mortgage loans: 3 Steps To Finding Great Mortgage Loans - 11/07/08 08:39 AM
Just like many things in this world, not all mortgage loans are created equal. In fact, there are numerous loan offers that you might find scouring the Internet or by visiting with multiple mortgage loan consultants. The question is: How do you determine which mortgage loans are great mortgages? Well, as the saying goes, great things come in threes...or in this case, in three steps.
The first step to finding a great mortgage loan is to hire a quality mortgage consultant. In the real estate business, that means having a mortgage loan consultant who operates with transparency so you'll know every … (1 comments)

mortgage loans: What Is A Reverse Mortgage? - 08/07/08 03:00 AM
Today, there's lots of talk to those in their twenties and thirties about putting money aside for retirement. It's good advice but the men and women retiring today weren't given that same advice 35 years ago. So, in order to supplement their retirement, many retirees are looking to their most valuable asset to help them get by: their home.In order to access the equity in their homes, some retirees opt to tap into the equity in their home through a traditional refinance loan. However, others are finding that reverse mortgages are a more appealing option. The primary reason: Homeowners who choose … (2 comments)

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