solutions: BREAKDOWN MEANS CHANGE APPROACH - 08/08/19 01:16 PM
We have methods, procedures and established ways of doing most everything unless we go custom and we then all agree to that. In our established ways and means, when all goes well it ends well as expected. But what if there is a hiccup, a failure or worse an unexpected human nature twist that adds fuel to the fire or suffocates it? What then? When something doesn't go right WE must keep going until the reason we came together is realized
Doing what doesn't work and has just been demonstrated not to and trying to revive or use the same method over again? … (3 comments)

solutions: HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS - 07/13/19 05:52 AM
First step is to reduce the problem-solving workload so that we can begin the process of sorting then tackling and then eliminating what doesn't work and replacing it with what does. From there an education regarding this subject automatically takes place. When approached and focused upon this becomes your world (like anything else) and it reveals itself quite nicely
The first step into anything is to admit it needs to be stepped into. It will in most cases not be welcoming even invoking either any fear in you (chest area) or butterfly's (stomach area). If stomach, proceed as it is meant to be … (6 comments)

solutions: REALITY what is it? - 06/28/19 09:07 AM
Reality is the state of anything as it actually exists.  You don't need to add or take-away from reality because it just is. However, people who are dysfunctional cannot resist the temptation to alter their reality and make it a substitute reality for them. Why would someone do that? Very simply put: Their world is not to their liking. Normal change through growth takes too long. 
When your reality (or anyones) is altered it becomes misleading and deceiving first to the practitioner and then to everyone else it is pedaled to. If you buy into a deception, you have been successfully recruited and will start … (6 comments)

solutions: PROBLEMS summon SOLUTIONS - 06/09/19 07:21 AM
Change your thinking here. We have an existing mindset regarding problems i.e. that they interfere with our lives and take-away from the enjoyment of our activity, gain or planning. Yes they do all that and more but why be surprised, put-off or stopped from having and pursuing your want, need or end result? Problems in and of themselves have no such power on their own but only the power that we give them
That's what we will find out when a problem arises i.e. who is in charge, what is needed to course correct or fix and how to keep whatever took … (15 comments)

solutions: CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ONGOING - 01/09/18 08:25 AM
Serve others! It escapes the many in the business as they prepare to handle this subject on the defensive rather than in the greet and meet mode. Progress is always being made but holding to a high standard is always hard, consistent never-ending work. Why? Because it is people that have to serve and be served & they all tire of it at times
This is where robotics, script & programming comes in handy as they just take the same footprint that seems or appears to work & repeat it every time believing that issues are being addressed. That's is what is … (8 comments)

solutions: POINT OF VIEW PRICELESS (ponder this) - 10/03/17 07:26 AM
Haven't you heard it said over and over again that there are always two sides to every story? In fact, we now know there are many sides and if one holds court, conducts an investigation and explores any event, the truest picture is recalled and submitted for our assessment and analysis. Failure to use this system can cause injustice and leaves us in a state of want
"I never looked at it that way" is often the statement made (in humility too) from people who are calm & reviewing a situation or episode. Often we are too quick to react instead … (26 comments)

solutions: REAL ESTATE KNOW IT ALLS? - 06/16/17 06:25 AM
There isn't anyone you can run into now a days that doesn't know something about Real Estate. When it is doing good, it is in the news and word of mouth is about. If not so good, the same dynamics apply. No matter what condition it is in or what reasons lead you to the Real Estate arenas, everyone has something to say... some more than others...
These folks boast a little more than the casual at large person who just heard enough to say a few words. This person will state they have been there and done that speaking like … (15 comments)

solutions: MISS UNDERSTANDING is NOT a GOOD GIRL - 06/11/17 06:39 AM
Oh she gets around and is always looking for an opportunity this Miss Understanding. No one knows where she lives, came from or is going but in the moment she appears, she is well-known and becomes the center of attention. Who is this young lady? Why does she interfere for the worse and what can we do it about it?
The day or opportunity starts out like any other. No one has reason to suspect that something won't go right or come their way. After all, each day is a new day with plenty to offer & to make things happen is something … (9 comments)

solutions: REPUBLICAN & DEMOCRAT WHAT? - 01/23/17 05:17 PM
When I was growing up, I never understood anything about government or how it was run. My world extended to going to school so I could go home and then do what I really wanted. I also came to hate homework which infringed on "free" time. Years later, I was asked whether I was a republican or democrat. Whats that?
It was important to know because you had to register to vote and answer that question. So someone explained it to me and I still didn't get it but I went along with it all. I remember hearing something about a republican believing the way things were originally … (8 comments)

solutions: PROBLEMS EXIST TO BE SOLVED - 11/10/16 11:00 PM
Problem solver: If this is who you are, then you will be busy for the rest of your life. Why? Life is designed so that it presents itself in such a way that for now, we participate by dealing with it as  challenges. We also have the ability to change, direct and mitigate as well as refine, forge and eliminate what we want or don't want or will allow
Whoever told you that life comes with no problems didn't tell you the truth nor did they prepare you for real life and its rewards. You see part of the satisfaction of living comes from … (6 comments)

solutions: THE INSPECTION - 02/01/16 06:06 AM
I have had inspections and welcome them on any property for sale or rent for that matter. It puts everyone on common ground as to what is going on and where. There are a couple of dynamics I want to share that I came across that I found interesting. Inspecting is one thing, fixing is another
The inspector was being ultra thorough and reporting every nook & cranny. I asked if the buyer or agent ordered this type of detail and the inspector was put off by the question. When I didn't get a satisfactory answer, all I said was do what you have to … (13 comments)

solutions: DONT MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT - 12/27/15 10:55 PM
Real Estate is a big deal on its own. So is buying a car, a room full of furniture, remodeling or buying appliances etc. Anywhere where big money is about to be spent, it is wise to give full attention to the deed and make sure that this is what you or the person wants and then to go about realizing that want. These ventures come with their own set of dynamics. Don't add to them but instead, unravel them
The shortest distance between two points is still a straight line. This applies to everything we do. When something comes onto your radar screen for … (11 comments)

solutions: BREACH OF CONTRACT (the feelings part) - 11/19/15 11:26 PM
We just went through a vicious Real Estate cycle across the United States where tens of millions of people had to breach their agreement to pay their mortgages. The joy, well-being and good all around feeling of having a home turned into a nightmare and went in the opposite direction for many. That pain runs deep, long and for some over-whelming
Long before it happens, the borrower is in a stressful state of mind that if not corrected, escalates into a sever, negative, life-changing event filled with agony, gloom and despair not in that order. No one does business to breach. Life plays a part … (3 comments)

solutions: WHEN I NEEDED REAL ESTATE HELP - 07/23/15 11:54 AM
I'll never forget it too. Short sales came into being. People were defaulting like crazy and foreclosures were looming and booming. There were so many that banks became back-logged and at some point, over time and creating it on the fly, the short sale option was born. It was just a word and banks, their employees or agents could not explain it let alone make sense of it
So call your local bank? That was a two hour phone call assuming you get through, get switched to the right party right away and not some other place and your call is not dropped. … (4 comments)

solutions: I FORGOT TO TURN OFF THE A/C - 07/01/15 12:01 AM
I have a vacant staged listing that is pending. Every-time I have a meeting for various reasons at the house in escrow, I have to get there ahead of time and turn on the air conditioner to cool-off the place. It works extremely well when activated. I open doors, window shades etc. and conduct my business at hand.
We are having 100 degree weather lately. Going from indoors to outdoors all day long is a chore but doable. As I was getting ready to leave, I got into three very important conversations. One on the phone with my seller and two in person. All handled … (14 comments)

solutions: WE GOT A PROBLEM my client says - 06/02/15 09:40 AM
I have a dream client. Smart, humble and knows what he wants and what he doesn't want and knows the value of outsourcing subjects and services that he doesn't not know or shine in to those that do. He has the income earned from his labors and likes and wants value. Okay. So what is the problem?
Before I divulge the problem (?), I want to state that I go out of my way to help people get their monies worth when they decide to spend it on me. Then, I always look for opportunities to exceed that experience because quite frankly, it brings me … (17 comments)

solutions: THIS TOO SHALL PASS HOLDS - 04/12/15 12:14 AM
Try to remember far back in your young life when something presented itself at that time that appeared to be the end of the world as we understood it as kids do. It was real for its time, moved us every which way and we thought it was only happening to us. Our first problem appeared whatever it was
It was and is different for all of us as what bothers me may not bother you and vice verse. I remember seeing the first pimple on my forehead that had me considering faking illness so I wouldn't have to go to school until I figured … (12 comments)

solutions: CAN YOU HOLD A CONVERSATION? - 02/15/15 11:47 PM
This is not as easy as it may imply. Making noises with the mouth anyone can do. I am speaking about an exchange, dialogue or conversation that creates an in the moment, temporary connection between two people. Often, what interferes with this is ignored. The first obstacle that injures the dynamic is as follows
People have made it up in their own minds to NOT take the time to explore with another human being whatever is introduced in that moment whether it be professional or personal based. They are in a hurry (for whatever reason) which is really an avoidance (indifference?) to … (17 comments)

solutions: THE LEARNING CURVE OF PROBLEM SOLVING - 11/09/14 10:45 PM
You know, to be consumed by your problems is not a good use of any-ones talents or skills. What people forget or don't know is that learning to navigate through problems has a learning curve to it. Complicating the procedure is our failure to find neutral, calm, flat ground to re-start the re-building process...Let's discuss this a bit
There is life anew waiting, and it begins after the SHOCK wears off. BTW, the shock is a survival mechanism that the body uses to temporarily stabilize the person until they can reach objectivity and come back … (3 comments)

solutions: THE BUCK STOPS WHERE? - 10/17/14 03:49 AM
Whatever happened to the philosophy of taking responsibility for your actions, commitments or life as it is introduced to you? President Harry Truman, having made it all the way to the White House where you can go no higher said.."the buck stops here" and had a sign made to remind himself and others. Something happens, is going to happen or is not happening, it is on his plate to deal with it
The other day, in a retail store, I was waiting to pay and leave. they were backed up and the manager opened up and said next which … (6 comments)

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