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It's a quite day in the mortgage industry, bond market closes early along with most lenders. However there still are a few things cover as we wrap up 2019. On the last day of 2019 mortgage rates are stable as the bond market coasts into 2020. The Fannie Mae 3.0 coupon finished the year at 101.41,...
Mortgage rates for today (December 30th, 2019) are stable as we finish off 2019. As previously discussed we were not expecting much these last few days as most people are focused on other celebrating the new year and being with family and friends. Next week we should start to see a...
No cost mortgage rates; everyone wants one but few people actually obtain one. Talk radio is filled with mortgage companies promising a "no cost" mortgage loan for qualified borrowers but many people simply don't believe and for good reason. The term "no cost" is abused by some lenders and there ...
Every person and every family is different which is why we have lots of options for mortgage loans. Just because most people take a 30 year fixed mortgage doesn't mean you have to take a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. And even though your neighbor says Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) are the worst...
It's Sunday afternoon, the weekend between Christmas and New Years, and I'm sitting in front of a computer! No worries though; just catching up on some items that need to be worked on and thought I'd share some insights with respect what we may see next week with mortgage rates.For the most part ...
With mortgage mortgage rates just above multi-year lows industry experts are anticipating 2020 to be a good year for refinancing. Whether it's to lower an interest rate, obtain cash out to improve the home or payoff debts to possibly obtaining a short term (moving from a 30 year fixed rate to a 1...
FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan limits have been increased for 2020. This is great news for both homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage (lower rate, cash out, shorter term) or home buyers looking to purchase a new home. It's important to remember the following; when buying a hom...
Mortgage rates on Friday December 27th, 2019 were stable as the bond market finished the week in rally mode. The 10 year tresury yield moved below 1.90% and MBS Fannie Mae prices rallied before closing. There were no major economic reports today however there are few notable ones next. That being...
As I previously mentioned; this time of year things are slow in the mortgage industry...really slow. But that doesn't mean applications are at zero so for those that are looking to start a new application to purchase a home or refinance a mortgage we're here to help!What a differene a year makes....
2019 was a great year in the mortgage industry and for mortgage rates.During the month of October 2019 30 year fixed mortgage rates moved above 5.00%. Following that spike in mortgage rates they improved for the next 9 months. There were some months where mortgage rates moved higher during that t...

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