credit: Whose Credit Cards are on my Credit Report?! - 04/29/15 06:32 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A Joe assists a 23 year old who discovers something quite frightening on her credit report! Kellllyannn21 says that she is very upset becuase she doesn't know how the cards were taken out in her name or what to do to resolve the issue. Joe explains that she is most likely a victim of identity theft! He also touches on what she can do to help improve her situation. The best thing to do is reach out to a credit expert and go from there.    

credit: That's My Name, But Not My Social Security Number?! - 04/23/15 01:26 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week's Wednesday Q&A explains why someone's Credit Report might show inaccurate information such as someone else's social secuity number! It can be shocking to see the wrong name or social security number when looking at your credit report. Joe explains how mistakes like this are made and what you can do about it! The answer is surprisingly simple, and concerning!   

credit: A 522 Credit Score can get approved for a Loan?! - 04/15/15 04:30 AM
Wednesday Q & A
On Wednesday Q&A this week, Joe gives some excellent advice on Loans and Cedit Cards. He answers the question, "How can I get a loan with a 522 credit score? I have never had a credit card. I need a loan or a creditg card." Found out the possibilities of secured or unsecured loans and how to avoid those high interest rates!   

credit: Charged off account with different statuses on different bureaus - 04/08/15 04:07 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week ‪we‬ answer the question "Can a charged off account be marked as 'closed derogatory' on Transunion AND 'open' on Equifax?" See the answer here!   

credit: Will paying off an installment loan help my credit? - 04/01/15 02:49 AM
Wednesday Q & A Will paying off my installment loans increase my credit score?



credit: Dealing with a mixed credit profile - 03/24/15 08:06 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A we address what is known as a "Mixed Credit Profile" or what happens when your credit profile contains the information of someone else!   

credit: Dealing with Multiple Inquiries - 03/23/15 03:19 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A we discuss the impact of multiple inquiries!   

credit: Rage Against the Machine - Credit reporting nightmare - 03/23/15 03:10 AM
Who would have imagined that damaged credit could start with something as simple as returning an item to the store?  When Nicole Berstecher returned a non-compatible speaker to a national electronics store, it was promised that the credit would be returned to her store rewards card.   Instead, a year later, she received a collection notice for nonpayment of the high-end stereo. 
Although there are measures in place to ensure consumers are alerted to claims, and laws have been passed to ensure reasonable investigation by the Credit Reporting Agency (CRP), many of these cases slip through the cracks.  By the time … (0 comments)

credit: Budgeting Tips for New Homeowners - 05/07/14 07:29 AM
You may have done everything right in saving to purchase a new home. You were careful about opening new lines of credit, you avoided any credit inquiries, and you protected your credit score as if your life depended on it. Once you purchase a home, however, there are many, many things to tug at the wallet. Here are some tips to ensure you continue the good habits and budget your money to cover the essentials.
·         Delay large purchases. There may be temptation to spend every cent of the money you have saved for furnishing your home right away; however, it is a … (0 comments)

credit: What do I Monitor on My Credit Reports? - 03/21/14 03:46 AM
You may be aware that by law, you are entitled to a free credit report annually from each of the three major credit reporting agencies; however, you may not know what you should monitor on those reports. Do you find yourself opening up that report then saying, “Now what?” These are the things you should be watching for when you look at your credit report:
·         Is every item reported on the report yours? This includes personal information such as addresses or employers and credit accounts.
·         Are the debt amounts and history of payments accurate on each account?
·         Are … (0 comments)

credit: Unexpected Effects of Poor Credit - 03/05/14 04:07 AM
Everyone knows your credit rating can affect things like getting approval for home or auto loans and interest rates on loans and credit cards. However, there are so many other things that can be affected by poor credit rating and credit history.
·         Security deposit on utilities. Utility companies usually require those with poor credit to make a deposit to ensure you pay your utility bills. If you are setting up multiple utilities at the same time (as you would do upon moving into a new home), you could be looking at hundreds of dollars, just in deposits. These deposits are … (0 comments)

credit: Christmas Giving - 12/17/13 04:12 AM
Christmas is a time of year where we find joy in giving.  Giving our sons and daughters the hottest toys of the season. Giving our mothers and fathers the lavish trips they deserve. Giving our selves a chunk of undesirable debt and stress!
Unfortunately Christmas has become more about gift giving and less about the true meaning.  Sadly, life has us so busy that we tend to buy our loved one's happiness. We run through stores searching for the biggest and best gifts to please our children.  We spend money that we do not have to impress people that we do not know. 
Why not stop?  Why not teach our … (0 comments)

credit: Improvements In Solving Credit Disputes - 09/19/13 05:51 AM
As too many of us have seen first hand ,it is next to impossible to get your credit report corrected.  These reports can ruin lives but the credit bureaus do not seem to care if what they report is correct or not even when proof is sent to them.  Hopefully there is help on the way.
The Consumer Financial Bureau just released a bulletin stating that the companies furnishing customer data to credit bureaus have to follow-up on disputes.  This means they have to look at information sent to them backing up consumer claims, like proof of accounts having been paid … (2 comments)

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