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This is really a piece of Barre's history.  4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, plus a 2 bedroom accessory apartment and separate artists' studios.  It all sits on 5 acres of apple orchard. Since it used to be a full-on apple orchard, there's the "Apple Chapel" which was used for sorting, boxing, crating, and...
I've had a lot of questions recently about appraisals, so I thought I'd spend a moment and try to shed some light on this issue.  I'm NOT an appraiser, but I've sure seen plenty of them... This is just a quick once over.  Follow this link for a more detailed article about Montpelier and Barre rea...
Three Things I Love About Barre I was just reading the Times Argus-gotta love the occasional relaxing Sunday afternoon when both girls are down for naps-and it made me think about some of the things I love about Barre. Top ten lists are passé, so I'm not doing one.  But here are some things I lov...
Montpelier Caravan It being the 2nd Tuesday of the month, today was the Montpelier Caravan.  The caravan is a showcasing event for new listings of homes for sale Montpelier for all the different agencies. As a seller, it's a great chance to get a lot of high quality exposure for your house.  I me...
Free installation of Corian countertops in Barre and Montpelier I don't know if this is a nationwide event, or if this is something the local lumber yard (Allen Lumber) has worked out with its suppliers.  And I don't really care that much. What I do care about is that if you've got a tired or dat...
You've got to love it when sellers think outside the box a little.  We've got a commercial property with 2 nice office spaces in it for sale in Montpelier, and the seller just let it be known that seller financing is an option. As a buyer or investor, this could potentially make the property just...
By the time buyers are at the point of making an offer, they obviously want the house.  But they're not going to pay more than they think it's worth.  Besides, even if they did want to pay more than it's worth, the bank-ordered appraisal's going to undermine that masochism. So...prices are going ...
Playing Fair When Selling? One of the great parts of working in the Montpelier real estate market is that there are some great people in the field.  Agents cooperate all the time, bringing buyers, keeping deals together, etc.  I've had a couple of people ask how that cooperation works with respec...
Barre Vermont Main Street Renovation Nothing's official, but the city council has decided to ask voters for $1.7m in bond revenue to renovate Main Street in Barre, including updating the 100 year old municipal sewer system. 100 years old?  Seriously?  Turns out that in 1982 failures were discover...
I normally wouldn't bring my three year old to a showing.  But I've been working with a buyer for several months, and we could only get everyone together to look at a house if I bent my "rule" a bit.  Besides the buyer is very cool, and my daughter is generally a pretty well-behaved kid. So I too...

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