sarasota real estate: Sarasota Best Real Estate Buy in the Galaxy? - 07/07/10 06:00 AM
Ok, maybe not in the galaxy...yet.
In October the Today Show proclaimed that Sarasota was the #1 real estate value in the United States. Recently, the International Property Journal reported that Sarasota was the #1 real estate value in the Western World.
The Western World? That should get someone's attention.
Sarasota is internationally known as a beautiful, cultural and sophisticated. Siesta Key Beach was recently named the #2 beach in the country for the second year in a row. Our waterfront property, beachfront property, golf course property, equestrian property...all are an excellent value right now.
The best value in the known universe, … (1 comments)

sarasota real estate: Sanderling Club, Sarasota FL Real Estate - 05/18/10 04:14 AM
Buyers of Sarasota real estate usually have to choose between the big shaded lot and the beach lifestyle. Not so at the well respected and established Sanderling Club, the grand dame of gated communities on Siesta Key. This entire subdivision hearkens back to another era.
Wih some homes built as far back as the 1940's, the Sanderling Club is one of the more special subdivisions in Sarasota. Located on directly on the beach on southern Siesta, the neighborhood also has lush tropical foliage and huge mature shade trees. It is the only single family home community with a 24 hour manned … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: Siesta Key Real Estate - I'd Buy It - 04/12/10 06:04 AM
When I moved to Sarasota nearly a decade ago, armed with my set budget and down payment, I had dreams of Siesta Key. After all, it was a stretch of white sand beach that convinced me to move here in the first place. At the time, when I asked the realtor if I could have a water view, they laughed and asked me if I meant a swimming pool!
I live on Palmer Ranch, which was an excellent decision for me. The schools are fantastic, we love our home, and we are only 10 minutes from - you guessed it - … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: Sarasota Real Estate - Meadows Remains Golfing Staple - 04/10/10 03:51 AM
Often Sarasota real estate can be dominated by waterfront property. People hear Sarasota, they think beach and water! But some of the most popular real estate choices in Sarasota have more to do with another popular pastime- golf! As prices fell, golf communities became viable lifestyle choices for all age groups, ot just the retired set.
With nearly 80 golf courses in Sarasota County, golfers can always find a place to get a game. In true Sarasota style, though, the most popular place for golfers to live, is of course, on the golf course! There are several golf & country clubs … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: Sarasota Real Estate - When Winning Means Losing - 03/31/10 02:40 AM
Real estate has always been a mental game. Whether buying your first home, or purchasing your 100th investment, you likely have a "Game plan" - preconceived thoughts and opinions on how this should all go down.
In some cases, it's very simple. But for many, the purchase of real estate is all about "winning". Now, don't get me wrong. I am all for getting a fantastic deal on a property. I love when I help my my clients buy a home with substantial instant equity. I love hearing about my client who got such a great deal, he flipped it quickly … (1 comments)

sarasota real estate: Got Snow? - 02/24/10 11:50 PM
I'm not one to gloat.
Well, maybe my family might disagree with that. As I watch the stories of snowstorm after snowstorm in my native New Jersey, I can't help but point out that I live ... someplace else. I always smile at the friends and family who lament "You are so lucky you live in Florida!"
To which I generally answer "Luck has nothing to do with it. Its a lifestyle choice".
So for all my friends and family, and anyone else who might be hunkering down for yet another round of Mother Natures finest, I offer this solace. Somewhere, … (5 comments)

sarasota real estate: The Sarasota Love/Hate Relationship - 02/24/10 02:39 AM
Living in one of the most beautiful cities on the Florida Gulf Coast is not a bad way to go. We have one of the top beaches, stunning weather, and a sophisticated community with arts, culture and dining that is over the top.
Personally, after living in 6 different locations in the United States, I think I have a pretty good perspective of lifestyle. And I think that Sarasota affords the best lifestyle for the money - bar none. Its like being on vacation everyday.
Because this place is so mesmerizing, and because people can't get enough of it, this time … (2 comments)

sarasota real estate: Sarasota Homestead Tax Exemption - 02/24/10 01:35 AM
One of the great benefits to home ownership in Florida is the Homestead Exemption. If you own a Florida home that is your permanent residence, you are likely eligible for the $50,000 entitlement.
The exemption allows for $50,000 to be subtracted to the assessed value of the home prior to the calculation of taxes. Once a home is homesteaded, it is protected under the "Save our Homes" cap, which stipulates the property's assessed value cannot increase more than 3% per year, a protection that greatly benefited homeowners during the recent boom.
In order to qualify, you must hold title to the property. You must … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: Searching Online for Sarasota Real Estate - 11/20/08 01:52 AM
My name is Regina, and I am addicted to my computer.
I admit it. From my old life as a Director of Marketing for one of the largest corporations in the world - to my current life as an online representative of my Sarasota buyers brokerage - I rely heavily on my computer.
I absolutely love the fact that I can see up-to-the-minute price changes and new listings. I sometimes marvel at the sheer amount of information I can provide to my customers with a few clicks, and a digital camera.
With the advent of all this technology came the ability for … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: The Real Estate "Haters" - 11/18/08 01:30 AM
I have read several blogs (not on ActiveRain) where people are gloating about the real estate mess. These self-proclaimed "experts" have decided they are smarter than other people, and therefore, deserve the right to dismiss and ridicule an entire community of people who are hurting right now.
In the Sarasota real estate boom (2003-2005) there were, for sure, people who got in over their heads, purchasing multiple properties they couldn't afford.
But there are hundreds, thousands of others who relied on the expertise of real estate agents and mortgage professionals to get them into the home they always dreamed of. Were … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: Why I love being a buyer agent in Sarasota - 11/12/08 01:38 AM
I moved to Sarasota with my life and career intact. Within 2 years, my life had changed to something beyond recognition - I was single mom with sole responsibility - physical and financial - of my children, unemployed and searching for a way.
My natural personality is very friendly and outgoing. I have never had any trouble meeting people. But with so much on my plate, I never had the opportunity to network, get out, or socialize. My life was largely centered around survival.
I became a real estate agent in 2004. I guess I never really expected it to be a … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: In Sarasota Real Estate, a Few Things Remain - 11/11/08 06:41 AM
I am not by nature a gloom and doom person. Even the last few years, although daunting, didn't really discourage me to the point of giving up this business. Why?
Because even in a down real estate market, a few things remain.
Location. Location. Location.
Corny, I know. But have you BEEN to Sarasota? 8 years after moving here I am still in awe of this place. This is the kind of place you seen in brochures, the kind of place you save up for years to visit. And I LIVE here. If you have ever travelled across the John Ringling … (0 comments)

sarasota real estate: Sarasota Real Estate - Stay Away From... - 09/02/08 03:07 AM
There are so many GREAT properties in Sarasota right now...I encourage people to consider their move or purchase NOW. The beach is on sale! Downtown is on sale! The bayfront is on sale!! The deals here are undeniable.
But not blindly or without caution - there are absolutely situations to stay away from, or at least to better understand. Here is a crash course on the caveats of searching for a Sarasota home or condo.
Who is paying the Bill? - Looking at HOAs and condo associations, we see a long list of amenities provided by your monthly fees. However, in neighborhoods … (1 comments)

sarasota real estate: Why is Sarasota Different? - 05/19/08 04:21 AM
Although Sarasota has been impacted by the downturn in the housing market like everyone else, report after report has come out over the last 12 months citing that Sarasota is a bright spot in an otherwise dismal outlook. Our sales are up, our pending sales are strong and many buyer agents in town, myself included , can speak to greatly increased sales volume. As a matter of fact, the last 6 months has been remarkable for me.
Which led a customer of mine to ask, why is Sarasota different?
I suppose I could expound on how beautiful it is here. Situated … (5 comments)

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