interest rates: The Credit Pendulum - 08/12/13 01:28 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell The Credit Pendulum To Move Faster? My how time flies. The housing boom America experienced in the past is now almost a decade old. If anyone can remember that far back, the boom was made possible in part through an unregulated market for home loans which brought us such programs as "no money down -- we don't ask about your income -- low credit score -- you can't believe how low your payment will be" adjustable rate loans. Basically, if you could breathe then you could purchase a home. The subsequent housing crisis ended all … (1 comments)

interest rates: Why Are Home Prices Rising? Part II - 07/08/13 01:57 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Why Are Home Prices Rising--Part Two Today, the U.S. population is just over 315 million. So that means that as much as 85 million people will be added in the next 30 years, or close to one million per year. A perspective? In 1900 the U.S. population was approximately 76 million. So in 30 years we will have more growth than we had in the first 125 years. And while the economy was slumping, the population did not stop growing. This leads us to the final question -- will home prices keep rising in the … (0 comments)

interest rates: Why Are Home Prices Rising? - 06/27/13 02:13 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Why Are Home Prices Rising--Part One Statistics released this spring show that both new and existing home prices have risen significantly over the past twelve months. For example, the census bureau has indicated that the median price of a new home sold in April was $271,600, which was 8.3 percent higher than the previous month and 13.1 percent higher than one year ago. This is interesting news not only because it affects those in the market to purchase a home, but the economy in general.Wealth is created through rising home prices and this wealth has … (0 comments)

interest rates: What Do Higher Rates Mean? - 06/18/13 11:52 PM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell What Do Higher Rates Mean? We do not mean to beat a dead horse here; however the topic of higher interest rates seems to be dominating the headlines of the financial world. While these articles dissect the possible effects of higher rates on the stock markets, business performance and more, the question we would like to focus upon is -- how do higher rates affect the average individual? There is no doubt that these rates may make home and car financing more expensive -- but by how much? As of recently, rates have risen a … (0 comments)

interest rates: Are Rising Rates a Sign of Good News? - 06/11/13 01:17 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Rising Rates--Good News? Several articles debating the effect of higher interest rates upon the economy have appeared in major periodicals in the past few weeks. The majority of them come to the conclusion that the recent rise in rates represents good news. Not because the higher rates will help the economy. But because of the fact that rates have risen because the economy is doing better. Or at least the threat of a double dip recession has faded from memory. One must remember that it was the threat of things going sour again which caused … (0 comments)

interest rates: Why Interest Rates are Rising - 06/10/13 12:31 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Why Rates Are Rising Several weeks ago we spoke about the reasons interest rates have been on an uptrend for the most part this year. The first thing we want to make clear is that the reasons have not changed. However, because we experienced a downtrend for a few weeks in the midst of the uptrend, there is reason for additional analysis in this regard. What were these reasons? There were basically three. Rates were bouncing back from ridiculously low levels reached at the end of last year when the economy slowed down and the … (0 comments)

interest rates: Real Estate News 5/26/13-6/1/13 - 05/30/13 04:31 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Real Estate Report 5/30/13 With the housing rebound in full swing, “pocket listings” are growing in many parts of the country as some sellers look to preserve their privacy, and brokers use them to trigger an aura of exclusivity to a listing. But some in the industry worry that exclusivity may be crossing an ethical line. Pocket listings refer to situations in which real estate agents purposely keep sales information about a home off the multiple listing services, and brokers only show that house to people they expect to actually purchase it. The National Association … (0 comments)

interest rates: What the Lower Budget Deficits Mean - 05/29/13 04:53 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell What the Lower Deficits Mean Some good news was released by the Congressional Budget Office in the past few weeks. The astronomically high U.S. budget deficit is coming back down to earth this year. During the depths of the recession, the budget deficit approached $1.5 trillion and represented over 10% of the size of the U.S. economy. The deficit is falling sharply this year and is expected to come in below $640 billion and just over 5.0% of the size of the economy. The deficit is projected to shrink through 2015. Is this good news? … (0 comments)

interest rates: Real Estate News 5/19/13-5/25/13 - 05/22/13 01:35 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Real Estate Report 5/22/13      Homeowners will see increases in the rates they pay for flood insurance soon with owners of vacation homes seeing the biggest jump. Though floods can bring walls of water 20 feet high, even a few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Between 2007 and 2011, the average flood claim fielded by the National Flood Insurance Program was nearly $30,000. The cost of the typical flood policy is about $625 a year. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which operates the flood insurance program, flooding … (0 comments)

interest rates: The Fed and QE: A Lesson to be Learned - 05/21/13 12:49 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell A Lesson To Be Learned      Whipsaws and whiplash. We all know what the term whiplash means when someone gets into a car accident. When we hear the term, we envision a painful neck injury and maybe a neck brace. This term is also often used with the term "whipsaw" when observing the markets. A whipsaw occurs when the market moves erratically in several directions. And if you follow that market, you can get economic whiplash. Now the stock market has not been that erratic as it has steadily moved upward this year with … (0 comments)

interest rates: Real Estate News (Week of 5/12/13-5/18/13) - 05/15/13 02:05 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Real Estate Report 5/15/13      Is a home the new engagement ring? A new national survey shows more and more young couples are putting home loans before wedding bands these days. The new Coldwell Banker survey shows nearly a quarter of married couples between the ages of 18 and 34 purchased a home before getting married. Matt Williamson and Olivia Wee of Minneapolis are in that boat, having closed on their first home a few weeks ago, even though their wedding isn’t until August. Psychologists say shopping for homes forces young couples to tackle … (0 comments)

interest rates: Which Way is this Recovery Headed? - 05/14/13 01:19 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Which Way Are We Headed?      Most everyone had built a slowdown into the equation this spring and the only question was -- how slow would it get? Starting with the uninspiring employment report for March, we had a series of economic reports released that were tepid at best. The good news was that unlike other pauses in this recovery, few were expecting the slowdown to turn into a double dip recession threat. The stock market continued to advance in the face of this news because corporate profits were still strong and inflation would … (1 comments)

interest rates: Real Estate News 5/8/13 - 05/08/13 04:47 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Real Estate News (Week of 5/5/13-5/11/13)      Most times when a loan officer writes a low down payment home loan, they get the same question from the client. “How can I get the mortgage insurance dropped?” The simple answer—reach 20 or 22 percent equity—will soon become complex. Starting June 3, the Federal Housing Administration will require most borrowers using its loan products to keep the insurance for the life of the loan or, in cases with a 10 percent down payment, at least 11 years. The FHAʼ’s new mortgage insurance cancellation policy is aimed … (1 comments)

interest rates: The Housing Recovery: Will it Last? - 05/07/13 04:05 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Will it last? That is the question that most prognosticators are asking when looking at the rebound in the real estate market. Real estate as a sector fell so far and so fast and actually spurred the financial crisis just a few years ago, so it is logical to question whether the good news we have received in the past year is the "real deal." Those who are looking at the rebound skeptically point out that investors have fueled the most recent real estate rebound by scooping up just about every lower priced home on the market. When prices are higher and they cease to become a bargain, investors … (1 comments)

interest rates: Real Estate News 4/30/13 - 04/30/13 05:42 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Real Estate News 4-30-13 Nearly 21 million Americans (29.3 percent of homeowners nationwide) own
their homes outright, unencumbered by a home loan, according to a recent Zillow analysis of
housing finance data. Analyzing data through the third quarter of 2012, Zillow found that 20.6
million homeowners nationwide own their homes free and clear of debt. Among the nation's 30
largest metro areas included in the study, Pittsburgh (38.6 percent), Tampa (33.2 percent), New
York (29.7 percent), Cleveland (29.4 percent) and Miami (28.9 percent) had the highest
percentage of free-and-clear homeowners. A number of elements influence … (0 comments)

interest rates: The Benefits of a Slowdown - 04/23/13 03:15 AM
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Benefits of a Slowdown Right now the markets are warily eyeing a possible slowdown in the economic recovery. While we can't tell you if we are indeed in the middle of another pause, we can tell you that we are already reaping some benefits of even the hint of a pause. What are these benefits? Oil prices, interest rates and gold prices have all fallen. It is easy to see the benefits of lower gas prices and rates with regard to the economy. Lower gas prices give consumers more money to spend. Lower rates encourage … (1 comments)

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