fha 203k: The Jack of all Trades is the Master of None - 06/10/14 05:29 AM
"The Jack of all Trades is the Master of None“”  originates from Shakespearean days and is true today as it was then. When it comes to todays Renovation/Construction loan programs. Most mortgage companies take a general approach to lending, they TRY any loan that comes their way. How many of you of have now spoke to other mortgage professionals and were dissuaded from renovation financing. It’s too expensive, too difficult, too time-consuming  they say. Many mortgage lenders simply don’t offer renovation mortgage products period. Other lenders offer them, but steer you away because renovation loans require more work on our end of the process. Some mortgage companies offer the … (0 comments)

fha 203k: HomePath Renovation Loans for Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC - 06/08/14 11:20 PM
As the nation has went through the housing boom and moved into the housing bust – no organization currently owns more homes than Fannie Mae. To help drive demand for home buyers to want to buy this inventory, Fannie Mae has come out with a special financing program called HomePath Renovation Mortgage Financing where people who buy homes currently owned by Fannie Mae and include renovation of the prooperty into one mortgage loan .
  HomePath Renovation Mortgage Loans When a property goes into foreclosure and is given back to the lender, it is common for it to need a few repairs. For homes … (0 comments)

fha 203k: The New 203K Renovation Specilist - 05/30/14 04:51 AM
It's funny now that refinance business has slowed down and how many lenders have jumped into the FHA 203k, Homestyle and HomePath renovation loans the last 6 months. Agents be careful who you trust to handle your renovation clients. The New Renovation Specilist not only originates renovation loans the are also originating their prime business FHA, VA and conventional loans. These new renovation specilist will usually attend 1 day class offered by thier company on the ins and outs of renovation loans. I have even been told some companies will do 1-2 hour training over the phone....Really.
This is a true story that happen this week........

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