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This is an excellent and very insightful blog post from a fellow Maryland based loan officer that can, hopefully, answer questions for real estate agents, buyers, and fellow lenders alike: Inspired by a post by Martha Brown, a wonderful Maryland Realtor on what happens on the Realtor side once a ...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell ActiveRain SEO Mixup Every two-to-three months or so, Google updates its algorithm which determines how high--or low--a webpage will show up when certain terms are searched. Google refers to this algorithm as "PageRank." Over the weekend, it was revealed that Active...
 This is a fantastic blog post for real estate agents, homeowners, prospective buyers, and others in the home industry to ponder on.  Price--and location, as the two are so intimately tied together--is, obviously, in a supply and demand economy on the top of the list.  But that's not enough in th...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Why Facebook is essential in modern marketing Part II My last blog was about Facebook and while I did not expect to write a followup blog on the subject. But I read a fascinating article today on ZDNet by Larry Dignan entitled, "Facebook: What happens to active user...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Why Facebook is essential in modern marketing As many of you probably have already read, Facebook has filed their IPO in recent weeks and with $5 Billion worth of shares on sale, the company is values between $85-100 billion. At first glance that is a mind blowing f...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell FHA/VA Loan Limits and USDA Rural Development Loans County by County 2012 For the Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area FHA LOAN LIMITS Anne Arundel County: $560,000 Baltimore County: $560,000 Calvert County: $729,500 Charles County: $729,500 Howard County: $494,500...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Using the Internet as a Solid Marketing Strategy While most of my blog posts are intended for all audiences, this one is more geared towards professionals in the housing industry. That said, everything I write is applicable to nearly anybody who is trying to develop...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell VA Loans It's a new year and our troops are home from Iraq--as I've indicated in my previous blog, "Location, Location, Location," it also seems like 2012 will be the year where the values of homes in most regions in the United States bottoms out before going up. As...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Clients and other real estate professionals have more questions than ever about home loans, home valuation, credit/credit scores, and so on since the beginning of the housing crisis in 2007/2008.  With this blog I fully intend to answer as many of these questions tha...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell I wish all of my readers a happy new year, and hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. As a mortgage banker that has worked in the industry for over 30 years, I got my fair share of questions during the holidays as to what 2012 will mean to their home values. National...

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