that belief with lips that can be passionate, obstinate, argumentative or just informative. Whatever is behind the sharing, what a person thinks and then shares is most important just for the simple reason as follows: You get to know a little bit more about that person. Here is where it breaks down many a time
The people conversing don't agree. An opposing opinion meets a opinion at large and a disagreement kicks in. Nothing wrong with people sharing what they believe in, the why of it and furthering their capacity while doing so. It's the … (8 comments)

sharing: IS IT SAFE TO INTERACT WITH YOU? - 05/18/16 01:13 AM
I remember this topic coming up for me decades ago. It is simply this. When I hear or see something, what it means to me is what comes out of me at that time. As a child, any participation is welcomed by teachers and encouraged by parents. However, as we get older and mature and learning environments become more structured and focused, exploring or connecting in ones own unique way and timing is discouraged and even put down on
Not all of us are built to always receive the message being broad casted, whatever it may be, in the same way or fashion one … (8 comments)

sharing: RETURN ON INVESTMENT (life reflection) - 03/25/16 01:04 AM
What first goes through your mind when sighting the post title is the standard money being invested and how it should not only come back, but with interest or a "return" on the investment not just the investment itself. What about when someone invests their time? Don't they get a return on that too? Parents will tell you that is the idea behind parenting, but there are no guarantees
Volunteering is another investment where we put in our passionate time and the return given back is a satisfaction not just for our choice to help but to see others benefiting from that … (4 comments)

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