ray higdon: Numis Network Comes to Fort Myers for 1 Night Only! - 06/14/10 03:20 PM
Numis Network Comes To SWFL!
1 Night Only~Meet the Founder Chris Kent
& Top Income Earner Ray Higdon
And More!
Numis Network is a Tampa Based Gold and Silver
Network Marketing Company. With under 10,000 reps
In the compay and the worldwide trend of Gold and Silver,
Now may be the best time to see if this is a business for you!
Numis Network is looking for sharp individuals that want to make money and see the trend of gold and silver in this economy.
Join the founder Chris Kent along with the #1 Income Earner Ray Higdon, who just won a BMW 750li!
Thursday, June 17th
Training Session for … (0 comments)

ray higdon: My 2009 Thanksgiving Message - I learned why I have had every success & every failure in my life - 11/17/09 10:03 PM
How are you doing? How have you been? I am writing this note as I guess I started a tradition last year of taking a few minutes (or hours) to reflect back on the year and talk about what I have to be thankful for. 2009 brought me more life changing revelations and gifts than every other year in my life COMBINED! I am so happy and grateful to have so many wonderful things happening in my life and to have happened in my life.
I had two major things happen in my life this year. (1) I recconnected with my … (2 comments)

ray higdon: Our Time here, with those around us - 09/28/09 11:48 AM
Today I updated my social media statuses to: "Time goes by so fast, people go in/out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you" Last Saturday I attended the funeral of someone I went to High School with. He left this world with kids and a wife left behind. This is someone I really liked as a person but had not seen in several years. Then, Friday night, my girlfriend was in a car accident. She was driving down I-75 in the pouring rain when someone slammed on the breaks … (2 comments)

ray higdon: 3 Best Real Estate Marketing Tips Using Google Keyword Tools - 09/26/09 04:56 AM

Best Real Estate Marketing Tip #1 Use the google keyword tools to define your market and niche. Google keyword tools help you pick either a list of topics or pull data from actual websites that you want to target similar people for. As you get a break for using relevant keywords in your ads, if you are targeting locally AND nationally, you may want to use two different campaigns. Example, one ad may say something along the lines of
Don't lose money buying in Fort Myers, Florida might be a local ad with the national ad saying Don't lose money … (10 comments)

ray higdon: Event: How to get your full commission on Short Sales & Find Buyers - 08/29/09 11:37 PM
Pete Sebock has been a realtor for 5 years, he has seen the marketgo up and down and has experienced what a lot of realtors have experienced and that is the frustration of the short sale process.That was, until he discovered a way to work with lawyers to do the short sales for him. Now, he doesn't talk to the bank at all AND gets his full commission on every short sale deal!Jon Iannotti has been a real estate investor for over 15 years. Jonis currently buying short sales in SWFL. Working with other investorsand realtors, he actually purchases the house … (0 comments)

ray higdon: SWFL Event on Raising Venture Capital and Women in real estate meeting - 07/16/09 10:59 AM
Due to POPULAR demand we are having a half-day seminar on exactly how to raise investment money/venture capital for your business or idea. In this incredible seminar, you will learn step-by-step, how to get investors excited about giving you money for your business or idea! There are a lot of investors out there looking for your idea or looking to get a return on their investment and Joann is going to show you EXACTLY how to get them to work with you! This is a half day seminar where she will teach you what to say and more importantly what NOT … (0 comments)

ray higdon: My note to my Dad after not seeing him for 13 years & Upcoming Marketing Event - 07/07/09 04:01 AM
Happy Tuesday Everyone! If you didn’t catch it, a few months ago I attended the landmark forum which is a seminar that empowers you in so many different ways but made me realize that I wanted a relationship with my Dad that I hadn’t seen in 13 years and he had never met my two boys (ages 9 and 11). Well, we went up there this past weekend and it was awesome. I have simply created a whole new life by taking action and making it happen and am so happy I did. This morning I wrote him a note about … (2 comments)

ray higdon: Raising Private Money/venture Capital Event this Wednesday in Fort Myers - 06/28/09 09:12 PM
Good Morning!Only a few days away from one of the highest anticipated meetingsin Forever Wealth Club History! This Wednesday at 6:30pm, weare having our meeting on raising private money and venturecapital, could there be a more perfect topic for todays strugglingbusiness owner or entrepreneur? When and Where: Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
Clarion Hotel, 12635 South Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers, FL 339076:30pm-8:30pm- $10 for Non Members & Free to MembersSouthwest Florida Events-------And then, the next week we are doing a FREE ot the public eventon Internet Marketing. I am going to be sharing new tactics I have learned this past month that … (0 comments)

ray higdon: Free Southwest Florida Marketing Event - 06/23/09 01:06 AM
Free Southwest Florida Marketing Event Ray Higdon and the Forever Wealth Club will be doing a Free Southwest Florida Marketing Event at 7pm on July 8th at the Clarion Hotel on 12635 South Cleveland Ave. in Fort Myers. This Free Southwest Florida Marketing Event will help small business owners understand how to get their message out on the Internet and what has been shown to work. The speaker, Ray Higdon, is a national speaker on marketing, the founder of the Forever Wealth Club and previously handled the business intelligence reporting for multiple companies including Collier County and a Naples based insurance … (1 comments)

ray higdon: Have They Convinced You That You Cannot Succeed? - 12/13/08 12:59 AM
Let me ask you a question. Have they convinced you that you cannot succeed? Have they convinced you that this market is impossible? Have they convinced you that the market turning around is the only thing that can help you? Well, I got good news and bad news. The bad news is shame on you for letting an outside force or entity to control your outcomes but the good news is…
First of all, who are THEY? They can be the media, your friends, your family members, your parents…it may even be … (6 comments)

ray higdon: Forever Wealth Club Annual Holiday Party! - 12/02/08 01:02 AM
Forever Wealth Club Annual Holiday Party! Wednesday, December 10th - 6:30pm-8:30pm To Benefit The Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County ALL Proceeds (not just profits) Goes to Charity! Come celebrate The Holidays for a Good Cause on Wednesday, December 10th, from 6:30pm until 8:30pm at The Moorings in Cape Coral. Your $10 admission goes directly to charity and all of your food and beverages are included till 8:00pm! Date: Wednesday, December 10th Time: 6:30-8:30pm Cause: Raise money for Needy Children for the Holidays Location: The Moorings Address: 1326 SE 16th Pl., Cape Coral, FL For More Details - http://theforeverwealthclub.com/events.php Ray … (0 comments)

ray higdon: Happy Thanksgiving & One Thing You May Not Know About The Year We Are In - 11/27/08 08:49 AM
Happy Thanksgiving All, Have Gratitude Today and Everyday.
You know lately I always ask audiences I speak in front ofto tell me one thing about the year 2008. The common responsesI hear are that times are hard, work is tough, stock marketand real estate market stinks and on and on and on.
Your year is whatever you make of it. If you are a law ofattraction person, you know the more you dwell on the negativethe more negative items show up in your life. If you are anumbers person, you need to understand the times we are in.
WE ARE IN … (5 comments)

ray higdon: Ebook Marketing Niche Mastery - 11/24/08 12:37 AM
Ebook Marketing Niche Mastery
As an information and affiliate marketer, a lot of my time is spent locating and defining niche markets to go into. Some people believe in looking for niches where there is not a lot of competition but the industry tells us that if a niche does not have much or any competition there may be a reason for that.
First of all you need to determine if your niche is profitable and the fastest way to determine that is if there is competition in that niche. If you are planning on using Google Adwords for … (0 comments)

ray higdon: Marketing Your Business Using Google - 11/13/08 11:13 PM
Tuesday, November 25th – Fort Myers
Marketing Your Business Using Google
La Quinta, Daniels Pkwy and I-75
9521 Market Place Rd, Ft Myers
Speakers: Ray Higdon and Brad Dohack
Cost: $37 at www.FloridaWealthEvents.com or $49 at Door
Ray Higdon Free Report on the 7 Lies of Marketing at http://www.TheForeverWealthClub.com

ray higdon: Affiliate Marketing Using Google - 11/12/08 10:13 PM
Affiliate Marketing Using Google
Saturday, November 22nd – Port Charlotte
Affiliate Marketing Using Google
Port Charlotte Cultural Center
2280 Aaron St, Pt Charlotte
9am – 1pm
Speakers: Ray Higdon and Robert Van Gompel
Cost: $79 at Door
Ray Higdon Free Report on the 7 Lies of Marketing at http://www.TheForeverWealthClub.com

ray higdon: Things You Must Know About Network Marketing - 11/11/08 01:06 AM
Things You Must Know About Network Marketing
It is difficult to engage in network marketing business if you only know a small number of people. This is not true. Many people who have not gone through formal discussions on the ins and outs of network marketing have this misconception on the business. The real score is that you will only need at least two people to deal with, for some networking business models, that is.
Network marketing or multilevel marketing (mlm) business survives through a method called downline mlm network marketing. This happens when those people you know invest … (0 comments)

ray higdon: Does Network Marketing Have Anything to do with Sales & Relationship-Building - 11/10/08 09:51 PM
Does Network Marketing Have Anything to do with Sales & Relationship-Building
Network marketing is not your typical sales and marketing system, where you push your products or service to one person to derive the sales you need to meet your quota that most of the time just ends right there. But it is still sales, only you focus more on building the relationship with people and enhancing that relationship by providing them products and services that they could start up with for their own business.
What happens in network marketing, or multilevel marketing (MLM) to other people, is that … (0 comments)

ray higdon: Why You Might Stop Thinking Network Marketing is a Scam - 11/07/08 10:28 PM
Why You Might Stop Thinking Network Marketing is a Scam
When people start hearing multi level or network marketing, either they raise their eyebrows and move away from you or they start shaking their heads in utter disgust. But these people are jaded by the fact that the system of network marketing is not a scam, but a system that is genuine and builds its trust and relationship by engaging in a similar business venture that binds them together.
Network marketers are people engaged in multi level marketing (mlm) who offer you the chance to invest a reasonably small amount of … (0 comments)

ray higdon: Want to Work Your Own Hours? Should You Try Network Marketing? - 11/05/08 10:36 PM
Want to Work Your Own Hours? Should You Try Network Marketing?
Over 13 million people from the United States alone are into the business of network marketing, and probably you are wondering what these people get from a business that is more popularly known as a scam. You might even be looking around and see where their hubs are. Well, they do not actually have those regular sales offices that are big enough for a sales convention.
Network marketing is a home based business, which means you make money at home, without the pressures of office work even attached to it. … (0 comments)

ray higdon: 2 Tips to Help You Find out if a Company is a Network Marketing Scam - 11/04/08 12:02 AM
2 Tips to Help You Find out if a Company is a Network Marketing Scam
The internet is swarmed by scams, which makes it hard for people interested in business to identify which one is real or fake. But many of these people would like to do business in the comforts of their homes, because they prefer more liberating time and rewards than what corporate positions offer.
Home based business network marketing is one of those solutions that can give you the desires of your heart, on work that is. It is a multi level marketing program that lets … (0 comments)