home sales: Time For Home Buyers to Act Before It's Too Late - 12/14/09 12:56 AM
How does one really know when to buy or sell real estate? There are many factors involved, and without a crystal ball, you can't be 100% certain! Every day, the media publicizes a lot of confusing information, and it is very difficult for the average person to know what it really means.We all know that during all of 2009 and most of 2008, in most areas of the country, housing prices have fallen, in most areas by more than 20% since the height of the market. However, many people tend to forget that the real estate market has experienced these down … (1 comments)

home sales: 30 Yr Mortgage Rates Hit All-Time Low & Other Housing Info - 12/03/09 02:15 AM
                                       30 Yr Mortgage Rates hit all-time low & other housing infoFreddie Mac stated today that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage average hit a new low. The 30-year average declined to 4.71% (with an average 0.7 point) for the week ending Dec. 3 from 4.78% last week. This new 30-year average is the lowest since Freddie Mac began its weekly survey in 1971. Last year, the average was 5.53%. Remember that this is the average 30- year rate, which means that many lending institutions are offering even … (1 comments)

home sales: Housing News Updated & Evaluated - 11/24/09 02:29 AM
The most recent housing report showed that sales for October 2009 were up 10.1% over October 2008. While that is certainly promising news, it must be considered in light of a few factors. The first factor was, of course, that October 2008 numbers were so dismal that even with an increase, there is plenty of room for improvement. Then, we must remember that some closings last month occurred as a result of the First Time Housing Credit, and the uncertainty at that time over whether it would be extended (remember it was originally set to expire at end of November). The … (2 comments)

home sales: SORTING THROUGH TODAY'S ECONOMIC NEWS - 11/06/09 02:39 AM
Last night, news media were reporting that they anticipated the jobless rate to rise slightly to 9.9%. At around the same time, it was announced that President Obama would today sign into law a bill that would: (1) extend unemployment benefit eligibility by up to an additional 20 weeks (meaning to a maximum of 99 weeks, if eligible- the maximum is for those 26 states where unemployment exceeds 8.5%); (2)extend and enhance the New Homebuyers Credit from November 30th until June 30th (This bill requires going into contract by April 30th and closing by June 30th). This bill will now NOT … (3 comments)

home sales: Some Interesting News - 11/05/09 02:46 AM
Today, FNMA appeared to be prepared to alter its established policy regarding foreclosures on properties they control. It appears that they have made the decision to rent out these distressed properties instead of foreclosing and selling them. If this policy is maintained, it would go a long way toward stabilizing housing because it would somewhat reduce the "supply side" of homes by removing these distressed properties from the marketplace. The net effect of that should eventually be shoring up home prices, as well as reducing the amount of average days on market for houses listed for sale. It would also reduce … (2 comments)

home sales: MORE PEOPLE ARE BEGINNING TO LOOK - 09/25/09 02:32 AM
Are we near the end of this chapter of the "extreme buyers market?" Over the last few months, the number of people looking at houses listed on the market has gradually, but consistently increased. Many are only shoppers, trying to find out how much the market price of homes have decreased. But many others are beginning to seriously consider purchasing a house.
They realize that mortgage interest rates are still quite low, and probably will NOT remain that way for long. They realize that the First Time Buyers credit is scheduled to end at the end of November, and that to … (0 comments)

home sales: DATA ONLY TELLS PART OF THE STORY - 09/11/09 04:06 AM
Real estate data can be very misleading! When you hear that house prices are up or down, what is that compared to? Is it compared to last month, six months ago, a year ago, two years ago, when the market was at it's peak! The same is true with housing starts figures, home sales, etc.
The best way to analyze the situation is, if you had the money, would you buy something, sell something, hold on, or panic? That is the same strategy that any financial planner would tell you to follow regarding any investment. And for most people, their home … (2 comments)

home sales: HAVE WE REACHED THAT BUYING OPPORTUNITY? - 09/09/09 02:57 AM
Mortgage rates are still  close to their historic lows! People with decent credit and 20% down can finally qualify again! First time buyers have until November 30th to close on a house, to still get the $8,000 tax credit! Prices have come down significantly, and their are plenty of choices!
So we should all agree that we have finally reached a classic BUYERS MARKET! Most experts believe house prices are at or near their lows! Then, why aren't more people taking advantage of this? My best guess is that it is FEAR, and not feeling comfortable with the overall U.S. … (2 comments)


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