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Avion Realty is committed to providing first class service to its clients.  To make the process as simple as possible, we have created a step by stop approach to the home-buying process.  This approach begins with educating you about the homebuying process to ensure that you are aware of the exci...
WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUTIt's about Distributions...It's about Residuals...It's about Leadership...It's about all three!A powerful recruiting system that enables agents to share the WPI story and get paid for's that simple! One of WPI's greatest assets is its story! The fact that we are the 1st...
As a One Stop Professional I can provide: One-stop Convenience! I can eliminate much of the worry & stress of the home selling & buying process by offering you the convenience of a One Stop Professional. Because of the WPI-family of companies, a mortgage, title, insurance, and home warranty can b...
....DIVERSIFY!WPI is the fastest growing real estate firm in the world and is the first organization of its kind totally focused on "raising the bar" in customer service and professionalism by providing the ultimate in "One-Stop" services. WPI has bundled Real Estate... Mortgage... Title Settleme...
Embedded in paragraph 17 of most mortgages, is the dreaded due-on-sale-clause. It is likely to be the most feared topic in real estate investment circles. That is due in part to the lack of information available on the subject. The term "due-on-sale" means a provision in a contract authorizing a ...
In my experience there are only three categories of investors. There is not necessarily a type that is better than another, it is more important that you just identify which type you are. If you want to change, you must first identify your starting point.Group #1. Won't Doers-These are the indivi...
If you have been dabbling in real estate for a while, there is no doubt that you have probably heard of thefour forces impacting property values. Academics have isolated these factors since all influences can be classified into one of the four categories. The factors are as follows:Social ForcesS...
Recently we started offering cash rewards on all real estate transactions, 3% back of the sales price up to $10,000.  You might be wondering how we can do that.  Well, it works like works like time deferred rebates or maybe airline miles. There has never been a cash rewards program like this for ...

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