credit improvement: Whose Credit Cards are on my Credit Report?! - 04/29/15 06:32 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A Joe assists a 23 year old who discovers something quite frightening on her credit report! Kellllyannn21 says that she is very upset becuase she doesn't know how the cards were taken out in her name or what to do to resolve the issue. Joe explains that she is most likely a victim of identity theft! He also touches on what she can do to help improve her situation. The best thing to do is reach out to a credit expert and go from there.    

credit improvement: That's My Name, But Not My Social Security Number?! - 04/23/15 01:26 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week's Wednesday Q&A explains why someone's Credit Report might show inaccurate information such as someone else's social secuity number! It can be shocking to see the wrong name or social security number when looking at your credit report. Joe explains how mistakes like this are made and what you can do about it! The answer is surprisingly simple, and concerning!   

credit improvement: Charged off account with different statuses on different bureaus - 04/08/15 04:07 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week ‪we‬ answer the question "Can a charged off account be marked as 'closed derogatory' on Transunion AND 'open' on Equifax?" See the answer here!   

credit improvement: Will paying off an installment loan help my credit? - 04/01/15 02:49 AM
Wednesday Q & A Will paying off my installment loans increase my credit score?



credit improvement: Dealing with a mixed credit profile - 03/24/15 08:06 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A we address what is known as a "Mixed Credit Profile" or what happens when your credit profile contains the information of someone else!   

credit improvement: Dealing with Multiple Inquiries - 03/23/15 03:19 AM
Wednesday Q & A
This week on Wednesday Q&A we discuss the impact of multiple inquiries!   

credit improvement: Rage Against the Machine - Credit reporting nightmare - 03/23/15 03:10 AM
Who would have imagined that damaged credit could start with something as simple as returning an item to the store?  When Nicole Berstecher returned a non-compatible speaker to a national electronics store, it was promised that the credit would be returned to her store rewards card.   Instead, a year later, she received a collection notice for nonpayment of the high-end stereo. 
Although there are measures in place to ensure consumers are alerted to claims, and laws have been passed to ensure reasonable investigation by the Credit Reporting Agency (CRP), many of these cases slip through the cracks.  By the time … (0 comments)

credit improvement: Summer Break - 02/05/14 03:24 AM
Christmas has passed, the new year is here and many of us are counting down the days until summer vacation.  What will it be this year?  White sandy beaches, hiking and camping or sailing the open seas?  The options are endless...if you are financially prepared.  Summer vacations are well deserved breaks but if you aren't careful they can leave your bank account and credit cards tattered and bruised!
When planning a vacation make sure to do your research.  Many hotels and travel sites run specials including airfare, rental cars and hotels stays.  Also, if within your budget, all-inclusive resorts are always … (0 comments)

credit improvement: Renovation on a Budget - 01/22/14 02:12 AM
It's often this time of year that many home owners are considering renovations. Breaking the bank during demo is always a fear and good one at that. Below are a few suggestions to save on your 2014 home renovations.
Scope out your local recycling center – This one is for all the do-it-yourselfers! You can find everything from scrap wood to light fixtures, from plumbing needs to doors and windows. Refurbishing old material not only adds character to your home, but is also easy on the wallet.
Don't fear the sledge hammer – When considering demolition think … (2 comments)

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