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Our Groups (Optimizers and Webinars R Us) and Blog Posts are focused on helping Agents and Brokers improve their business Planning, Marketing Communications, Marketing/Administrative Systems and Team Work.
There is no question that realtors are trying to save money on everything; including their marketing. For many agents "saving" is synonomous with "stopping". The irony is that in this tough economy you've got to do a lot more and better marketing just to stay even. Slowing down or stopping your m...
Real estate licensing authorities want you to keep up with your professional development. That's why they require Continuing Education for license renewals. The education requirements, and offerings, are typically heavy on the legal and ethical side of the business; but they do allow for courses ...
ActiveRain, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter; there's a lot to wrap your arms around, I know, I've been emersed in the details for the last month.  Here's a four minute overview to help bring some order out of the chaos.  By the way, if you haven't checked out "SlideShare" (the free service I used to ...
Our first post in this series, "Do the Math On Relationship Marketing" provided an online calculator that let you play with your own numbers. I expect that your own math has stimulated a vigorous new interest in beefing up your relationship marketing capabilities. Here's what you should do next. ...
Are you aware that there is one kind of marketing that outproduces every other kind, by far? And do you also realize that with today's technologies you can implement much larger camapaigns of this kind of marketing at much lower cost? Relationship Marketing Works Best Year after year the NAR doe...
The real estate business model is changing rapidly; driven by technology and the economic turmoil.  We formed the ActiveRain Group "Optimizers" to collaborate on ways to make the best of this situation. To facilitate the discussion we wrote The Model for Creating an Elite Boutique Real Estate Bro...
Why an Elite Boutique Real Estate Brokerage? Why Now? Yah, the economy is bad. Sales are down. Prices are down. Loans are harder to get. Unemployment is high. Blah, blah; blah blah. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of people still has jobs and money to spend. In fact, the tougher thin...
No, I'm not talking about those kind of offers.  This is about a strategy for making more and better marketing offers, so you'll be in position to make and receive more of those other kind of offers. Why is making more and better marketing offers so important?  Because: Offers invite responses Re...
Recruiting is a big topic with lots of facets.  It also has a great deal to do with the design and implementation of improved real estate business models.  So we're giving recruiting its own special space here in our Optimizers Collaboration Project. The only absolute requirement of a real estate...
Utah Dave certainly touched a nerve with his post, "The New Business Model in Real Estate - Good Bye Old Brokerages and Brokerage Models." In a nutshell he said that mediocrity is on its way out, and smaller, high quality brokerages are on the rise.  More than 200 ActiveRainer Commenters enthusia...

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Let's Get Real About Real Estate Marketing
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