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Property taxes--like most tax laws--are complicated for the general public a lot of the time.  The laws are written in ways that seem like lawyers can only figure them out; the laws change all the time; and people just plain out hate taxes.  This blog brings this issue up for attention.How does s...
Here are some great SEO (search engine optimization) tools to make it easier for people to find you on the Internet.  It is very much an "art" as it is a science, as you must have a lot to stand amongst the crowd on the Internet.At, we are always looking to provide brokers and agen...
Email, website, phone calls, and even "old-fashioned" face-to-face meetings are still the most effective way to conduct business in the social media era (not that one should shun the Internet; the contrary is the case).  This article reminds us of this.What are agents making over $100,000 a year ...
Here are some charts put together detailing all of the changes to the FHA loans and what they mean for you and/or your client(s).  A lot of people have asked me about this over the past few days so if you have any questions, just throw them my way!News about the FHA Upfront Premium and Monthly Mo...
I've been using Klout extensively lately and have found it an irreplaceable accet in defining my "online presence." This blog goes into greater depth on the topic,Why do Klout scores matter for real estate agents?  Imagine you are faced with this listing presentation question:  “What makes you st...
As someone who has worked with VA loans for over thirty years, this blog answers many of the questions that VAs typically approach me with.  I highly recommend it.A reader asks, ” I have previously had a home loan through the VA that was paid off and my eligibility was restored for the purchase o...
A great blog illustrating the proposed FHA upfront mortgage inusrance hike at the end of the month (1% to 1.75%).  President Obama's announcement earlier today may extend the 1% rate for an unseen amount of time....anyway, enjoy the video! Ken Pederson from FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp. offe...
Video is one of, if not the best tool for social media marketing.  Beyond real estate videos, video blogs are another effective tool.  This article gives a lot of good suggestions.As I mentioned in my last post on An introduction to making property videos, using a camera requires a certain amount...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell What are the most popular social networks? There are two ways that both websites and social networks are ranked in terms of popularity. The first standard of measure is the amount of active users per month; Facebook has somewhere between an estimated 800 million to ...
Attention to all bankers, realtors, and homeowners (or prospective owners):  FHA loan upfront insurance premiums will be rising at the end of the month from 1% to 1.75%.  This blog post details what that means for home owners.  Anybody who wishes to lock in at the 1% upfront insurance premium rat...

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