win win: YOU'RE RIGHT EVEN WHEN WRONG? (spiritual theme) - 12/27/19 06:57 AM
All of the life experience remains personal and subjective. What I like you may not and if I am cold you may be warm. How then can we argue what we are sharing? In the world of personal truths all are correct unto themselves. Its when others get involved compromise and perhaps perspectives change the dynamics. Lets take customer service for an example
I discovered this decades ago and it has served me well. Consider that you can find and critique anyone about anything but then ask yourself where is this going & why? In … (22 comments)

win win: BREAKDOWN MEANS CHANGE APPROACH - 08/08/19 01:16 PM
We have methods, procedures and established ways of doing most everything unless we go custom and we then all agree to that. In our established ways and means, when all goes well it ends well as expected. But what if there is a hiccup, a failure or worse an unexpected human nature twist that adds fuel to the fire or suffocates it? What then? When something doesn't go right WE must keep going until the reason we came together is realized
Doing what doesn't work and has just been demonstrated not to and trying to revive or use the same method over again? … (3 comments)

win win: SELLER SELLING HIS HOME THROUGH ME - 03/22/19 10:21 AM
I have a client who comes along once in a great while who just wants everything to go and show well in the selling of his home. Making repairs ahead of time without being told, landscaping at a premium and professionally cleaned and photo-graphed including drone coverage too. Furthermore, he is researching the neighborhood to get a feel for pricing and days on market and wants to come out of the gate a winner
Lets get right to this subject because you can't help think it. Why me and not you? He does not want a fool for … (11 comments)

win win: REAL ESTATE COMMISSION ESSENCE (discussion) - 03/04/18 06:50 AM
The always present subject found in big some big business especially Real Estate is commission or the cost of hiring an agent to handle the transaction to a likely result. If a buyer is on the hunt, they want an agent that excels in that. If it be a seller, an agent who practices just that. Why? Because each dynamic has its specific issues and advantages that shift back and forth as they should
Buying and selling agents bring a balance (or win) for their principal while at the same time including themselves. This is done everywhere in commerce. The system is very … (0 comments)

win win: THE SMALL STUFF (don't sweat it) - 09/30/16 12:33 AM
If one wanted to make or find trouble, it is everywhere and is available to meet-up or join you with little or no effort. It just needs one thing and that is your permission to do so. We refer to it as petty, distracting, not important or relevant or just plain ignore worthy at times. However, it is still there always hoping to get a foot-hold
Our worlds are made up of big & little pictures if you will. Take being on a mission of some sort. We form the idea or thought, we agree and engage and carry it out … (4 comments)

win win: WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? - 09/02/16 11:50 PM
This is so much a part of our society and even more so our psyche. We have reached the vanity point where all that takes place is bounced off of the title of the posting WHATS IN IT FOR ME? This is where it all ends up and begins too. Anyone in business or offering services is wise to have the answer to this before it is asked. Have this ready to go and in some cases, launch it right away, up front so as to engage & capture the situation sooner rather than later
It is the definitive thought … (8 comments)

win win: WANTING IT ALL? - 01/29/16 11:42 PM
If you haven't learned the fine art, the deep satisfaction and the ability to make everyone happy when it comes to give and take, then you are not living a full and meaningful life. I am speaking about compromise where everyone gets something as opposed to only one. Mutual satisfaction is a must
I have worked with individuals who have the gold and thus have the iron one way rule that goes with it. It is interesting at first to see that person always get what they want or, pass and go from circumstances and transactions, one after the other, giving little or no … (6 comments)

win win: FREE REAL ESTATE SERVICES? - 08/01/15 04:37 AM
Friends and family even neighbors or a co-worker may approach a Real Estate agent and ask them to help them buy or sell something. The premise is usually that we are close, there is a need and I need your help but I cannot afford to pay you. In fact, I need all the funds coming or going and then some. Will you help?
In coming to me, you have confirmed what I always thought and that is that your thinking is sound in choosing me. Good first step. There is much to be done so lets get to it! I need to ask … (14 comments)

win win: OKAY YOU GOT YOUR PRICE - 06/28/15 11:30 PM
Note that in Real Estate, everyone wants to win. The problem lies in the amount of the WIN. One party wants more than the other but the reverse of this is true as well. So, hurdle number one is to agree on a price and lock that in. So far so good. Then, onward to the contingencies which leads us to the inspection
We all know, without a doubt, that you can find something wrong with anything anywhere at anytime with or without effort. We expect to see items that need to be addressed. The question is simply this. How … (10 comments)

win win: I CAN USE THE MONEY TOO - 06/03/15 09:49 AM
When it comes to a commission, I see where it all can be mine and I see where some of it can be mine and I also where some can be yours too. When things get tight, and there are many reasons to cause that, people start coming from scarcity and I am not one to question another needs. That's their private business however...
There are incidents in this business where double-ending, doing pocket listings and offering a poor split becomes more than a temptation. It becomes a way of life and many succumb to it. I remember when I … (18 comments)

win win: LOW COMMISSION EQUALS NO SHOWING? - 05/24/15 02:25 AM
What an interesting subject matter this is. It crosses over into ethics, honesty, fiduciary, fair and honest, financial dealings and just plain out making a living. However, there has to be a right way to proceed that supersedes all opinions. I am going to tell you what that is and you are going to say it makes sense...BUT
It is called customer service. We are for sale, for hire and offer services to help buyers, sellers, investors and the like; to form, shape and then carry out Real Estate centered activities. Who but agents in the business that move hundreds of thousands … (133 comments)

win win: THE PEOPLE BUSINESS - 05/06/15 12:05 AM
Choose a career and you find this one obvious dynamic. There is no escape from it and it behooves one to go toward it and let it teach you via interaction. What I am talking about here? Simply the FACT that wherever you go, there they are PEOPLE and just having a profession won't do. You need people skills
I know of people who don't have developed people skills and I know why too. They have taken all their eggs and put them in one basket. Engineers tend to do this and let me say that we as a whole, benefit from this. Why? … (2 comments)

win win: THE WORLD OF GIVE and TAKE - 04/21/15 11:59 PM
Until I discovered the value of the GIVE and TAKE system, I remained in a state of missing something which I couldn't quite put my finger on. You see we all have this built-in drive to go out there (?) and win, gather, claim, and get our wants and needs and not stop until we have them. Some don't stop at all
It even ups the excitement of the journey when you see others doing the same thing. You then up your game and they, seeing you do that, up there's, and we now have what they call the rat race. The … (8 comments)

win win: THE COMPROMISE CONCEPT - 04/14/15 08:30 AM
Who wants to give in? Who wants to be the first? You see at some point this has to take place. We have complicated it and made it into a game of sorts. Strategy has become part of the dynamics. Compromise will be with us for our life times...use it on everything except one thing......your principals
We have to find solutions and each person may see their way to be the best way. But you see everyone sees their way to be the best way so being inflexible is not an option. Give and take is...Ask yourself what is important … (5 comments)

win win: WHY BEING REASONABLE PAYS OFF - 09/06/14 06:33 AM
Simply because if there is a problem that you cannot see and should know about, being reasonable allows it to visit with you, to approach you and allow you to clean it up and re-direct it on a better course and outcome. Being UNREASONABLE is your argument to keep the whole thing, right or wrong and if it doesn't come in as planned...the first person to consult with would be the one in the mirror
Its hard for a person of pride to admit anything wrong or even entertain it. But that is the real problem. Being a person of pride. One of … (5 comments)

win win: I ALWAYS LOOK FOR THIS - 07/22/14 05:46 AM
Everyone wants a bargain. Bargain defined: Simply put, a good buy. Not a steal, perhaps a deal but just good ole fashioned you got what you paid for. I am happy and always have been happy to get my monies worth. The trouble starts when we want more than that. It also gets worse when the foxes enter the hen houses and the wolfs put on sheep clothing. Then, one must become alert while shopping
I test pricing wherever I go. I just want to see if it holds up that's all. Sometimes the product you are interested in is going to go … (2 comments)

win win: CAN IT CLOSE WILL IT CLOSE and WHEN - 10/22/13 01:05 AM
When I meet up with a potential client about a listing, you can assume that we talked quite a bit prior and after that I have done my homework. Then the meeting and the walk thru. My mind is already asking all the relevant questions as my eyes take it all in and my ears go to work. Questions and answers all come rather rapidly and the title of my post is born
Helping you to get in or out of any Real Estate transaction...successfully. It is on my email signatures and business card. My profession and objective when conducting business is … (6 comments)

win win: IF YOUR HEART IS MISSING SO ARE YOU - 05/15/13 11:07 PM
This bears repeating so think about this for a while. This is rampant wherever you go. In college, people are there that do not want to be there. Some people cant stand their place of employment. Others watch children and put up with it. Some guy answers the phone in a department and hates it.....we see this happening all over the place.....
But I need the money... I cant find anything else... The benefits are good... This is only temporary......
Okay, lets start with Real … (6 comments)

win win: GIVING IN THE ART OF COMPROMISE - 03/25/13 11:43 PM
Who wants to give in? Who wants to be the first? You see at some point this has to take place. We have complicated it and made it into a game of sorts. Strategy has become part of the dynamics. Compromise will be with us for our life times...use it on everything except one thing......your principals
We have to find solutions and each person may see their way to be the best way. But you see everyone sees their way to be the best way so being inflexible is not an option. Give and take is...Ask yourself … (4 comments)

NO...that is not the way to buy or sell a house now a days. There was a time when that is how it worked. A seller would establish a value, up that value thinking that it was going to be countered lower and eventually end up at the true or expected sale price. The buyer's mentality was to see the price, automatically offer less and get a response or feel. Seller goes high, buyer goes low and we meet?
Those days are gone is a safe statement to make. You can do this, but you … (15 comments)

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